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"The heatsink's mounting base is positioned asymmetrically (off to one side) to improve RAM clearance on motherboards where the CPU socket is surrounded by memory DIMMs. "
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Zalman CNPS7500-Cu LED Low Noise Heatsink Review
Jul 11, 2007 - Frosty No.2144
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The CNPS7500-CU LED follows in the footsteps of Zalman's famed 'flower' heatsink technology, and just like its predecessors provides low noise cooling. The technology is reliant on the thermal conductivity of copper...

3RSystem Iceage 120 Exposed Heatpipe Base Heatsink Review
Jul 05, 2007 - Frosty No.2141
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The 3RSystem Iceage 120 heatsink FrostyTech is reviewing today is equipped with four exposed copper heatpipes at its base, vibration absorbing foam pads behind the fan, a 120mm low speed fan and a fan speed controller.

nPowertek NPH-1000 Heatsink Review
Jul 04, 2007 - Frosty No.2140
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

nPowertek's NPH-1000 heatsink is a predominantly copper heatsink with an aluminum base, four heatpipes and a 95mm fan. The heatsink is compatible with AMD Athlon64 socket 754/939/940 & AM2 sockets, and Intel Core 2 Duo.

Thermalright Ultra-120 Low Noise Heatsink Review
Jul 02, 2007 - Frosty No.2001
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

UPDATED! The Ultra-120 is a large heatsink, but one which can be operated very quietly while disbursing the high heat loads from modern-day dual core processors.

Scythe Kama Cross SCKC-1000 Heatsink Review
Jul 02, 2007 - Frosty No.2139
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Scythe's Kama Cross heatsink is compatible with socket 754/939/940/AM2 AMD Athlon64 and socket 478/775 Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad processors.

Akasa AK-876 AMD Athlon64 Heatsink Review
Jul 02, 2007 - Frosty No.2138
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

As you might expect, the Akasa AK-876 is a lower noise AMD processor heatsink that is both easy to install and fairly lightweight. A thermally controlled fan was abandoned for a PWM compliant one instead.

Akasa AK-965 Intel Core 2 Duo Heatsink Review
Jul 01, 2007 - Frosty No.2137
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Akasa's AK-965 heatsink utilizes a 95mm PWM fan spins only as fast as needed to achieve good temperature control, and works well at moving air relatively quietly through the aluminum fins.

Coolage Freezer Orb F0-Z924AL Intel Heatsink Review
Jun 26, 2007 - Frosty No.2136
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Coolage's Freezer Orb F0-Z924AL heatsink is compatible with socket 775 Intel Pentium and Core 2 Duo CPUs. The heatsink ships with a patch of thermal compound pre-applied to its copper base.

Xigmatek HDT-S963 Exposed Heatpipe Base Heatsink Review
Jun 25, 2007 - Frosty No.2134
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

This is not your average aluminum heatsink with copper heatpipes, but it looks innocent enough from the outside. The Xigmatek HDT-S963 heatsink is a unique thermal solution because the German thermal engineers who designed it.

Evercool Buffalo HPFA-10025 AMD Heatsink Review
Jun 24, 2007 - Frosty No.2133
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Evercool's Buffalo HPFA-10025 heatsink is made from a simple mix of "U" shaped copper heatpipes and 60 stacked aluminum fins...

Intel Stock Core 2 Duo Radial Curved Bifurcated Fin Heatsink Review
Jun 24, 2007 - Frosty No.2132
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Intel RCBFH design is engineered to be cheap to produce, easy to install, and thermally efficient. This is the stock Core 2 Duo heatsink, and it is generally speaking a well designed mass-produced cooler.

Rosewill RCX-Z3 Heatsink Review
Jun 21, 2007 - Frosty No.2130
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Three interchangeable base plates allow the Rosewill RCX-Z3 heatsink to be installed on a variety of motherboards, while its' 92mm PWM fan spins at speeds of 600 to 3000RPM.

Thermalright Ultra-90 Low Noise Heatsink Review
Jun 21, 2007 - Frosty No.2131
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Resembling a block of downtown apartments, the Ultra-90 stands 147mm high in shimmering nickel-plated glory.

Akasa Evo Blue AK-922 Heatsink Review
Jun 19, 2007 - Frosty No.2127
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The AK-922 'Evo Blue' features no less than six copper heat pipes, a very thick copper base, 52 thin aluminum fins, a small extruded aluminum heatsink, and four strategically placed blue LEDs..

Scythe Katana II SCKTN-2000 Heatsink Review
Jun 18, 2007 - Frosty No.2126
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Scythe Katana II heatsink boasts four rather unique technologies to its name; OFCS, VFMS, wide range RPM, and four way mounting.

Scythe Mine Rev.B SCMN-1100 Heatsink Review
Jun 18, 2007 - Frosty No.2125
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Scythe Mine Rev.B is a funny looking cooler, with a 100mm fan at the center and two separate columns of aluminum cooling fins on either side.

Asus Arctic Square Heatsink Review
Jun 17, 2007 - Frosty No.2124
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The new Arctic Square heatsink Frostytech is testing out for you today consists of an array of nickel plated aluminum fins wrapped around a 92 mm fan.

Cooljag Falcon 92-Cu Heatsink Review
May 17, 2007 - Frosty No.2115
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Cooljag's Falcon 92-Cu is built with four 6mm diameter copper heatpipes that conduct heat from the copper plate up through to the array of stacked copper fins above.

Cooljag Falcon 92-Al Heatsink Review
May 16, 2007 - Frosty No.2114
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Cooljag are calling this the "best air cooler in the market" we're going to approach the Falcon 92-AL heatsink with skepticism...

Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 LP Heatsink Review
Mar 05, 2007 - Frosty No.2094
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 LP is a low profile AMD Athlon64 heatsink for media centers, or any situation where the compact size of the computer case limits the vertical profile of the thermal solution.

Rosewill RCX-Z1 Heatsink Review
Feb 26, 2007 - Frosty No.2089
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Rosewill ship the RCX-Z1 with a patch of pre-applied thermal compound and a PCI bracket fan speed controller. The 92mm spins at between 1700-310RPM, which generates as much as 54 dBA, according to our real world sound measurements.

Rosewill RCX-Z2-EX Heatsink Review
Feb 26, 2007 - Frosty No.2088
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Rosewill RCX-Z2-EX is pegged as a low noise heatsink, and with its PWM fan able to scale between 800-2400RPM this is quite an asset.

Rosewill RCX-Z2 Heatsink Review
Feb 25, 2007 - Frosty No.2087
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

When the Rosewill RCX-Z2 heatsink is used with a motherboard that does not support PWM, the fan rotates at full speed. At full tilt (3400RPM) the heatsink produces 59 dBA noise.

Thermalfly I75DUB Bifurcated Fin Socket 775 Heatsink Review
Feb 19, 2007 - Frosty No.2084
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Thermalfly's I75DUB heatsink has a large 112mm diameter fan that spins at anywhere from 900-3600RPM (as dictated by the cleverly mounted internal thermistor).

LS Cable SHS-T700 Heatsink Review
Feb 18, 2007 - Frosty No.2083
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The LS Cable SHS-T700 heatsink is compatible with socket 775 Intel Pentium 4/D, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors.

Enzotech Ultra-X Heatsink Review
Feb 18, 2007 - Frosty No.2082
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

We might as well get to the point in the first sentence of this review, the Enzotech Ultra-X performs really well on Intel and AMD processor platforms with its fan at full speed.

Xigmatek AIO-S80DP Self-Contained Watercooling Heatsink Review
Feb 01, 2007 - Frosty No.2070
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Xigmatek AIO-S80DP is both a new approach to watercooling, and the first salvo from an entirely new heatsink manufacturer.

Akasa EVO 120 AK-920 Low Noise Heatsink Review
Jan 31, 2007 - Frosty No.2069
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The new, 2007 model Akasa EVO 120 improves on these shortcomings with a stocky copper base, and three chunky 8mm diameter heatpipes.

Thermalright SLK-948U Heatsink Review
Jan 30, 2007 - Frosty No.2067
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Thermalright SLK-948U is an oldie but a goodie. This 635 gram chunk of copper is still a relevant heatsink however, resembling something akin to a metallic Toblerone with copper fins.

Zalman ZM-NB47J Passive Northbridge Heatsink
Jan 24, 2007 - Frosty No.2236
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Zalman ZM-NB47J is a compact passively cooled aluminum chipset cooler that measures 37x37mm in size. This extruded aluminum heatsink is compatible with through-hole attachment methods.

Alpha Novatech PRE9060M92P Socket 775 Core 2 Duo Heatsink Review
Jan 22, 2007 - Frosty No.2061
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

In this review, Frostytech will be testing out the Alpha Novatech PRE9060M92P heatsink; a large socket 775 solution ideally suited for Intel Pentium D, Core 2 Duo/Quad processors.

nPowerTek TTIC NPH-K8 Big Heatsink Review
Jan 21, 2007 - Frosty No.2060
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The 148mm tall copper heat column absorbs heat from the processor core, transferring it up through the center of approximately 45 thick gauge aluminum cooling fins of 125 x 77mm in size.

Cooljag OAK-H Radial Skived Copper Fin Heatsink Review
Jan 21, 2007 - Frosty No.2059
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

CoolJag's OAK-H heatsink adapts the skived fin technique by turning everything on its side.

Cooljag OAK-H2 (JAC84MC) Radial Skived Fin Heatsink Review
Jan 21, 2007 - Frosty No.2058
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

On the plus side, the central copper column makes direct contact with the CPU core, and the skived component which is soldered on to it radiates the heat out into the surroundings so the thermal pathway is pretty direct.

nPowerTek NPH SF775-2 Radial Fin Socket 775 Heatsink Review
Dec 13, 2006 - Frosty No.2054
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The nPowertek SF 775-2 heatsink features a body made of copper fins which have been wrapped around a central copper slug.

Zalman CNPS9700 LED Low Noise Heatsink Review
Nov 29, 2006 - Frosty No.2045
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Now, there's no point in dancing around the fact that Zalman's CNPS9700 LED is the best socket 775 heatsink FrostyTech has tested to date.

Akasa AK-873 AMD Athlon64 Heatsink Review
Nov 27, 2006 - Frosty No.2041
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Akasa AK-873 is a socket AM2 or 754/939/940 AMD Athlon64 heatsink, and it comes with its own fan speed controller which enables it to shift from high speed operation to whisper quiet.

Zalman CNPS7700-Cu LED Low Noise Heatsink Review
Nov 27, 2006 - Frosty No.2042
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Zalman assemble the CNPS7700-Cu LED heatsink from about 60 individual copper fins which are joined together at the center, in a form of metal origami.

Akasa AK-860SF AMD Athlon64 Heatsink Review
Nov 26, 2006 - Frosty No.2040
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Akasa AK-860SF is an economical socket AM2 or 939 AMD Athlon64 heatsink of the most basic sense.

Apack Zerotherm CF900 Socket 775 Heatsink Review
Nov 21, 2006 - Frosty No.2037
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Apack Zerotherm CF900 heatsink is a stubby little copper heatsink, and a good candidate for any socket 775 Intel Pentium D/Core 2 Duo based computer system.

Apack Zerotherm CF800 Socket 775 Heatsink Review
Nov 20, 2006 - Frosty No.2036
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

It has been designed to operate quietly, with the ability to scale the speed of its translucent fan automatically and tackle heat loads as high as 130W.

Akasa AK-960E Socket 775 Heatsink Review
Nov 16, 2006 - Frosty No.2032
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

As with most heatsinks that are vying to push the stock thermal solution out of the PC, the AK-960E comes equipped with a Pulse Width Modulation controlled fan.

Akasa AK-961 Socket 775 Heatsink Review
Nov 16, 2006 - Frosty No.2033
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Akasa's AK-961 heatsink is made from a collection of very thin stacked aluminum fins, three copper heatpipes, and a small block of copper at the base.

nPowertek NPH 775-1 Socket 775 Heatsink Review
Nov 16, 2006 - Frosty No.2031
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The NPH 775-1 heatsink weighs in at 615 grams, making it a pretty heavy candidate for Intel LGA775 processor cooling.

Thermaltake Jungle 512 Bifurcated Fin Heatsink Review
Nov 16, 2006 - Frosty No.2030
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Thermaltake Jungle 512 heatsink is built around a 32mm thick 92mm diameter PWM fan that spins at 2300-3600RPM - sucking back just over 1.0Amp at full speed!

Evercool PT02-9232CP Bifurcated Fin Heatsink
Nov 16, 2006 - Frosty No.2029
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Evercool's PT02-9232CP heatsink produces 63.3 dB noise unless there is PWM circuitry on the motherboard to rein it in.

Thermalfly I75DUH Bifurcated Fin Socket 775 Heatsink Review
Nov 14, 2006 - Frosty No.2028
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Thermalfly's I75DUH heatsink is equipped with a 96mm fan that rotates as lackadaisically as 500RPM, yet it can scale up to 2300RPM when the needs demand.

Zalman CNPS9500 AT Socket 775 Low Noise Heatsink Review
Nov 12, 2006 - Frosty No.2026
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Like all heatsinks produced by Zalman, it's intended to operate quietly and efficiently without much noise.

Intel Stock Pentium D Radial Curved non-Bifurcated Fin Heatsink Review
Nov 11, 2006 - Frosty No.2025
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Intel's own Radial Curved non-Bifurcated Fin Heatsink (RCBFH) reference solution is a fairly well designed cooler.

Thermalfly F1-IACSHA Heatsink Review
Nov 06, 2006 - Frosty No.2024
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Thermalfly are a new heatsink manufacturer out of Taiwan, and the company is introducing itself with a collection of fresh thermal solutions.

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