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NengTyi KA03 Copper Heatsink Review
NengTyi KA03 Copper Heatsink Review
Abstract: The copper fins have been bonded to the base of this heatsink with solder making for what should be a very efficient thermal interface.

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Neng Tyi   Cooling / Heatsinks   Jan 22, 2003   Max Page  

NengTyi KA03 Copper Heatsink Review

Looking at the NengTyi KA03 you might be mistaken for thinking that the copper fins are actually attached to an aluminum base. This isn't the case of course, the copper fins are attached to a nickel plated copper base (plated to resist oxidation). The copper fins have been bonded to the base of this heatsink with solder making for what should be a very efficient thermal interface.

We can't say for certain without dissembling the entire heatsinks to examine the state of the solder joints, but compared to other bonding methods like thermal adhesives, solder is preferable. Topped off with a Nidec fan, the KA03 has a bit of a whine to it that may make it a little annoying over time, but the intensity of the sound is no where near that of certain 38mm thick Delta fans.

Heatsink Specsheet:
  • Model: KA03
  • Fan: 4700RPM, 13 CFM, 12V, Nidec Fan
  • Fan Dim: 15x60x60mm
  • Heatsink Dim: 50x62x65mm
  • HS Material: nickel plated Copper
  • Weight: ~360 grams
Sold By:
Heatsink Audio Sample Included.

NengTyi KA03 Heatsink From All Angles
The Fan:
The 60mm Nidec Beta SL fan is of better quality than we are accustomed to finding on a heatsink. The only downside to it is the slight whine it creates while under power. The fan connects to the motherboard via a three-pin connector, and supports RPM monitoring.

Heatsink Top:
With the fan removed for a moment we can see how this heatsink has been constructed. The copper fins have been punched out of thick sheet metal, folded, and bonded together with small interlocking tabs. The resulting assembly has been soldered directly to the copper base for an ideal thermal interface. There is only a few millimeters of clearance between the tips of the fins and the base of the fan.

Side A:
The aluminum shroud is held in place with four small tabs from the copper base which is pretty common. There are 24 fins in total measuring 0.6mm thick and separated 2mm apart. The copper fins are 27mm in height and the base is 5mm thick copper which has been plated with nickel. The spring clip attaches to just one of the socket tabs, and requires a flat head screwdriver to engage.

Heatsink Base:

The nickel plated base is pretty smooth, but shows some marks from the manufacturing process that stamped it out. The green thermal interface pad turns into a waxy substance once heat is applied through the processor. Flatness varies from one side of the heatsink base to the other.

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Table of Contents:

 1: — NengTyi KA03 Copper Heatsink Review
 2:  Heatsink Thermal/Acoustic Test Parameters
 3:  Thermal And Acoustic Results
 4:  Final temperature test results

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