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Arkua 648N-6B Copper Core 1U Heatsink Review
Arkua 648N-6B Copper Core 1U Heatsink Review
Abstract: To spice things up, and ensure that those PIII or Athlon processors don't catch fire, Arkua have added a sweet copper core of 19mm in diameter.

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Arkua   Cooling / Heatsinks   Dec 30, 2002   Max Page  

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Acoustic Samples: Listen to this Heatsink!

The Akrua 648N-6B doesn't make much noise because the fan is small, and rotates at only 4700 RPM. To listen to the heatsink in operation anyway's, click on the little pair of headphones and download the MP3 recording.

FrostyTech Acoustic Sampling Chamber
Standard Waveform view of a 10 second recording. Click on the headphones to listen to an MP3 recording of this heatsink in operation.

Sound Level Measurements:

Listening to the actual noise a heatsink makes allows you to hear what pure numbers alone cannot get across. To further emphasize FrostyTech's reliance on cold hard facts when evaluating a heatsink, we also take Decibel readings with a sound level meter. These results may be higher than the manufacturer's listed specs, but then again these are real world measurements. Measurements are in dB, on the A scale.

FrostyTech Sound Level Results
- Manufacturer Model Noise Level Scale
Arkua 648N-6B 46.6 dB quieter
Vantec CCK6012 49.5 dB
Akasa AK350 50.2 dB louder

As we already mentioned, the Arkua 648N-6B is a quiet heatsink - noise measurements with the Omega sound meter peg it at about 46 dB.

Synthetic Temperature Test Results: *Ranked according to 100W small interface die test results.

1U - FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform Results
Mfg. Model Ambient Temp. 27mm large copper block 15mm small copper block 27mm large copper block 15mm small copper block Thermal pad No. Fans Fan Noise Clip force
50W 50W 100W 100W
Dynatron DC1206BMR 23.8 51.0 56.5 80.6 86.8 silver 1 med stiff
Spire 5R057B1M3R 23.0 44.9 69.7 66.4 89.7 silver 1 med easy
Arkua 648N-6B 22.4 54.6 58.1 84.6 90.3 ceramic 1 low med
Vantec CCK6012 23.5 58.4 60.7 91.7 96.5 ceramic 1 low stiff
Akasa AK350 21.7 57.7 59.1 90.3 99.9 ceramic 1 low med
Alpha Pal153 21.9 60.4 62.4 97.4 104.3 silver 1 low easy
Thermaltake DTFCF014-1 26.0 60.0 69.6 94.2 108.4 ceramic 1 low easy
Thermaltake TFCFR06 24.9 67.1 71.3 106.1 112.1 ceramic 1 low med
Vantec FCE-6010 25.6 70.7 72.4 111.3 116.9 silver 1 low stiff
50W 50W 100W 100W

When tested on a 100W heat load we are stressing the Arkua heatsink just a tad beyond its rated specs, but then again, we do the same for all heatsink. The 648N-6B is ideally suited for AthlonXP 1600+ or 1.13GHz PIII's according to the manufacturer. In the initial set of results, the Arkua 1U heatsink performs fairly well, but before we draw conclusions let's move right to the final rise above ambient temperature results.

1U - Rise Above Ambient Temp. (c)
Mfg. Model 27mm large copper block 15mm small copper block 27mm large copper block 15mm small copper block
50W 50W 100W 100W
Dynatron DC1206BMR 27.2 52.7 56.8 63.0
Spire 5R057B1M3R 21.9 46.7 43.4 66.7
Arkua 648N-6B 32.2 35.7 62.2 67.9
Vantec CCK6012 34.9 37.2 68.2 73.0
Akasa AK350 36.0 37.4 68.6 78.2
Alpha Pal153 38.6 40.5 75.5 82.4
Thermaltake DTFCF014-1 34.0 43.6 68.2 82.4
Thermaltake TFCR06 42.2 46.4 81.2 87.2
Vantec FCE-6010 45.1 46.8 85.7 91.3
50W 50W 100W 100W

The Spire copper heatsink and the Arkua 648N-6B perform at roughly the same level on the small copper block, but because of its larger mass, the Spire heatsink nets a gain when mounted to the larger copper interface die.

I would be a bit hesitant to use any actively cooled heatsink in a mission critical 1U server (passive is more reliable in those instances), but for small SBC's or older servers with limited space, the Arkua 648N-6B may be just the right trick. Keep in mind, that since there is a large cooling benefit from the exhaust air, dust bunnies clogging up the aluminum fins may have a big impact. Overall though, we are quite pleased with the performance of this very small heatsink from Arkua.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Arkua 648N-6B Copper Core 1U Heatsink Review
 2:  A close look from all sides
 3:  Acoustic / Thermal Heatsink Test Parameters
 4: — Thermal Test Results, Acoustic Sample

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