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Sibak AE01625B Heatsink Review
Sibak AE01625B Heatsink Review
Abstract: The nifty little aluminum box Sibak place around their fans is just for show, but since it doesn't harm the effectiveness of the heatsink there is no point in removing it.

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Sibak   Cooling / Heatsinks   Apr 29, 2002   Max Page  
Sibak AE01625B Heatsink Review

The nifty little aluminum box Sibak place around their fans is just for show, but since it doesn't harm the effectiveness of the heatsink there is no point in removing it either. However, looking at the boxy shape does give one a few ideas for some rather cool mods.... but that's another story altogether.

The Sibak AE01625b is a standard extruded heatsink; meaning it is squeezed out under high pressure through a special die to its final shape. The concept is similar to those play- dough toys we all had as a kid - put soft or molten material in at one end, apply pressure, and extrude the material through a die which gives it its shape.

Heatsink Specsheet:
  • Model Name: AE01625B
  • Fan Specs: Everflow, 7000RPM, 12V, 0.34A.
  • Fan Dim: 25x60x60mm
  • Heatsink Dim: 80x62x71mm
  • HS Material: Extruded Aluminum
  • Thermal Pad: none
  • Mfg by: Sibak
  • Cost: $30SD

Sold By: Sibak
Heatsink Audio Sample Included. Intended for use on Socket 370/A processors.

The AE01625B is a fairly wide heatsink at 80mm across so if you are considering this cooler make sure you measure the clearances on your motherboard first, so you don't end up with something you can fit on.

Sibak AE01625B From All Angles
The Fan:

The Everflow fan draws 0.34A and sits behind an decorative aluminum enclosure and fan grill. The fan is 25mm thick and spins at 6000-7000RPM so it makes quite a lot of noise. There are about 2mm of space between the base of the fan and the tips of the fins to promote good airflow. The fan connects to the motherboard via a 3-pin fan header which supports RPM monitoring.

Side A: With the fan and aluminum casing removed you can see that is a pretty basic heatsink design of fins, alternating in height, but essentially continuous. There are no cross cuts in this heatsink so all the exhaust air is driven out the left or right sides only. The clip requires a small flat-head screwdriver to engage or remove.
Side B:
The aluminum around the fan looks silly at first by grows on you afterwards - it would be really neat to put some blue LED's behind the grill and let the light shine out that way. Each fin is 1mm thick at the base and tapers up at the top to 0.4mm thick. The 30mm tall aluminum fins are spaced 2mm apart. The base is a rather thick 8mm.
Side B:

It would have increased surface area had Sibak cut some more slices from the heatsink instead of leaving each fin essentially untouched. We have never been that happy to see the big cuts made for the clips right over the area which gets the hottest, but in this type of case there really isn't much you can do towards different ways of mounting it.

Heatsink Base:

The base of the AE01625B is a raw extrusion face, but one that is remarkably flat and smooth. This is rare to see, but it also means that you have a nicer finish with which to mount the heatsink on to a processor. The base is undercut to allow socket cam arm clearance (pretty standard these days).

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Table of Contents:

 1: — Sibak AE01625B Heatsink Review
 2:  Heatsink Test Parameters
 3:  Thermal and Acoustic Test Results

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