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Arkua 6258 Copper-Core Heatsink Review
Arkua 6258 Copper-Core Heatsink Review
Abstract: Like almost every Arkua heatsink, the main secret of their ability to cool is a central copper core.

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Arkua   Cooling / Heatsinks   Nov 04, 2001   Max Page  

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Arkua 6258 Heatsink From All Angles
The Fan:
A good little fan grill protects both fingers and the fan from damage. The Innovative fan is noisy, but spins around at 6800RPM so the trade off may be worth the noise. The fan connects to the motherboard fan header via a 3-pin connector which also supports RPM monitoring.

Heatsink Top:
The core of the 6258 is a 29mm diameter copper slug. The plastic fan shroud that surrounds the upper layer holds the fan about 7mm above the tips of the heatsinks fins. Since the heatsink is so short it really isn't needed much for directed airflow. Each of the aluminum fins is scalloped to ensure good turbulence, and improved heat transfer. Fins are spaced 2-2.5mm apart and are typically 1mm thick. The dot on the clip ensures that pressure is applied over the core of the processor, and not off to one side.

Side A:
The clip design works a heck of a lot better than the original Thermosonic coolers ever did, and doesn't have a tendency to get stuck on the fins. The clip requires the use of a flat head screw driver, but is pretty easy to engage, and holds the entire unit securely. The entire heatsink is only about 58mm in height.
Side B:
The name of the manufacturer is on the other side of the heatsink, which is identical to the above side except for the lack of a clip system. The fins are spaced about 2.5mm apart and are slightly tapered, while being curved outward as well.
Heatsink Base:
This is the base of the Arkua 6258, and it does look rather spiffy. The star pattern fin design works efficiently to move heat away from the processor as downward air keeps everything cooled. The base is machined perfectly flat and is very smooth, though not polished. The copper core is 29mm in diameter. The base is undercut 2mm to allow clearance for the socket cam arm.
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Table of Contents:

 1:  Arkua 6258 Copper-Core Heatsink Review
 2: — Looking at the heatsink
 3:  Heatsink Test Apparatus
 4:  Thermal Test Results, Acoustic Sample
 5:  Conclusions on the 6258

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