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Thermalright SK-6 Copper Heatsink Review
Thermalright SK-6 Copper Heatsink Review
Abstract: Each fin is interconnected with one another by means of small copper tabs. Thus the sum of these many small parts is very sturdy. Be sure to "Listen to this Heatsink!"

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Thermalright   Cooling / Heatsinks   Jun 15, 2001   Max Page  

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Thermalright SK6 Perspectives

The Fan:
The 25mm Delta fan is known for two things; being fast, and being loud. In this case we mounted the Delta in an impingement fashion so the air was blowing down into the many thin copper fins - yielding the best cooling possible. The seven-bladed Delta connects directly to the motherboard fan headers and has a lead wire to monitor RPM which the manufacturer lists at around 6800RPM.

Heatsink Top:
There are 36 sets of thin copper fins on the SK6. Each fin measures about 0.5mm thick and roughly 30x22mm in size. The fins each have a small copper fold on the base 1mm in width that allows them to be soldered to the copper base. We've seen some other heatsinks that used different forms of adhesives with generally less than great results. The thermal interface between the fins and the base is the most critical so it is important to have a solid connection.

Side A:
Curiously, the copper fins all have an angled edge. That angle ends up forming a small area of material for the 60mm fan to sit comfortably in. The heatsink sits in at about 31mm tall.

The base is relief cut by 7mm and the clip channel is also 7mm in width. You can see evidence of the soldering by the base of the right fin.

Side B:
Looking at the other side you can see the basic fin structure that has gone into making this heatsink. Each fin is identical to another and is stamped from a sheet of copper.
The base of the cooler is notched out 7mm to make space for the socket cam arm.

Heatsink Base:
The main portion of the base measures 57x50mm, but if we measure the entire area is sits in at 64x58mm. As we mentioned before the base is very flat, but the surface finish is less than perfectly smooth. A little bit of lapping would go a long way to make this heatsink a true force to be reckoned with. Notice the four tabs that the spring clips hook into to hold the fan in place

Time to test out the Thermalright SK6 on the Frosty Synthetic Temperature Test platform and take an acoustic sample so you can Listen to this Heatsink!

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Thermalright SK-6 Copper Heatsink Review
 2:  A couple of features
 3: — Thermalright SK6 Perspective Pics
 4:  Frosty Test Equipment - Thermal / Acoustic
 5:  Synthetic Temperature / Acoustic Results:
 6:  Conclusions

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