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Blizzard S370 Copper Heatsink Review
Blizzard S370 Copper Heatsink Review
Abstract: Like the its brother the S370-L, the Blizzard S370 sports a set of thick copper fins, and a solid copper construction.

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Blizzard   Cooling / Heatsinks   May 22, 2001   Max Page  

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FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform (50W heat load)
Mfg. Name Model No. Ambient Temp. (C) Large block (C) Small block (c) Thermal compound Thermal pad No. Fans Fan Noise Clip
1 Globalwin CAK38 25.2 43.5 45.8 silver goo - 1 high hard
2 Thermoengine V60-4210 25.0 43.9 47.6 AOS52029KY grey 1 low mod
3 Zalman CNPS3100 25.2 54.0 48.0 silver goo none 1 lg low med
4 Blizzard S370 25.2 43.3 48.4 silver goo - 1 med easy
5 Vantec FCE-62540D 24.3 43.6 49.3 AOS52029KY - 1 med-high easy
6 Vantec FCE-6030D 26.2 46.6 50.7 silver goo - 1 high med
7 Thermaltake DU0462-9 mini CuOrb 25.2 48.8 53.0 silver goo - 1 med med
8 Blizzard S370-L 25.8 52.4 54.7 silver goo none 1 low easy
9 Neng Tyi SN03 27.7 45.9 57.2 AOS 52029KY green 1 med stiff
10 Coolermaster DP5-6H11 26.6 49.9 61.0 AOS 52029KY pink 1 low stiff
11 Vantec GSW-6015 26.0 48.0 64.2 AOS 52029KY none 1 low easy

Of the eleven heatsinks we used for comparison, the Blizzard S370 managed to rank in a number 4 position. The results of the S370's performance came in roughly 6 degrees ahead of the lower-profile S370-L. A difference easily understood by the differing sizes of the two Blizzard heatsinks, and by the much more powerful SanyoDenki fan on the S370. Comparatively the CAK38 ranked in the number one position - though the CAK 38 is a much rougher looking heatsink.

The new Vantec FCE-6030D came in a couple degrees behind that of the S370 on both the large and small copper die template tests. While the S370 is intended for Socket A processors we still find testing each heatsink on both the large and small copper die template to be invaluable. Generally, the results with the large copper die template should be lower than those of the small copper die template. In instances where this is not true, it can indicate a heatsink may have difficulties with larger heat loads.

Rise Above Ambient Temperature (C)
Mfg. Model with large block with small block
1 Globalwin CAK38 18.3 20.6
2 Thermoengine V60-4210 18.9 22.6
3 Zalman CNPS3100 29.5 22.8
4 Blizzard S370 18.1 23.2
5 Vantec FCE-6030D 20.4 24.5
6 Vantec FCE-62540D 19.3 24.9
7 Thermaltake DU0462-9 mini CuOrb 23.6 27.8
8 Blizzard S370-L 26.6 28.9
9 Neng Tyi SN03 18.2 29.5
10 Coolermaster DP5-6H11 23.3 34.4
11 Vantec GSW-6015 22.0 38.2

Once more we can see just how well copper does when stacked against aluminum based coolers. The Blizzard S370 manages a number four position against our set of reference heatsinks, and a very impressive large copper die template temperature value.


While the Blizzard S370 has not managed to wrangle in the number one position from our group of eleven reference heatsinks, it has managed to place in the top four. The temperature rating coming in only three degrees less than the popular Globalwin CAK 38.

The Blizzard offers thicker fins than the CAK38, and a much better base finish but cannot match its' level of cooling performance, even if just by a few degrees. At a cost of $58USD the S370 does offer some what you would expect from a copper heatsink of its' size. The Sanyo Denki fan is a great cooling solution, though it lacks the RPM output craved by many motherboards these days.

The clip used to attach the heatsink to the socket is easy to engage, and not so stiff that you wonder if you're putting your processor in danger. Definitely worth considering if you are in the market for a solid copper heatsink.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Blizzard S370 Copper Heatsink Review
 2:  Blizzard S370 Perspectives
 3:  FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform:
 4: — Synthetic Test Results:

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