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Globalwin CAK38 Copper Heatsink
Globalwin CAK38 Copper Heatsink
Abstract: Right now the Globalwin CAK38 is one of the top-tier copper socket A coolers available. It weighs in at 450g and comes with an almost unbeatable 6800 RPM Delta 60mm fan.

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Globalwin   Cooling / Heatsinks   May 13, 2001   Max Page  

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The overall finish of the CAK38 leaves a lot to be desired, but, there are a few saving graces to this heatsink. First of all the solid copper construction removes any of the problems associated with soldering or bonding the fins to the base. In other copper heatsinks this usually the single biggest problem area. A copper heatsink can have an amazing design, and be impeccably built, but if the fins are not properly joined to the base, the heat flow is not going to be very good what so ever.

But cutting their heatsink out of a solid piece of material Globalwin have avoided all those issues. No matter how rough around the edges the CAK38 may be, if it can perform, and perform well we'll be willing to overlook its' shortcomings.

The Delta fan on the CAK38 is held off about 7mm from the tops of the copper fins by what look like unclamped grommets. The purpose of the standoff is to generate better air-flow down into the many fan blades, and hence better cooling. To keep the fan solidly attached, small stainless steel clips hold four fins in place while the screws feeds into the spaces between copper material.

To find the answer to the question of whether or not Globalwin have managed to make this rough-looking heatsink into a high performance cooler, we tested the CAK38 on the Frosty Synthetic Temperature Test platform. The heatsink was compared against a variety of similarly performing heatsinks from a few different heatsink manufacturers.

FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform:

The FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform consists of an aluminum block heated by a 120V 250 Ohm precision resistor producing 50W of heat. That heat is transmitted to the heatsink via the aluminum block and up through special copper die templates with thermistors embedded directly in them.

A temperature reading for a particular heatsink is taken once the temperature stabilizes in the copper die template. Since each of the die templates have the approximate surface area of either a silicon topped or heatspreader-topped processor the flow of heat to the base of the heatsink accurately mimics a real life configuration.

Shown with the copper die template for a silicon-topped processor, the synthetic heatsink test apparatus awaits a coating of silver-based thermal compound and the Globalwin CAK38 heatsink. A slightly larger copper die template was used to test the effective cooling ability of the CAK38 atop a heatspreader-based processor like an overclocked PGA Celeron processor.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Globalwin CAK38 Copper Heatsink
 2:  Globalwin CAK38 Heatsink Perspectives
 3: — Looking a little bit closer
 4:  Final results and conclusions

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