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Dynatron A41 (SK-V24) V-Shaped Skived Athlon64 Heatsink Review
Dynatron A41 (SK-V24) V-Shaped Skived Athlon64 Heatsink Review
Abstract: Designed properly, a skived aluminum heatsink can leave an extruded aluminum heatsink in the dust.

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Dynatron   Cooling / Heatsinks   Oct 31, 2005   Max Page  

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360° View - Dynatron A41 Heatsink
Information on Frostytech's test methodology is available here.
The Heatsink Fan:
The 70x70x15mm fan spins at 4300RPM, its 11-bladded impeller producing about 30CFM airflow. There is no fan grill covering the unit as the compact size is intended for 2U sever applications where a grill would be redundant. The fan draws power from a standard 3-pin motherboard fan header that supports RPM monitoring.

Heatsink Top:
After the fan support have been removed, the knife-edged surface of the 51 v-shaped skived aluminum fins are visible. A 16mm wide space supports the K8 clip mechanism. Each skived fin is about 28x18mm in size.

Heatsink Side A:
Once latched onto the K8 retention frame (included), the heatsink is installed by screwing the clips down onto the metal backplate. The fan is suspended 5mm above the tips of the fins. The base itself is 6mm thick at the outer edges and 11mm thick at the center, with a 4mm thick copper base plate set into the aluminum. The total height of the Dynatron A41 is just 45mm.

Heatsink Side B:
There are two rows of 51 skived aluminum fins on the Dynatron A41 heatsink. The fins are spaced about 1mm apart, and measure 0.5mm thick. The tips have been left in their natural state, and have a knife-edge. The fins are flat along the top, but connect to the base at an angle.

Heatsink Base:
The 60mm x 77mm copper pad it sent directly into the aluminum skived heatsink. It's surface has been machined flat, and is pretty smooth (at or better than a roughness of ~16 microinches). The 4mm thick plate of copper appears to be bonded to the aluminum with an adhesive, but it is difficult to say for certain.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Dynatron A41 (SK-V24) V-Shaped Skived Athlon64 Heatsink Review
 2: — 360° View - Dynatron A41 Heatsink
 3:  Surface Roughness and Acoustic Comparisons
 4:  Final Heatsink Temperature Comparisons

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