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Jetart JAK801 Athlon64 Heatsink Review
Jetart JAK801 Athlon64 Heatsink Review
Abstract: It might be a little strange to be testing out a Socket 754 AMD Athlon64 heatsink, but there are plenty of single-channel DDR Socket 754 processors still out there...

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Jetart   Cooling / Heatsinks   Oct 24, 2005   Max Page  

It might be a little strange to be testing out a Socket 754 AMD Athlon64 heatsink, but remember there are plenty of single-channel DDR Socket 754 processors out there, and lots of Sempron's too. The Jetart JAK801 is an all-aluminum extruded K8 heatsink with a pretty standard set of accouterments. Its 15x70x70mm fan operates at a single speed, and is not temperature responsive.

The most obvious point of contention with the Jetart JAK801 heatsink is its incredibly stiff clip mechanism, making it rather difficult to physically install the heatsink into the K8 socket retention frame. From the outset it looks as though the user clips down the JAK801 in the same manner as a Socket A heatsink, but that's not the case. Getting the three-prong clip down and on the frame was a little difficult in our test set up. Nevertheless, once this gargantuan task is accomplished, the Jetart JAK801 fulfills the task of socket 754 Athlon64 heatsink satisfactorily.

Jetart JAK801 Heatsink
heatsink specsheet
manufacturer: jetart
model no.: jak801
materials: extruded 6063t5 aluminum.
fan mfg: ys tech fd1270155b-1f
fan spec: 4500rpm, 12v, 2.28w
fan dim: 15x70x70mm
heatink & fan dim: 55x68x77mm
weight: 500 grams
includes: thermal paste, mounting screws and k8 retention frame

Compatible with Sockets: 754/939/940
Est. Pricing: $15USD ($20CDN)

The only items the JAK801 heatsink comes with are a small blister pack of silicon paste and a metal K8 retention frame and back plate set. This is the first all metal heatsink frame we've seen, and should well outlast any motherboard it's mounted upon.

Since the Jetart JAK801 is a pretty straightforward heatsink, we're going to dive right into the 360° examination of it.

360° View - Jetart JAK801 Heatsink
Information on Frostytech's test methodology is available here.
The Heatsink Fan:
The 70x70x15mm YS Techfan spins at 4500RPM, and has eleven blades on its impeller. There is no fan guard on this heatsink, which is not surprising for a fan of this small size. The fan draws power from a standard 3-pin motherboard fan header that supports RPM monitoring.

Heatsink Top:
With the fan removed from the body of the Jetart JAK801 heatsink, it's obvious that this is a very basic heatsink. The extruded fins are 1mm thick and tapered at the tips. Each fin is 28mm tall, and separated 2mm from the next. A single 3mm cut runs down the center, providing a space to anchor the clip within.

Heatsink Side A:
This extrusion has Pentium 4 written all over it even though this is a K8 heatsink... a few versions for different sockets were probably made from the same basic extrusion die. The aluminum is ribbed on the outside for a little extra cooling surface area. Note the tool-free clips which lock into all three tabs of the retention frame.

Heatsink Side B:
The extruded aluminum base is 9mm thick, and the two deep cuts in the center tell us that the pattern is probably used with a couple different clip mechanisms as well. The fan screws directly into the aluminum heatsink, a common attachment method for inexpensive thermal solutions. A plenum of 3mm is created above the tips of the fins.

Heatsink Base:
I'll have to admit it was surprising to see the base of the Jetart JAK801 heatsink finished so well. The base is machined perfectly flat, and very smooth. The surface roughness can't be more than about 4 microinches, which is considered excellent.

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Table of Contents:

 1: — Jetart JAK801 Athlon64 Heatsink Review
 2:  Surface Roughness and Acoustic Comparisons
 3:  Final Heatsink Temperature Comparisons

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