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Vantec 470W Stealth Powersupply Review
Vantec 470W Stealth Powersupply Review
Abstract: It's pretty rare these days to look at a powersupply and be impressed with its appearance.

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Vantec   Power Supply   Sep 23, 2002   Max Page  

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There are three fan inside the VAN-470A and the rear fan is the largest of the three. The 25mm fan spins a bit faster then the other two fans to ensure a negative case pressure within the powersupply. In addition to the power supply power on button which also controls the AC power socket the VAN-470A sports a 115/230V power selector and fans speed switch. The setting shown is for automatic quiet operation, and the other two are for sustained "low" and "medium" speeds of all three fans. When set to automatic the fans will respond to the internal temperature sensor and rotate faster as the powersupply begins to heat up. The fan measures 80x80x25mm in size.

Unlike the rear fan, the top and front fans each measure 80x80x15mm in size. Each of these two fans are controlled along with the rear fan by the temperature sensors when the powersupply is set to automatic mode.

The rear of the 470W VAN-470A features another intake fan, and a small set of punched vents. The ATX power cables are all wrapped in plastic mesh to help keep things neater inside the case. The chassis of the powersupply is aluminum, so it is a bit lighter than a standard powersupply.

Power tests:

For testing, we looked at the voltages with the system under load. This is not the most precise way of measuring a power supplies' electrical tolerances, but it does give a good insight into the degree of DC voltage jitter. The results are shown in the table below.

Listed Voltages AMP Lower Voltage Upper Voltage Jitter
3.3V 26A 3.24v 3.31v 0.07v
+5.0V 47A 5.99v 5.02v 0.03v
+12V 28A 11.85v 11.91v 0.06v
-12V 1.0A 11.95v 11.95v 0.00v
-5.0V 0.8A 4.79v 4.79v 0.00v
+5.0Vsb 2.5A 4.94v 4.96v 0.02v

The Vantec VAN-470A Stealth power supply has a few pretty unique features that should guarantee it a very successful lifespan in the stores. The ability of the powersupply to manage all three fan speeds is pretty good, as this can be a useful way of keeping the overall system noise down. The Vantec powersupply is not theabsolute quietest powersupply we have ever tested, but it does offer pretty good noise levels under that automatic setting. For more powerful cooling, a simple flick of the switch turns the fans up to higher RPM levels.

With a very comprehensive assortment of power connectors for both motherboards and peripherals, there aren't too many situations where you would be looking for y-splitters with this 470W power supply. There are a total of nine molex connectors and that also translates into potential for case clutter.

I'd recommend getting a some spiral cable wrap to help keep the lengths of cable eminating from the VAN-470A in check. Other than that there isn't much to put against this rather nice looking black anodized aluminum power supply with its three fans, and extra AC power socket.

If you've got an aluminum case and lots of peripherals, make a B-line for the store and have a look at the all black, all aluminum Vantec VAN-470A power supply. It might just be what you need to make your case powerful, and completely Aluminum!

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Vantec 470W Stealth Powersupply Review
 2: — A look at the Aluminum Vantec power supply

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