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Taisol CEP409151A Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
Taisol CEP409151A Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
Abstract: With a difference as close as this to the stock Intel we can pretty much say that the two heatsinks are on par.

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Taisol   Cooling / Heatsinks   May 27, 2002   Max Page  
Taisol CEP409151A Pentium 4 Heatsink Review

Taisol have a pretty good name for themselves in the world of heatsink manufacturers (heck they made most of the AMD slot A retail heatsinks way back when) and the CEP409151A hopes to continue that trend with Pentium 4 processors up to about 2.4 GHz. At first glance this extruded heatsink seems to be a mass of punched and folded sheet metal but this is only Taisol's custom heatsink retention mechanism.

The assembly hooks onto a four posted metal back plate which is supposed to support the stresses placed on the socket by the heatsink when it is clamped down at full force. As most people have noticed, the Pentium 4 heatsinks put a lot of stress on the motherboard PCB, and often bend it by small amount. To counteract these forces, many companies include back plates which help distribute the stress and reduce the amount of bending of the mainboard.

Heatsink Specsheet:
  • Model: CEP409151A
  • HS Material: Aluminum
  • Fan: 4800RPM, 12V, 0.08A, 46CFM,
  • Fan Dim: 11x70x70mm
  • FHS Dimensions: 88x76x58mm
  • Made by: Taisol
  • Cost: ~$32USD
Sold By:
Heatsink Audio Sample Included.

To install the Taisol CEP409151A on your motherboard you first have to remove the old plastic HSRM and install the metal back plate which Taisol ship with the unit. There are some small black plastic retention washers which hold the metal plate in place so the motherboard can go back in smoothly, but in all honesty this really is a complicated way to reinvent the wheel.

While the system does work quite well, and offers added support, it really would have been better had Taisol designed the upper part of the heatsink - the part which has the clips and whatnot - to interface with standard plastic HSRM's instead of their custom solution. There is no other way of getting around this, so you have to use the proprietory heatsink clip with this P4 cooler, and nothing else.

Interestingly enough, the CEP409151A looks as though it may be well suited to 2U servers where there is a strong ducted airflow in place. The heatsink could be screwed to the base and as it is pretty large, act well in that capacity - just a thought really.

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Table of Contents:

 1: — Taisol CEP409151A Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
 2:  Close up look at the heatsink
 3:  Heatsink Test Parameters
 4:  Acoustic Test Results
 5:  Thermal test results

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