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Dynatron DC1206BM-V Copper 1U P4 Heatsink Review
Dynatron DC1206BM-V Copper 1U P4 Heatsink Review
Abstract: The Dynatron DC1206BMV is made entirely from skived copper; it's low to the ground and cooled by a tiny 10mm thick fan so it can be used in 1U socket 478 Pentium 4 servers.

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Dynatron   Cooling / Heatsinks   May 15, 2002   Max Page  

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Synthetic Temperature Test Results: *Ranked according to 100W interface die test results.

FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform Results
Mfg. Model Ambient Temp. 27mm large copper block 27mm large copper block Thermal pad No. Fans Fan Noise Clip force
50W 100W
1 AVC 117140 22.6 37.8 50.4 none 1 med med
2 Arkua 8568 22.4 37.8 51.7 none 1 med med
3 NengTyi XPC5000 23.8 38.4 53.9 none 1 med loud
4 Zalman CNPS6500-AlCu 23.1 40.3 57.4 none 1 low easy
5 Vantec GSN-7025 22.5 41.7 58.5 none 1 med med
6 Chauh Choung DTA-478 22.4 42.1 59.0 carbon 1 low med
7 Intel Socket 478 22.4 41.8 59.8 carbon 1 low med
8 Titan TTC-MT3AB 22.8 41.5 61.2 none 2 loud stiff
9 Dynatron DC1206BM-S 22.4 43.2 62.0 none 1 med med
10 AVC 117160 22.4 42.7 62.2 white pad 1 med med
11 Cho-Liang CL-CB00881 23.6 41.2 65.0 none 1 med easy
12 Cho-Liang CL-CB0094-1A 23.2 39.5 67.9 none 1 med easy
13 Dynatron DC1206BMV 23.1 45.1 68.2 none 1 low easy
14 Vantec GSN-7015 22.4 47.5 69.0 none 1 loud stiff
50W 100W

Please remember that is this is a 1U P4 heatsink being compared against full sized desktop P4 heatsinks. We are only comparing results because we honestly have no other P4 heatsinks to put the Dynatron DC1206BMV up against. In case, keeping that in mind we can see just where 1U heatsinks come with regards to performance in such constrained environments. With such a small fan there is little for the DC1206BMV to do so the results are a little higher than we are used to seeing, but probably pretty good for its class.

Where these results actually come in handy right now is in the realm of the small form factor cube system, like Shuttle's SS50 for example. The ultra-compact computers use either 2U or 1U heatsinks because of the limited room available.

Rise Above Ambient Temp. (c)
Mfg. Model 27mm large copper block 27mm large copper block



1 AVC 117140 15.2 27.8
2 Arkua 8568 15.4 29.3
3 NengTyi XPC5000 14.6 30.1
4 Zalman CNPS6500-AlCu 17.2 34.3
5 Vantec GSN-7025 19.2 36.0
6 chauh Choung DTA-478 19.7 36.6
7 Intel Socket 478 19.4 37.4
8 Titan TTC-MT3AB 18.7 38.4
9 Dynatron DC1206BM-S 20.8 39.6
10 AVC 117160 20.3 39.8
11 Cho-Liang CL-CB00881 18.2 41.4
12 Cho-Liang CL-CB0094-1A 16.3 44.7
13 Dynatron DC1206BMV 22.0 45.1
14 Vantec GSN-7105 25.1 46.6



On the 100W test we see a 45 C degree rise above ambient temperature raise which is a lot for a standard desktop P4 cooler, but probably not too bad for a 1U P4 heatsink - we'll have to wait until we have another 1U P4 heatsink to confirm that however.

Given that most of the other heatsinks are too large to fit in a small form factor cube system we can't offer any really good points of comparison at this point, but given the small size of such systems even this heatsink seems like it is under performing compared to a 2U aluminum P4 heatsink for example.... we'll have to wait a few days to find out the answer to that question however.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Dynatron DC1206BM-V Copper 1U P4 Heatsink Review
 2:  Looking at the heatsink from all sides
 3:  Heatsink Test Parameters
 4:  Acoustic Test Results
 5: — Thermal test results

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