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Sibak AC02625B Copper Core Heatsink Review
Sibak AC02625B Copper Core Heatsink Review
Abstract: First there was Thermosonic, then Thermal Integrations and Arkua, and now Sibak have joined the ranks.

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Sibak   Cooling / Heatsinks   Mar 26, 2002   Max Page  

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Sibak AC02625B Heatsink From All Angles

The Fan:
Spinning at 7000RPM means this fan grill is there for protection, not just looks. The aluminum which surrounds the fan on the other hand serves no really purpose. The fan connects to the motherboard via a 3-pin fan header which supports RPM monitoring.

Heatsink Top:
That little copper slug kind of looks like a neat little nuclear reactor of some sort... but in actuality it is just a means of moving heat efficiently. The edges of the cylindrical cavity do not appear to be reamed so it is difficult to say just how well the copper slug is touching the aluminum - but given the amount of apparent pressure used it is probably very good. The clip sits in a 8.5mm deep cut section. The copper slug is 31mm tall and 29mm in diameter.

Side A:
The clip that Sibak use works, but it is somewhat awkward to engage. The tiny area for a flat head screwdriver does nothing to prevent it from slipping out and scratching the motherboard into RMA heaven. The force applied by the clip is good, but screwdriver hold really needs to be improved a lot.
Side B:
Each side of the Sibak heatsink has 15 fins which are spaced 2mm apart and measure 1mm thick. The body of the heatsink is 40mm tall. All the fins have a scalloped finish to their surface which helps improve air turbulence and thus thermal transfer. The aluminum casing for the fan sits in recessed cuts which could possibly help to direct some small amount of exhaust air downward. The base is undercut to clear the socket cam arm.
Heatsink Base:
The base has been machined flat but apparently the manufacturing process has placed too much pressure on the center section and slightly recessed it. The diameter of this area is 55mm and the depth slight so this shouldn't affect mounting in any way. The copper slug measures 19mm in diameter and the aluminum area around it ~36mm in diameter.
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Table of Contents:

 1:  Sibak AC02625B Copper Core Heatsink Review
 2: — Perspective views of this heatsink
 3:  New Heatsink Test Parameters
 4:  Thermal and Acoustic Test Results

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