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Taisol CGK760092 Heatsink Review
Taisol CGK760092 Heatsink Review
Abstract: Cold forging is a process by which metal is shaped within a closed die with continuous impact or pressure.

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Taisol   Cooling / Heatsinks   Mar 23, 2002   Max Page  

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Taisol CGK760092 Heatsink From All Angles
The Fan:
The small 10mm thick 60mm Delta fan sits on an aluminum shroud which doesn't do much to elevate it from the tips of the fins. A little space between the base of the fan and the tips of the fins is always good for the air flow of the heatsink. The heatsink connects via a 3-pin fan header on the motherboard which supports RPM monitoring.

Heatsink Top:
The cold forged heatsink is held on the socket with a 3-prong clip. The fins are rather soft so Taisol have attached a shroud to help hold things in place. There are six rows of fins, with the two center rows a little wider than the outer ones at 12mm. The outer rows are 10mm wide.

Side A:
Each of the 120 fins are exactly 1mm thick and spaced 2mm apart. With a height of 39mm there is a good amount of surface area. The clip which holds the heatsink in place doesn't rest on the base, but rather a small "z" shaped piece of wire which keeps it about 1mm up, and I suppose helps to stop the clip from getting stuck. The baseplate is 7mm thick, and undercut 2mm to allow socket cam arm clearance.
Side B:
Notice how the center two rows of fins are wider than the rest? The real key feature however is the three pronged clip mechanism which means that the CGK760092 should never mount on the socket off to one angle. The spacing between rows is set at 3mm. The clip requires the use of a small screwdriver to set, or disengage.
Heatsink Base:
I would personally chuck the pink thermal interface, lap the base a bit to remove the slight machining marks which remain, and use little drop of silver thermal compound. Eight small aluminum pins seem to be used to help keep the copper insert (maybe 3-4 thick) in place for a long, long time. Without destroying the heatsink it is difficult to say how well the interface between the two metals is.
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Table of Contents:

 1:  Taisol CGK760092 Heatsink Review
 2: — Close up look at the heatsink
 3:  New Heatsink Test Parameters
 4:  Thermal and Acoustic Results

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