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AVC 117160 Socket 478 Heatsink Review
AVC 117160 Socket 478 Heatsink Review
Abstract: The market of socket 478 heatsinks is thus quite a bit smaller than that of the socket heatsink market, but it is equally important to consumers.

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AVC   Cooling / Heatsinks   Jan 20, 2002   Max Page  

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The 15mm thick 70mm fans that are used on the AVC 117160 are pretty quiet. Given the 70mm width, the fan can spin at a slower speed and still move a decent amount of air to cool the heatsink. To listen to this heatsink click on the pair of headphones pictured below.

FrostyTech Acoustic Sampling Chamber (~10 sec)
Spectral view.
Listen to this Heatsink now.
Standard Waveform view.
(Listen to an MP3 recording of this heatsink by clicking on the headphones)

Synthetic Temperature Test Results: *Ranked according to 100W interface die test results.

FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform Results
Mfg. Model Ambient Temp. 27mm large copper block 27mm large copper block Thermal pad No. Fans Fan Noise Clip force
50W 100W
1 AVC 117140 22.6 37.8 50.4 none 1 med med
2 Arkua 8568 22.4 37.8 51.7 none 1 med med
3 Vantec GSN-7025 22.5 41.7 58.5 none 1 med med
4 Chauh Choung DTA-478 22.4 42.1 59.0 carbon 1 low med
5 Intel Socket 478 22.4 41.8 59.8 carbon 1 low med
6 Dynatron DC1206BM-S 22.4 43.2 62.0 none 1 med med
7 AVC 117160 22.4 42.7 62.2 white pad 1 med med
8 Vantec GSN-7015 22.4 47.5 69.0 none 1 loud stiff
50W 100W

Please note, that since socket 478 heatsinks are only capable of mounting to a motherboard with a HSRM, we will only be testing them on the large copper interface die.

Since the 117160 is a fairly standard extruded heatsink with a 70mm fan we can see that its performance is just a little behind the curve set by the stock Intel socket 478 heatsink. The main benefit to users here is a savings in weight, as the stock Intel cooler is a bit heavier than the 117160.

Rise Above Ambient Temp. (c)
Mfg. Model 27mm large copper block 27mm large copper block



1 AVC 117140 15.2 27.8
2 Arkua 8568 15.4 29.3
3 Vantec GSN-7025 19.2 36.0
4 chauh Choung DTA-478 19.7 36.6
5 Intel Socket 478 19.4 37.4
6 Dynatron DC1206BM-S 20.8 39.6
7 AVC 117160 20.3 39.8
8 Vantec GSN-7105 25.1 46.6



Asia Vital Corp have produced an OEM cooler with the 117160, and one that appears to fall just below the level of the stock Intel cooler. For someone looking to improve on that of the generic Intel socket 478 cooler, the AVC 117160 doesn't offer any means of improved cooling performance.

The 117160 isn't a bad cooler, it's just that it can't offer anything we can consider an improvement thermally. While we are glad to see stainless steel clips that offer users a more robust means of attachment, the level of performance just isn't anything better then the default standard unfortunately.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  AVC 117160 Socket 478 Heatsink Review
 2:  Looking at the heatsink from all angles
 3:  Heatsink Test Apparatus - Socket 478
 4: — Thermal Test Results, Acoustic Sample

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