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Akasa Icicle 238 Heatsink Review
Akasa Icicle 238 Heatsink Review
Abstract: The Silver Mountain heatsink from Akasa was one of the most notable heatsink concepts to ever make it to market, but the Icicle 238 is not to be overlooked either.

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Akasa   Cooling / Heatsinks   Oct 18, 2001   Max Page  

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Icicle 238 Heatsink From All Angles
The Fan:
Fan grills on fans that have sharp impellers and spin speedily are good things. Fan grills on fans that spin slowly are just for show. Thankfully, the Akasa falls into the former position. With its 25mm thick AFB0612VH Delta fan, drawing 0.48A, the last thing you would want in a clipped fingertip. The fan connects to the motherboard fan header via a 3-pin connector which also supports RPM monitoring.

Heatsink Top:
The aluminum shroud holds the Delta fan about 3.0mm above the tips of the 34 fins on the Akasa heatsink. This space is typical amongst most heatsinks as it tends to help with overall airflow. The clip sits in a pathway 6mm wide and each of the cooling fins are about 0.7mm thick. The fan screws into the shroud so as not to damage any of the fins.

Side A:
The base of the 238 is thicker than what we are accustomed to seeing, so it is interesting to consider if it was originally designed for high power processors, or their lower-power brethren. The baseplate measures 8mm thick and is undercut to allow sufficient clearance over the socket cam arm.
Side B:
The clip is of the "tool required" variety and is not stainless steel by the looks of it. The aluminum fan shroud is screwed on at four points and helps keep the fan in place without distorting any of the fins. Given that the entire fin section measures no more than 28mm in height it's a bit curious to see a fan sitting on top which is almost the same thickness.
Heatsink Base:
The Akasa comes with no thermal pad, but rather a small tube of thermal compound. The base has a lightly brushed or sanded appearance to it and is fairly smooth. To test the flatness of the surface we brought out the straight edge and took a look. While not perfectly flat, the base is pretty good around the area a processors is likely to make contact. A small amount of lapping could always be done to improve the situation even further.
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Table of Contents:

 1:  Akasa Icicle 238 Heatsink Review
 2: — Looking at the heatsink from all angles
 3:  Heatsink Test Apparatus - Acoustic, Thermal
 4:  Thermal Test Results, Acoustic Sample
 5:  Conclusions on the Akasa 238

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