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Neng Tyi SN05 Copper-Based Heatsink Review
Neng Tyi SN05 Copper-Based Heatsink Review
Abstract: Neng Tyi's SN05 heatsink is similar to their massive all-copper SN03 model except that it uses much lighter aluminum fins to reduce the overall weight.

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Neng Tyi   Cooling / Heatsinks   Aug 26, 2001   Max Page  

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Synthetic Temperature Test Results:

FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform (50W heat load)
Mfg. Name Model No. Ambient Temp. (C) Large block (C) Small block (c) Thermal compound Thermal pad No. Fans Fan Noise Clip
1 Globalwin CAK38 25.2 43.5 45.8 silver goo - 1 high hard
2 Thermalright SK6 26.4 38.9 46.4 silver goo none 1 loud med
3 Thermaltake DragonOrb3 25.4 45.6 47.5 silver goo - 1 loud very stiff
4 Thermoengine V60-4210 25.0 43.9 47.6 AOS52029KY grey 1 low mod
5 Vantec CCK-6035D 27.0 45.8 48.0 silver goo none 1 high easy
6 Millennium Glaciator 27.0 46.0 50.0 silver goo none 1 med easy
7 Vantec FCE-6030D 26.2 46.6 50.7 silver goo - 1 high med
8 Blizzard S370-L 25.8 52.4 54.7 silver goo none 1 low easy
9 Neng Tyi SN03 27.7 45.9 57.2 AOS 52029KY green 1 med stiff
10 AVC 112BJO 25.2 51.8 58.5 silver goo pink 1 med stiff
11 Coolermaster DP5-6H11 26.6 49.9 61.0 AOS 52029KY pink 1 low stiff
12 Vantec GSW-6015 26.0 48.0 64.2 AOS 52029KY none 1 low easy
13 Neng Tyi SN05 27.7 52.2 68.2 AOS 52029KY green 1 med stiff

And the results are in and..... they aren't too hot. Or, more accurately, they are way too hot. Despite its large size, and seemingly effective design the SN05 comes in last in this set of reference coolers.This just goes to show you that if the heatsink has copper it doesn't necessarily mean it will be a superior cooling device.

In the case of the SN05 my hunches would lead me to guess that there is a problem with the thermal bond between the aluminum fins and the copper base - either too little thermal glue has been use, or the matting surfaces are not adequately flat. In any case, the SN05 looks meaner than its bit really is.

Rise Above Ambient Temperature (C)
Mfg. Model with large block with small block
1 Thermalright SK6 12.5 20.0
2 Globalwin CAK38 18.3 20.6
3 Vantec CCK-6035D 18.8 21.0
4 Thermaltake DragonOrb3 20.2 22.1
5 Thermoengine V60-4210 18.9 22.6
6 Millennium Glaciator 19.0 23.0
7 Vantec FCE-6030D 20.4 24.5
8 Blizzard S370-L 26.6 28.9
9 Neng Tyi SN03 18.2 29.5
10 AVC 112BJO 26.6 33.3
11 Coolermaster DP5-6H11 23.3 34.4
12 Vantec GSW-6015 22.0 38.2
13 Neng Tyi SN05 24.5 40.5

One of the great things about numbers is they never lie, and in this case there isn't much we can say to make a 40 degree result on the small copper die template look anywhere near rosy.

But if you care to turn your attention to the large copper die template test you will of course notice some very find results there. 24 degrees is relatively high, but it is sill a good performance indicator on this large heatspreader based processors - which don't really exist at this wattage anymore, but what the heck, the VIA C3 is available and would be applicable.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Neng Tyi SN05 Copper-Based Heatsink Review
 2:  SN05 Perspective Images
 3:  FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform
 4: — Synthetic Temperature Test Results

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