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Dynatron Model-L Microfin Heatsink Review
Dynatron Model-L Microfin Heatsink Review
Abstract: Needless to say, when we opened up the generic white box the DC1206BM-L comes in, we weren't expecting to be surprised in the way we were.

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Dynatron   Cooling / Heatsinks   Jul 31, 2001   Max Page  

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When I looked at the waveform images for this heatsink I thought for a moment that they had been accidentally taken from the wrong scale diagram. That isn't the case of course. The Dynatron Model L is comparatively quite, but by no means as quite as the Molex heatsink we looked at previously.

That is no doubt a good thing as the Dynatron Model L performs much better than the Molex was able to. Still, with the ever present drone of a delta in the background as I write this, the introduction of another alternative is more than welcome. The blue plastic 11-bladed fan rotates at roughly 5300RPM according to the manufacturer, and pushes about 24 CFM.

Compared to the mass of delta toting heatsinks we have seen lately, the Model L sits middle-low in the range in terms of noise.
FrostyTech Acoustic Sampling Chamber (~10 sec)
Spectral view.
Listen to this Heatsink now.
Standard Waveform view.
(Listen to an MP3 recording of this heatsink by clicking on the headphones)

Synthetic Temperature Test Results:

FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform (50W heat load)
Mfg. Name Model No. Ambient Temp. (C) Large block (C) Small block (c) Thermal compound Thermal pad No. Fans Fan Noise Clip
1 Globalwin CAK38 25.2 43.5 45.8 silver goo - 1 high hard
2 Thermalright SK6 26.4 38.9 46.4 silver goo none 1 loud med
3 Thermaltake DragonOrb3 25.4 45.6 47.5 silver goo - 1 loud very stiff
4 Vantec CCK-6035D 27.0 45.8 48.0 silver goo none 1 high easy
5 Millennium Glaciator 27.0 46.0 50.0 silver goo none 1 med easy
6 Vantec FCE-6030D 26.2 46.6 50.7 silver goo - 1 high med
7 Dynatron DC1206BML 25.7 48.1 52.8 silver goo none 1 med med
8 Blizzard S370-L 25.8 52.4 54.7 silver goo none 1 low easy
9 Neng Tyi SN03 27.7 45.9 57.2 AOS 52029KY green 1 med stiff
10 AVC 112BJO 25.2 51.8 58.5 silver goo pink 1 med stiff
11 AVC Skive 212AHO 25.1 55.0 60.0 silver goo white 1 med stiff

The clip trough is roughly 6mm wide, and only cuts into the base by about 2-3mm so the heatspreading properties do not appear to be severely hampered.

You'll note that just about every other reference heatsink is either full copper - or a copper/aluminum hybrid of some sort. All of the heatsinks are also much heavier than the L Model, except for the two AVC coolers.

In particular the AVC Skive is the most comparable to the Dynatron L Model. Both of these heatsinks are based on the same technology - but to a different degree. The Dynatron L Model boasts 46 fins, while the AVC Skive has a slightly more conservative 40.

Why the relatively drastic difference between the two you wonder? Well we thought the same thing when we tested out AVC's Skive a while ago. The design seemed sound, and the construction was fairly good, but for whatever reasons falls short of what Dynatron offer.

Perhaps it relates to the lower number of fins and differing ways in which the fans of each cooler are positioned. The AVC Skive has a visible space between the base of the fan and the tips of the fins. On the other hand, the fan on the Dynatron Model L is mounted on a shroud with no visible space (the fan does sit ~4mm above the fin tips).

Anyhow lets let the real numbers fly and take a look at the results of our tests on the synthetic temperature platform, while examining the rise above ambient.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Dynatron Model-L Microfin Heatsink Review
 2:  Dynatron DC1206BM-L Heatsink Perspectives
 3:  Frosty Acoustic Sampling Chamber:
 4: — Heatsink Test Results
 5:  Conclusions

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