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Self Contained Liquid Cooled Computer
Self Contained Liquid Cooled Computer
Abstract: Heat sinks are nice and all, but have you ever wanted to really cool you computer down. We did, so we brought out the water and went to work making from scratch, a Liquid Cooled Computer. I guarantee you will never see one of these in any store ;-)

 Manufacturer  Category  Published  Author   Cooling / Heatsinks   Dec 26, 1999   Max Page  

Self Contained Water Cooled System

After visiting many great water-cooled project pages I decided it was my turn to give it a try. The only problem was that I did not like the idea of having a big fish tank outside of my computer. It did not look very pleasing, so I decided that my water-cooled project was going to be different that the rest of the gang. First I had to decide on the case for the project. This was not as easy as it sounds. There are many problems with building a water-cooled system with the water IN the system:

· Lots of extra components needed to fit in this case
· Very dangerous for the computer parts inside
· Lack of space within most cases
· I did not want a full tower (I wanted to build it as compact and as sleek as possible.
Since I have been selling computers for a while I knew a lot about cases (I also am a little bit of a computer nut). So I started my search. The most important factor that I was looking for was width, due to all the components that needed to fit in the case. I chose the case that I had used on my other systems due to its great design and extra width


This case was probably the most important part of teh entire liquid cooled system. If we were going to have a self contained liquid cooled system we had to fit it all into this case. Luckily we were able to with a few 'ahemm' modifications to the cassis and case.

- click to enlarge -

A nice side view of us checking to see if things were going to fit

From the back

Main Board

Baby AT, ATX
Enlight 7101 ATX Mini Tower

Expansion Slot

5 Full Size
2 Half Size

Drive Space

3 x 1/4" (Half Height)
2 x 3 1/2" (Full Height)
1 x 3 1/2" HDD (Hiding)

Power Supply

ATX 2.01 UL PS

Dimension (W x H x D)

8.7" x 14.6" x 17"

Optional Fan

Shipping Weight

G.W 23 lb

AFTER doing some measurements it looked like things were going to fit in :-) Next was the motherboard.


I looked at three of my favorites (Asus P2B, Aopen AX6BC, Abit BH6,BX6) I have the Asus and the Aopen and for this project the Abit offered some advantages that Asus and Aopen did not "voltage manipulation". So I got the Abit BH6, it was perfect for this project - the BX6 was great too but my supplier did not have any. Time was a big factor in this project; I only had 5 days to build it so I was not going to wait for any parts to come in.


Celeron 300A (slot) 300A OEM

08461369 SL2WM COSTA RICA - Took system apart and put in new CPU


Items Specs Notes
12V Fan X 4
3 X 0.12A 1 X 0.18A
The better the fan, the higher the Amps
CPU Fans X 5 The PII fan is at 5000 RPM, Celeron 4500RPM, Pent ? RPM
Heatsinks Lots of different ones Check out the pictures
CPU Heatsinks
1 X Celeron 1X PII Just wait till you see what we did with this babies

Plastic Sheets

2 Sheets(1X 1/8, X 1/4 Inch)

These were used for the "fish tank"Get extra - we broke a fish tank at the very end and had to make a whole new one!

Plastic Tubing

6 Feet of the green and 2 feet of the white

The green is thicker


Very thin so that they would fit

Copper tubing

4 Feet

We used thin stuff - due to or radiator used thin tubing.

Copper Casing
This was used on top of the CPU

These are the main items used in the project, but there was lots of extra items that I have not mentioned (i.e epoxy, silicon....)

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Table of Contents:

 1: — Self Contained Liquid Cooled Computer
 2:  Self Sustained Liquid Cooling?
 3:  Case Modifications
 4:  Putting it all together
 5:  The END

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