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Thermoengine V60-4210 Heatsink Review
Thermoengine V60-4210 Heatsink Review
Abstract: Of all the heatsinks we reviewed, the Thermoengine is one of the most uniquely designed, and most effective.

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Thermoengine   Cooling / Heatsinks   Apr 12, 2001   Max Page  

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FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform (50W heat load)
Mfg. Name Model No. Ambient Temp. (C) Large block (C) Small block (c) Thermal compound Thermal pad No. Fans Fan Noise Clip
1 Thermoengine V60-4210 25.0 43.9 47.6 AOS52029KY grey 1 low mod
2 Zalman CNPS3100 25.2 54.0 48.0 silver goo - 1 lg low med
3 Blizzard S370-L 25.8 52.4 54.7 silver goo - 1 low easy
4 GlobalWin WBK 38 25.0 43.9 49.4 AOS52029KY pink 1 high stiff
5 Thermaltake Volcano II 26.5 51.7 53.2 AOS52029KY yellow 1 low hard
6 Zalman CNPS2005 27.0 56.5 54.8 silver goo - 1 lg low med
7 Thermaltake Superorb 25.6 49.2 60.1 AOS 52029KY none 1 (2) low easy
8 Vantec GSW-6015 26.0 48.0 64.2 AOS 52029KY none 1 low easy
9 Coolermaster CH5-5K12 26.6 53.7 64.8 AOS 52029KY carbon 1 mod stiff
10 Neng Tyi P366 25.5 52.0 68.4 AOS 52029KY green 1 mod easy

By just a slim portion of a degree the Thermoengine managed to out-perform the Zalman CNPS3100 copper fan heatsink. The 0.4 degree difference, which is oddly enough the difference between the Zalman and the Blizzard as well is very slight. The actual impact on a processor would be fairly muted, if anything.

The key point to take note of here is that with the addition of a higher RPM fan on the Thermoengine it literally blows everything away. 37.0 degrees compared to 47.0 degrees is a significant enough of a difference (although it comes with a large increase in fan noise).

When looking at the performance of the ThermoEngine with the large copper die template it comes in very close to that of the GlobalWin WBK-38 which was a bit interesting, considering the poorer standing of that heatsink on the small copper die template tests.

Rise Above Ambient Temperature (C)
Mfg. Model with large block with small block
1 Thermoengine V60-4210 18.9 22.6
2 Blizzard S370-L 26.6 28.9
3 Zalman CNPS3100 29.5 22.8
4 GlobalWin WBK 38 18.9 24.4
5 Thermaltake Volcano II 25.2 26.7
6 Zalman CNPS2005 28.8 27.8
7 Thermaltake SuperOrb 23.6 34.5
8 Vantec GSW-6015 22.0 38.2
9 Coolermaster CH5-5K12 27.1 38.2
10 Neng Tyi P366 26.5 42.9

The results for rise above ambient temperature always seem to separate those close calls. While it would seem that the Zalman managed to tie the Thermoengine, the performance of the Zalman on the large copper die template is markedly poorer than that of the Thermoengine. Hence the Thermoengine scores in at the top position thus far.


The numbers really speak for this heatsink. While comes equipped with a very good fan for your average systems cooling requirements, performance users may immediately want to trade it in for a higher RPM variant. With the Thermoengine, Thermosonic have managed to produce not only a heatsink that challenges many of the traditional conceptions of what an extruded heatsink should look like, but they also managed to make a heatsink that works really well.

The design is very simple, and the Thermoengine is well manufactured. If you are looking for an upgradeable heatsink, that just has to offer performance above all other criteria seriously look towards the Thermoengine.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Thermoengine V60-4210 Heatsink Review
 2:  The Thermoengine from a few angles
 3:  FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform
 4: — Synthetic Test Results

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