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Zalman CNPS3100 Copper FHS Heatsink
Zalman CNPS3100 Copper FHS Heatsink
Abstract: Every day I look at the number of heatsinks surfacing in the consumer market and everyday I am always surprised by at least one or two.

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Zalman   Cooling / Heatsinks   Apr 07, 2001   Max Page  

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The CNPS3100 from several angles:

Looking down onto the 50 pairs of copper fins from the top, the center space in the CNPS3100 becomes a bit more obvious. This 8mm space between the 20mm wide sets of fins is for the socket clip to sit in. It's difficult to see, but the very-center fins are notched-out so that the clip will sit dead-center.

The fins are bent such out from the center so they are spaced exactly 2mm from tip to tip at the circumference.

From one the side of the CNPS3100 the division looks a bit more purposeful. A stainless steel clip slides in between each of the halves and clips onto the socket with a stiff amount of force.

Each of the 50 sets of copper fins are 20mm wide, 65mm tall and 0.3mm thick. Four 43mm x 2mm slits are punched out of each fin to promote better airflow.

The outer fins are at an angle of 30 degrees which keeps them out of the way of any near-by capacitors, which might have otherwise get in the way.

The two screws are both stainless steel. The holes in the aluminum frame serve no purpose.

The base has been machine milled perfectly flat and is very, very smooth (it rivals Alpha). The base itself measures 42mm x 52mm. When seated on a socket A or socket 370, the core of the processor makes contact with the CNPS3100 in the copper area which measures 16mm wide.

Since the base has been milled flat there is no need for a thermal pad. A few cc's of thermal compound are included, and a small amount applied to the base will help improve thermal transfer.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Zalman CNPS3100 Copper FHS Heatsink
 2: — Looking at the CNPS3100 from a few angles
 3:  Extra unique features of this heatsink
 4:  Synthetic Temperature Test Platform
 5:  Synthetic Test Results

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