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Blizzard S370-L Copper Heatsink Review
Blizzard S370-L Copper Heatsink Review
Abstract: It may not immediately be obvious that the entire heatsink is slanted 5 degrees, but if you look carefully you'll see the tilt.

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Blizzard   Cooling / Heatsinks   Mar 27, 2001   Max Page  

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The fan that comes with the S370-L is a 4200RPM type. It works well enough to keep the blizzard from getting too hot, but a more powerful 5400RPM YS-tech fan would definitely be a good choice for that extra bit of oomph!

The S370-L has a total of 16 copper fins. Each fin is 1.5mm thick and spaced about 2mm apart. The fins are soldered to the 3mm copper thick base. Rather than just being soldered to the top of the base plate, each fin sits in a small groove cut in the copper.

Each of the fins was originally punched from a flat plate of copper sheet, so to improve air flow throughout the heatsink integral fins are spaced 2mm.

In this second image you can better see the 5 degree angle that the heatsink sits at. This slight angle helps improve airflow by alleviating the dead spot under the fan a bit.

The fin spacing is pretty consistent at 2mm throughout the entire heatsink. The heatsink strap looks like it came off of an Alpha heatsink. Small tabs are used in each corner to keep the fan solidly screwed into the heatsink.

The clip is very easy to attach, and doesn 't put too much pressure on the chip. Also notice the 15mm overhang of the fins on the right hand side of the heatsink.

The base of the S370-L has been polished so it is very very smooth. Flatness is very good, but the polishing appears to have introduced a few imperfections. A small dab of some high-quality thermal compound will not only help with heat transmission from the core to the base, but help to prevent the base from being scratched by the core itself.

We tested the base using a straight edge to see just how flat it really was. As it turns out there is a very slight bit of inconsistency across the base, but the degree is really very slight. It would have really no affect on the core of a processor seating properly. In terms of smoothness, the base is absolutely first rate. It's been a while since I've seen a polished base on a heatsink, but true to form, the S370-L is smooth enough to be a mirror.

To circumvent any problems with the S370-L being blocked by the cam arm in the socket, the base plate stops a bit short on one side (15mm to be exact). Rather then making the entire heatsink abruptly stop, the fins go out a over this area and give it some extra surface area for cooling.

While we always like to throw the heatsink on to the synthetic heatsink tester, this little guy was one of the first heatsinks to throw us a loop because it did sometime while being tested that we really didn't expect.

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