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Neng Tyi P365 Lil' Turbine Heatsink Review
Neng Tyi P365 Lil' Turbine Heatsink Review
Abstract: One good way to do that is to slap on a massive copper heatsink with a massive Nidec Beta SL fan. At this point the only thing cooler would be to turn off your machine...

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Neng Tyi   Cooling / Heatsinks   Feb 28, 2001   Max Page  

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FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform (50W heat load)
Mfg. Name Model No. Ambient Temp. (C) Large block (C) Small block (c) Thermal compound Thermal pad No. Fans Fan Noise Clip
1 Neng Tyi P365 27.7 53.5 67.7 AOS 52029KY green 1 low stiff
2 Thermaltake Superorb 25.6 49.2 60.1 AOS 52029KY none 1 (2) low easy
3 Coolermaster CH5-5K12 26.6 53.7 64.8 AOS 52029KY carbon 1 mod stiff
4 Vantec FCE-62540D 24.3 43.6 49.3 AOS52029KY - 1 med-high easy
5 Thermaltake Volcano II 26.5 51.7 53.2 AOS52029KY yellow 1 low hard

The Lil' Turbine sits a lot lower then most of the competitors on this round of tests, and manages to come in well on the large copper die template test, and pretty poorly on the smaller copper die template test. While it is still way below the maximum level of heat that the processor would be capable of sustaining, it appears as though there is slight difficulty with the P365 removing the heat fast enough. This may be caused by the 30mm fan motor being right above the small copper die templates location, but it may also be that the aluminum fins are not making very solid contact with the large base.

In this test the Vantec fan comes in far and above that of the P365. The Vantec has a larger fan with significantly higher RPM (and noise) and this proves to make it a lethal adversary to the P365.
Rise Above Ambient Temperature (C)
Mfg. Model with large block with small block
1 Vantec FCE-62540D 19.3 25.0
2 Thermaltake SuperOrb 23.6 34.5
3 Thermaltake Volcano II 25.2 26.7
4 Coolermaster CH5-5K12 27.1 38.2
5 Neng Tyi P365 25.8 40.0

When we look at the results in the Rise Above Ambient Temperature table the P365 ranks in even lower among the sleek little aluminum heatsinks it fought against. While the P365 adeptly holds its' own in the large copper die template tests, it just doesn't have the same capabilities when faced with a smaller and more concentrated source of heat.


Our impressions of the Lil' Turbine were very high when we first looked at the sleek, heavy little unit. But ultimately that may be its' one limiting factor. None of the other heatsinks were near 40mm in total height, and as such out performed the P365. The thick copper base is designed to move as much of the heat across the entire area of fins so the heatsink can get more bang for the lower footprint.

It would seem though, that with PIII and T-bird class processors, their may be a just too much heat coming out of that core to be naturally spread by the thick slab of copper. Bottom line, this is a very cool looking heatsink with a lot of potential. The only way it can compete is in situations where the maximum height cannot be more than 40mm. In situations where that is not a factor there are existing heatsinks on the market which will have the upper hand.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Neng Tyi P365 Lil' Turbine Heatsink Review
 2:  First Impressions of the Lil' Turbine
 3:  FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform
 4: — Results of the tests with the Lil' Turbine

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