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Thermal Buster Heatsink Review
Thermal Buster Heatsink Review
Abstract: Amidst all the confusion a radical new cooling concept has arisen. The Thermal Buster from KingCooler Metal Technologies.....

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King Cooler   Cooling / Heatsinks   Jan 03, 2001   Max Page  

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HDFAPC (High Density Fin Array Pitch Control) is a patented technology, and the basis for the Thermal Buster heatsink.

HDFAPC controls the pitch of the Thermal Buster's copper fins to a tolerance of 0.1mm, resulting in accurate gaps between each of the fins. With a separation of about 1.14mm for each of the 0.05" thick fins, true lines are maintained to reduce back pressure, and promote efficient airflow and heat removal.

What makes the Thermal Buster so cutting edge is a series of 28 copper fins measuring 51mm x 20mm x [0.05" thick] which are attached to an extruded Aluminum 6063-T5 frame. This frame protects the copper fins from damage, and spreads the heat from the CPU core across the 51x51mm base and up on either side.

The real kicker with the Thermal Buster is that each of the 24 copper fins are soldered/welded to the aluminum base, thus ensuring a perfect interface for heat transmission.

How KWO GER managed to solder copper to aluminum is beyond my experiences in Engineering... If you know what the process is please email me! I can only speculate that the aluminum has been plated to some degree to enable the solder to flow properly between the copper and aluminum interface. Perhaps it's been laser welded... Regardless the joint for each fin is perfect along the entire fin's length.

The interface between each of the 24 copper fins and the aluminum base has been soldered or welded for a perfect, heat conducting interface.

There are no visible groves or marks to indicate any type of cold forging process. Additionally fin pitch angle is controlled to a tolerance of 0.1mm by a technology known as HDFAPC.

The copper fins themselves do not appear to be copper at first glance, the sides have been plated silver, probably to aid the jointing process. The edges show a hint of the copper material, which seems to be slightly work hardened.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Thermal Buster Heatsink Review
 2: — Technologies in this heatsink
 3:  Features of the Thermal Buster
 4:  Synthetic Testing and Results

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