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Silverstone Heligon HE01 Twin Tower Heatsink Review
Silverstone Heligon HE01 Twin Tower Heatsink Review
Abstract: The PWM fan itself is non-standard, in that it's 38mm thick rather than 25mm and rotates at 800-2000RPM or 800-1200RPM depending on a small physical switch set into the frame. The Silverstone SST-FHP141-H fan is rated to move upwards of 48-171CFM air

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Silverstone   Cooling / Heatsinks   Sep 13, 2012   Max Page  

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Sound Level Measurements: Which Heatsink is Quietest?

Listening to the actual noise a heatsink makes allows you to hear what pure numbers alone cannot get across. To further emphasize FrostyTech's reliance on cold hard facts when evaluating a heatsink, we also take noise level measurements with a sound level meter.

FrostyTech Heatsink Noise Level Measurements
Noise level Decibel measurements of each heatsinks' fan in operation are taken with the aid of a sound level meter and sound isolating enclosure. The values may be higher than the mfgr's listed specs, but are directly comparable to one another. Measurements are made on the dB (A) scale, lower values are best. Information on Frostytech's test methodology is available here.
manufacturer: model no.: fan* speed: noise level (dba): cpu** platform

NoFan CR-95C (horiz.) 0.0 dB Intel/AMD
NoFan CR-95C (vert.) 0.0 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Orochi SCORC-1000 27.8 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Zipang 33.1 dB Intel/AMD
3Rsystem Iceage 80 Prima Mini 35.4 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5750 Silent 35.5 dB Intel/AMD
Verax Helado 36.3 dB Intel/AMD
Silverstone NT07-775 high 36.5 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 7311 Silent 36.5 dB AMD
Intel Stock Core 2 Duo 36.7 dB Intel
Scythe Mine Rev.B 36.8 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5761 Silent 37.7 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Zipang 2 37.7 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 7222 Light 37.7 dB AMD
Scythe Infinity SCINF-1000 37.8 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Katana II 37.9 dB Intel/AMD
SilenX EFZ-100HA1 high 38.0 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5610 Plus Silent 38.0 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Shuriken high 38.2 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Andy Samuri Master SCASM-1000 38.4 dB Intel/AMD
Evercool HPJ-12025 Transformer 4 38.9 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5710 Plus Silent 39.3 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa Nero AK967 high 39.3 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Big Shuriken high 39.6 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Kama Cross 40.0 dB Intel/AMD
Silverstone Heligon HE01 low 40.1 dB Intel/AMD
EKL Alpenfohn Groß Clock'ner 2010 40.2 dB Intel/AMD
Noctua NH-C12P high 40.4 dB Intel/AMD
SilenX EFZ-80HA2 high 40.6 dB Intel/AMD
EKL GroB Clock'ner 40.6 dB Intel/AMD
Noctua NH-U12P high 40.7 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 7321 Silent E 41.0 dB AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5063 Cu Silent E 41.0 dB Intel
Glacialtech Igloo 7312 Silent E 41.1 dB AMD
Asus Triton 85 high 41.1 dB Intel/AMD
Asus Triton 77 high 41.2 dB Intel/AMD
Coolink Silentator high 41.2 dB Intel/AMD
Gelid Tranquillo high 41.3 dB Intel/AMD
SilenX EFZ-92HA3 high 41.6 dB Intel/AMD
Intel Stock Core 2 Duo E4400 41.6 dB Intel
SilenX EFZ-120HA3 high 41.7 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Ninja Mini 41.7 dB Intel/AMD
OCZ Vendetta 2 high 41.9 dB Intel/AMD
Noctua NH-U9B high 41.9 dB Intel/AMD
Gigabyte NeonCooler 8-BL 42.0 dB AMD
AMA Serac 770 42.1 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 7223 Light E 42.3 dB AMD
Glacialtech UFO V51 Silent 42.4 dB Intel/AMD
EKL GroB Clock'ner Blue Ed. high 42.4 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 LP 42.6 dB AMD
Xigmatek S1284 Achilles high 42.7 dB Intel/AMD
Asus Silent Square EVO high 42.8 dB Intel/AMD
Nexus VCT-9000 high 42.9 dB Intel/AMD
OCZ Gladiator Max high 42.9 dB Intel/AMD
Nexus HOC-9000 high 43.0 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe KAMA Angle high 43.3 dB Intel/AMD
Thermalright Silver Arrow high 43.4 dB Intel/AMD
Auras SMF-660 43.4 dB Intel
Glacialtech Igloo 5710 Silent 43.4 dB Intel/AMD
Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme high 43.5 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster Hyper48 43.6 dB Intel/AMD
Auras LPT-709 43.9 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Alpine64 43.9 dB AMD
Thermaltake ISGC-300 high 44.0 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Freezer A30 high 44.0 dB AMD
Xigmatek SD1283 Gaia high 44.1 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Alpine 7 Pro high 44.1 dB Intel
Scythe Kozuti SCKZT-1000 high 44.2 dB Intel/AMD
Xigmatek HDT-S1284EE high 44.2 dB Intel/AMD
Thermolab BADA2010 high 44.3 dB Intel/AMD
Asus Triton 79 Amazing 44.3 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa Blue Aurora AK966BL high 44.4 dB Intel/AMD
Spire Gemini SP986B1-V2-2P high 44.5 dB Intel/AMD
DeepCool GamerStorm high 44.5 dB Intel/AMD
Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme 44.5 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa Revo (horizontal) high 44.5 dB Intel/AMD
Thermalright SI-128SE 44.5 dB Intel/AMD
Dynatron A22 44.5 dB AMD
Noctua NH-L12 high 44.7 dB Intel/AMD
Asus Lionsquare high 44.7 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5610 Silent 44.7 dB Intel
Glacialtech Igloo H46 high 44.8 dB Intel/AMD
Zerotherm Nirvana NV 120 PWM high 44.9 dB Intel/AMD
Asus Arctic Square high 44.9 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS7000B-CU high 44.9 dB Intel/AMD
DeepCool Ice Matrix 400 high 45.0 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro high 45.1 dB Intel/AMD
Prolimatech Megahalems (50CFM) high 45.1 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS7000A-Cu high 45.2 dB AMD
Zalman CNPS7000-Cu high 45.2 dB AMD
Akasa AK-860SF 45.2 dB AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5062 Cu Light 45.2 dB Intel
Arctic Cooling Freezer 11 LP high 45.3 dB Intel
Zerotherm ZT-10D Premium high 45.3 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake ISGC-400 high 45.4 dB Intel/AMD
Noctua NH-U12 45.4 dB Intel/AMD
Ajigo MF043-044 45.4 dB AMD
Zalman CNPS10X Flex (50CFM) 45.4 dB Intel/AMD
Deepcool Ice Warrior high 45.5 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake ISGC-100 high 45.5 dB Intel/AMD
Kingwin XT-1264 high 45.5 dB Intel/AMD
Silverstone NT07-AM2 high 45.6 dB AMD
Corsair Hydro H50 high 45.6 dB Intel/AMD
Spire SP741B3 45.6 dB AMD
DeepCool IceWind Pro high 45.7 dB Intel/AMD
DeepCool Iceedge 400XT high 45.7 dB Intel/AMD
SilenX EFZ-120HA5 high 45.8 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Grand Kama Cross high 45.9 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster Hyper 212 45.9 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Shogun high 45.9 dB Intel/AMD
Rosewill RCX-Z2-EX high 45.9 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS12X high 46.0 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Mugen 46.0 dB Intel/AMD
Auras Shagon AHC-118 high 46.1 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 Pro high 46.1 dB Intel/AMD
DeepCool Ice Blade Pro high 46.1 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Freezer 7LP high 46.1 dB Intel
Asus Silent Knight 2 high 46.2 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo H58 high 46.4 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Pro high 46.4 dB AMD
Xigmatek Thors Hammer S126384 46.4 dB Intel/AMD
Thermalright MST-977SLE 46.5 dB Intel
Noctua NH-C14 high 46.6 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS10X Quiet high 46.8 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster Hyper 212 Evo high 47.1 dB Intel/AMD
Dynatron Genius high 47.2 dB Intel/AMD
3Rsystem Iceage 90 47.2 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Plus high 47.4 dB AMD
nPowerTek Hurricane NPH-105 (NB fan) 47.4 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech F101 PWM high 47.5 dB Intel/AMD
Intel Stock Pentium D high 47.5 dB Intel
nPowertek TTIC NPH-1000 47.5 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Kama SCKK1000 47.5 dB AMD
Glacialtech Siberia high 47.6 dB Intel/AMD
Zerotherm FZ120 high 47.6 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster Hyper Z600 47.7 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa AK-975CU high 47.7 dB Intel
3Rsystem Iceage 120 high 47.9 dB Intel/AMD
DeepCool Gammaxx 400 high 48.0 dB Intel/AMD
Noctua NH-D14 high 48.1 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS8700 LED high 48.1 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa AK-965 high 48.1 dB Intel
Thermaltake Contac 29 high 48.2 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa AK-876 high 48.2 dB AMD
Zalman CNPS8900 Extreme high 48.2 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS11X Performa high 48.2 dB Intel/AMD
Thermolab TLI-U Nano Silencer 48.0 dB Intel
GlacialTech Alaska high 48.3 dB Intel/AMD
Apack CF900 high 48.3 dB Intel
Apack CF800 high 48.4 dB Intel
Evercool Transformer 3 high 48.5 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 high 48.5 dB Intel/AMD
Gelid Silent Spirit high 48.5 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5058 Light E 48.5 dB Intel
LS Cable SHS-T700 48.5 dB Intel
Zalman CNPS14X high 48.7 dB Intel/AMD
SilenX EFZ-120HA4 high 48.7 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake ISGC-200 high 48.7 dB Intel/AMD
Auras CTC-868 (closed) 48.7 dB Intel/AMD
Thermalfly I75DUH 48.7 dB Intel
Coolage Frozen Orb F0-Z924AL high 48.9 dB Intel
Spire SP601B3 48.9 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster Hyper N520 49.0 dB Intel/AMD
Xigmatek SD128264 Aegir high 49.1 dB Intel/AMD
ECT Prometeia Mach2 GT 49.1 dB Intel/AMD
Phanteks PH-TC14PE high 49.2 dB Intel/AMD
Cooler Master Hyper Z600 Black Label high 49.2 dB Intel/AMD
Apack Zerotherm Nirvana 120 49.2 dB Intel/AMD
DeepCool Ice Matrix 600 high 49.3 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake DuOrb 49.5 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster Gemin II S524 high 49.6 dB Intel/AMD
Xigmatek DK-S1283 high 49.6 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster GeminII S high 49.6 dB Intel/AMD
Asus Triton 75 49.6 dB Intel/AMD
Xigmatek Prime SD1484 high 49.7 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake Silentboost K8 49.7 dB AMD
Zalman CNPS7700-Cu LED high 49.8 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS10X Optima high 49.9 dB Intel/AMD
3Rsystem iceage 120 Boss II high 49.9 dB Intel/AMD
Titan TTC-NC15TZ high 50.0 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake SpinQ VT high 50.1 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus high 50.1 dB Intel/AMD
Thermolab BARAM (core contact fan) high 50.1 dB Intel/AMD
nPowertek NPH-775-1 50.1 dB Intel
Xigmatek HDT-S963 high 50.2 dB Intel/AMD
Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer 92mm Ed. high 50.2 dB Intel/AMD
Evercool Buffalo HPEA-10025 50.2 dB AMD
Thermaltake Jing high 50.3 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5760 PWM high 50.3 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS9500 LED high 50.3 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS11X Extreme high 50.4 dB Intel/AMD
Gelid GX-7 high 50.6 dB Intel/AMD
Thermolab Trinity high 50.6 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5751PWM high 50.6 dB Intel/AMD
Cooljag JYC 8A03A high 50.6 dB Intel/AMD
Evercool HPK-10025EA 50.6 dB Intel
Coolermaster Hyper 612 high 50.7 dB Intel/AMD
Xigmatek HDT-S1283 high 50.7 dB Intel/AMD
Gigabyte 3D-Rocket 50.7 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS7700-Cu high 50.7 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake SpinQ high 50.9 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS7500-Cu LED high 50.9 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro 50.9 dB AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5620 high 51.0 dB Intel/AMD
Sunbeamtech Twister 120 high 51.2 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS10X Flex (80CFM) 51.2 dB Intel/AMD
Thermolab BARAM 2010 (80 CFM) high 51.3 dB Intel/AMD
Spire Thermax Eclipse II 51.3 dB Intel/AMD
Sunbeamtech Core-Contact Freezer high 51.3 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5063 Light E 51.5 dB Intel
Evercool K802-715 51.5 dB AMD
Alpha Novatech PRE9060M92P high 51.5 dB Intel
Zaward Vapor 120 high 51.6 dB Intel/AMD
Evercool Transformer 6 high 51.6 dB Intel/AMD
Tuniq Tower 120 high 51.6 dB Intel/AMD
OCZ Tempest 51.6 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe Samurai SCSM1000 high 51.6 dB AMD
Apack Zerotherm BTF80 51.9 dB Intel/AMD
Thermolab TLI-S Micro Silencer 52.0 dB Intel
Apack Zerotherm BTF90 52.1 dB Intel/AMD
Cooljag Falcon 92-AL high 52.1 dB Intel/AMD
Auras LPT-700 52.2 dB Intel
Auras SLC-747 high 52.2 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS9700NT high 52.2 dB Intel/AMD
nPowertek NPH K8-1 52.2 dB AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5750 PWM high 52.3 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster TPC-812 high 52.4 dB Intel/AMD
DeepCool Killer Whale Premium high 52.5 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster V8 high 52.6 dB Intel/AMD
NZXT Havik 140 52.6 dB Intel/AMD
Zaward Gyre ZCJ010 high 52.7 dB Intel/AMD
Xigmatek HDT-S983 high 52.7 dB Intel/AMD
OCZ Vendetta high 52.8 dB Intel/AMD
Cooljag Falcon 92-Cu high 52.8 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake Water 2.0 Performer high 52.9 dB Intel/AMD
Evercool HPL-815 high 52.9 dB Intel/AMD
SilenX iXtrema IXC-120HA2 high 52.9 dB Intel/AMD
Xigmatek Dark Knight SD1283 Night Hawk Ed. high 53.0 dB Intel/AMD
Prolimatech Megahalems (80CFM) high 53.0 dB Intel/AMD
Coolage X120TF 53.0 dB Intel/AMD
Thermolab BARAM 53.0 dB Intel/AMD
DeepCool IceWing 5 Pro high 53.2 dB Intel/AMD
Xigmatek SD963 Loki high 53.2 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 high 53.2 dB AMD
Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro high 53.3 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS9500 AT 53.3 dB Intel
Zerotherm Core 92 high 53.4 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5057 E 53.4 dB Intel
Titan Siberia TTC-NC55TZ high 52.5 dB Intel/AMD
DeepCool Killer Whale high 53.5 dB Intel/AMD
Jetart JAX801 53.5 dB AMD
Apack Zerotherm BTF92 OC Ed high 53.6 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster Hyper TX2 53.7 dB Intel/AMD
Thermalright Ultra 120 53.7 dB Intel/AMD
Auras Shagon ARC118 high 53.8 dB Intel/AMD
XtremeGear HP-1216B high 54.0 dB Intel/AMD
Thermolab BADA high 54.0 dB Intel/AMD
nPowerTek NPH-Big K8 54.0 dB AMD
Akasa Venom high 54.1 dB Intel/AMD
Dynatron Evo-11 high 54.1 dB Intel/AMD
Rosewill RCX-Z1 high 54.1 dB AMD
Vantec VAF-1225 Aeroflow FX 120 high 54.2 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS9900 Max high 54.5 dB Intel/AMD
NZXT Havik 120 high 54.6 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster Vortex Plus high 54.6 dB Intel/AMD
Coolermaster Hyper6 high 54.7 dB AMD
Zalman CNPS5X-SZ high 54.8 dB Intel/AMD
Coolink Corator DS high 54.9 dB Intel/AMD
nPowertek NPH-775-115HC 55.0 dB Intel
Xigmatek AIO-S80DP high 55.0 dB Intel/AMD
Evercool HPJ-12025 Transformer 4 (2010) high 55.4 dB Intel/AMD
Danamics LMX Extreme high 55.4 dB Intel/AMD
Verax Quattro 1 high 55.4 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS9300AT high 55.5 dB Intel/AMD
Arctic Cooling Silencer 64 Ultra TC high 55.5 dB AMD
Evercool Magic Cooler 55.5 dB AMD
Cooljag OAK-H2 high 55.6 dB Intel
Cooljag OAK-H high 55.7 dB Intel
Coolermaster Hyper TX3 high 56.0 dB Intel/AMD
Coolage Frozen Orb 2924HDC high 56.0 dB Intel/AMD
Gigabyte Volar GH-PSV21-FB high 56.1 dB Intel/AMD
Thermalright Ultra-90 high 56.2 dB Intel/AMD
Titan Cool Idol TTC-NK75TZ high 56.3 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa AK-960E 56.3 dB Intel
Dynatron SK-V24 56.4 dB AMD
Thermaltake MaxOrb EX high 56.5 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS9700 LED high 56.5 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman FS-C77 56.5 dB Intel/AMD
AVC Black Samurai high 56.7 dB Intel/AMD
nPowertek NPH-775-140HC high 56.7 dB Intel/AMD
Gigabyte 3D Rocket-Pro high 56.7 dB Intel/AMD
Vantec Mach1 high 56.9 dB AMD
Xigmatek HDT-SD964 high 57.2 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake MaxOrb high 57.4 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS8000 high 57.4 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa Venom Nano high 57.5 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS9900 LED high 57.5 dB Intel/AMD
EKL V8 high 57.5 dB Intel/AMD
Sunon Waturbo 57.5 dB Intel
Antazone AS-C1000 57.6 dB Intel/AMD
Spire Thermax II (SP67951) high 57.8 dB Intel/AMD
Vantec VAF-9225 Aeroflow FX92 high 57.9 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake Frio Extreme high 58.2 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS10X Extreme high 58.2 dB Intel/AMD
Noctua NH-U9 58.4 dB Intel/AMD
Titan TTC-NK85TZ high 58.6 dB Intel/AMD
Rosewill RCX-Z3 high 58.6 dB Intel/AMD
Zalman CNPS10X Performa high 58.7 dB Intel/AMD
Corsair Hydro H80 high 58.5 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake Frio Advanced high 58.8 dB Intel/AMD
Thermalright SLK-948U 58.8 dB AMD
Alpha PAL-8150 58.9 dB AMD
Corsair Hydro H100 high 59.2 dB Intel/AMD
Enzotech Ultra-X high 59.2 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa AK-920 high 59.2 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa AK-873 high 59.2 dB AMD
Coolermaster Aquagate Mini R80 high 59.2 dB Intel/AMD
Scythe SCRT-1000 Rasetsu high 59.5 dB Intel/AMD
Glacialtech Igloo 5610 PWM high 59.5 dB Intel
Thermaltake V1 high 59.6 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro high 59.7 dB Intel/AMD
AVC Z7U3301001 high 59.9 dB AMD
Rosewill RCX-Z2 59.9 dB Intel
Silverstone Heligon HE01 high 60.1 dB Intel/AMD
CoolIT Domino ALC high 60.2 dB Intel/AMD
Spire Fourier IV SP607B3-C 60.2 dB Intel/AMD
Akasa AK-922 (EVObue) high 60.3 dB Intel/AMD
Ajigo MF064-074 high 60.3 dB AMD
Thermalfly F1-IACSHA high 60.4 dB Intel/AMD
Cooljag SFO-Q high 60.6 dB AMD
Cooljag SFO-H high 60.6 dB AMD
Akasa AK-961 60.7 dB Intel
Thermaltake Jungle512 high 60.8 dB Intel
Intel FCLGA4-S Reference (P mode) high 61.1 dB Intel
Ibuypower IBP-Z001 high 61.7 dB Intel/AMD
AMD FX Series Liquid Cooler high 62.5 dB AMD
Gigabyte 3D Cooler-Pro high 62.5 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake Frio high 62.6 dB Intel/AMD
Gigabyte 3D Cooler-Ultra high 63.0 dB Intel/AMD
AVC Z7U7414001 (stock AM2) high 63.0 dB AMD
Titan TTC-K8ATB/825/SC 63.1 dB AMD
Evercool PT02-9232CP 63.3 dB Intel
CoolJag SFO-D(18SC) 64.0 dB AMD
nPowertek SF 775-2 high 64.6 dB Intel
Gigabyte GH-PCU23-VE high 65.6 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake FrioOCK high 66.0 dB Intel/AMD
ASUS Starice high 67.4 dB Intel/AMD
Thermaltake Polo 735 high 68.0 dB AMD
Thermaltake Venus 12 high 68.1 dB AMD
Thermalfly I75DUB high 68.5 db Intel
Gigabyte G-Power Pro high 71.9 dB Intel/AMD
noise level (dba)

*unless noted, for reference heatsinks with variable-speed fans only the 'high speed' (12V) fan noise measurement is included in the comparison sheet; more detailed results for the low fan speed (~5V) tests reside in each specific heatsink review. ** 'AMD' denotes compatibility with socket 754/939/940 & AM2 processors where applicable. 'Intel' denotes compatibility with socket 775 platform.

Frostytech hasn't tested many heatsinks with 140x140x38mm fans so there's little to directly compare the Silverstone Heligon HE01 against in this acoustic reference chart.

Never the less, with its big 140x38mm fan rotating at 2000RPM, the Heligon HE01 heatsink produces a loud 60.1 dBA noise. The benefit to using big fans is the air they move at lower speeds; at 800RPM the Heligon HE01 heatsink outputs just 40.1 dBA noise (whisper quiet).

Frostytech's synthetic thermal test results for the AMD processor platform are up next, then it's on to Intel results.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Silverstone Heligon HE01 Twin Tower Heatsink Review
 2:  360° View - Silverstone Heligon HE01 Heatsink
 3: — Heatsink Sound Level Comparison
 4:  AMD Heatsink Temperature Comparisons
 5:  Intel Heatsink Temperature Comparisons

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