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Overclocking with the CopperSink
Overclocking with the CopperSink
Abstract: Testing is done on the Overclocking with our Frosty CopperSink. We made it, it's solid copper. So what! Does it do the job? H'mmm, I think I'll let you be the judge.

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FrostyTech   Cooling / Heatsinks   May 17, 2000   Max Page  

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Temperature Ambient FSB multiplier CPU Clock Speed

26.4 C




500 Mhz

27.1 C




665 Mhz

27.6 C




700 Mhz

26.1 C




750 Mhz

Boot up posted the highest temperature readings in general. The overall highest temperature we saw with the Overclocked 500E and CopperSink was about 31 C. Crushing programs like MadOnion brought the overclocked temp upto 33 C. Typically, general use of the computer generated a steady 27.3 C temperature reading (at 750MHz). I would have like to have overclocked the 500E much more but ran out of FSB settings in the BIOS :-(

It was nice to see that the 500E performed rock solid at 750Mhz with such a low temp! Generally, the temperatures stayed in the same range of near 27 degrees even. The two fluctuations were probably from me opening the window. I ran Sandra with the 500E @ 750 just to ensure stability, and see what kind of numbers I would get:

Suffice to say it gets a high rating on the scale with 2018 MIPS, and 1002 MFLOPS - based on a clock speed of 751Mhz! Now, we did try the same thing with a generic aluminum heatsink and managed to pull temperature values that were only a degree or two higher, but I think this was because not as much heat was being absorbed properly by that particular heatsink (it was a bit difficult to get it to sit flat). The acid test came when we tried to overclock the 500E to FSB 150Mhz with this cheap heatsink. Using the same slocket, same motherboard, same thermal goo, and only an aluminum heatsink we couldn't get the chip up past 700Mhz. Forcing the BIOS to start with FSB 150Mhz made the system hang every time.
Since I had a 300Mhz Celeron lying around I decided to give it a shot with the CopperSink. I scraped off some of the older goo and applied a bit of this new stuff I have from AOS (review to come soon). The plate on this Celeron wasn't lapped.
From previous experience this processor was able to reach 504Mhz with an average aluminum heatsink on an Abit Bh6 board - though only for a few minutes. I don't remember what kind of temperatures I got with it running at that speed, but I think they were in the region of 34C. I don't have the heatsink I used anymore so I can't say for certain. With the CopperSink I was able to get the Celeron to 504Mhz, but it was still unstable, and died in a few minutes. It did run at a lower 28.7C which was nice to see, but that was still too high to keep that particular core stable.
To see if it could ever be stable, I chucked it into my Peltier powered MC1000 with a custom copper coldplate, and was finally able to get it running at 504Mhz in what appeared to be a stable situation. Stability was possible, but only at lower than ambient temperatures - which isn't possible with just a heatsink alone.

In Conclusion.... Okay, I'm happy with how it performed, but I'd like to hear what you think - cause you didn't make it! Whatever I was about to say, would just be too biased to be worth reading. So, the conclusion is being left up to you all! If you think the CopperSink is great, bad, crappy, super, or whatever, let me know in the BBS >Click to post your thoughts<. Thanks for reading about this little heatsink, believe it or not, I had fun making it, and have gotten a bunch of amazing emails from people attempting to make their own specialized heatsinks.

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 1:  Overclocking with the CopperSink
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