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Frostytech Makes the CopperSink
Frostytech Makes the CopperSink
Abstract: Ever wanted a fully copper heatsink for your overclocking rig? We've got the Frosty CopperSink... This is a beast to be sure, so read more to find out how to get one for yourself.

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FrostyTech   Cooling / Heatsinks   May 09, 2000   Max Page  

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Step 4: Socket 370 Clip

This process; mark holes, drill, insert wire posts, solder posts and previous rivets, feed fin on over wire posts, cut excess wire, and hammer remaining  post to form rivet head - was continued until the entire plate surface had been covered. Our plate required a total of 14 fins, and a bit of time, to accomplish. The only exception to the general procedure was at the center of the plate. We had salvaged a clip from an old Cooler Master heatsink to use with our CopperSink and that meant one adjustment. Between the two center fins we left 6mm of space for the clip. Aside from pulling the fin from the other heatsink and positioning it between the center fins we did no real modifications to it. So, while it is not shown here, it is a relatively simple procedure no one should have problems with.

Lastly all the fins were ground to an even height with a wet grinder, and the base plate was lapped to ensure a flatness of within 0.0001". There is no sense in having the CopperSinkr not make complete contact with the processors' die. Some cosmetic touches were done to clean off residual flux and smooth the fin edges a bit as well.

In its' final form, the Frosty CopperSinkr has an aerodynamic look to it that would make any aluminum heatsink quake in its socket. Be assured this is no weakling. The CopperSinkr weighs in at around half a pound, and measures over 50mm tall. With its fourteen fins spaced 3mm apart, airflow is excellent for cooling just about anything. The CopperSinks', solid copper construction makes it almost twice as efficient as a comparable aluminum heatsink in thermal conductivity to boot!

It took about a weekend to make this little beauty, and when we strapped it onto the back of our 500E we were pleasantly surprised by its performance. Keep in mind we tested it with only one 60mm X 10mm 15CFM fan. What kind of results did we see temperature wise? The temperature of the 500E ranged from about 1 to 3 degrees above room temp while overclocked to 667Mhz! That's only the beginning, expect to see more on how the Frosty CopperSinkr helps us overclock that poor little 500E as far as it will go - once we get a better MB to test it on :-)

Tools used:

Riveting hammer, drill, tin snips, coping saw, wire cutters, blow torch, wet grinder, sandpaper, solder, wire, copper stock.

Legal stuff: The Frosty CopperSinkr heatsink, design, images, and construction description are Copyright 2000, and shall not be reproduced in any form without express written permission.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Frostytech Makes the CopperSink
 2:  Let The Building Begin!
 3:  Cutting fourteen fins
 4:  Fabricating fins...
 5:  Attaching the components
 6: — Clips and Conclusions

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