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Apack Zerotherm CF900 Socket 775 Heatsink Review
Apack Zerotherm CF900 Socket 775 Heatsink Review
Abstract: The Apack Zerotherm CF900 heatsink is a stubby little copper heatsink, and a good candidate for any socket 775 Intel Pentium D/Core 2 Duo based computer system.

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Apack   Cooling / Heatsinks   Nov 21, 2006   Max Page  

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360° View - Apack Zerotherm CF900 Heatsink
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The Heatsink Fan:
The translucent clear (non-illuminated) 95mm fan spins at a speed of 800-2300RPM depending on the temperature of the body of the heatsink. The fan produces anywhere from 35 dBA to 48 dBA according to our real world measurements. A thermistor located in the center of the cooling fins ramps up fan speed when the temperature reaches 40-48°C. The fan draws power from a standard 3-pin PWM fan header.

Heatsink Top:
With the fan removed from the center of the Apack Zerotherm CF900 heatsink, the construction of this heatsink is clearly evident. The four copper heatpipes are each 6mm in diameter, and intersect the copper cooling fins evenly across its surface; at the base the heat pipes are closely spaced to absorb as much heat as possible from the CPU itself. Each copper fin measures 0.3mm thick and is spaced 1.1mm from the next. The copper heatpipes are soldered directly to the forged copper base, and evidently to the fins too.

Heatsink Side A:
The body of the Apack Zerotherm CF900 heatsink stands 45mm tall, and the heatsink has an overall height of 79mm. Note vents in the fan support frame - these allow warm air to exhaust out the sides more easily. The large die cast aluminum base frame works with four spring tensioned screws, and these apply the correct amount of pressure to keep the heavy CF900 heatsink in place on the LGA775 socket. The mounting base also conducts a fair amount of heat away from the heatpipes, although there are no cooling fins on it for whatever reason.

Heatsink Side B:
From the side we can see the Apack Zerotherm CF900 heatsink we can see right through to the fan impellers - the fan is not internally illuminated by any LEDs. The four copper heatpipes reach out from the base of the cooler where they are closely packed, and spread out through the body of the cooling fins to evenly distribute the heat. Joints between the copper heatpipes and copper fins appear to be brazed or soldered, but it's hard to tell for certain. From this side you can see the internal passageway formed in the center of the copper fins. The thermistor is located inside of it (the two black wires at center).

Heatsink Base:
The copper base of the Apack Zerotherm CF900 heatsink measures 32 x 32mm in size. The copper base is 1.8mm thick over each heatpipe, and 5mm thick in total. The four heatpipes are soldered directly to the copper base. The heatsink comes with a pre-applied swatch of thermal interface material already in place. The copper base plate is flat in both axis, and has a sanded finish. Surface roughness is on the order of ~63 microinches, which is considered satisfactory. Note the large die cast aluminum mounting plate here - it makes direct contact with the opposite side of each heatpipe.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Apack Zerotherm CF900 Socket 775 Heatsink Review
 2: — 360° View - Apack Zerotherm CF900 Heatsink
 3:  Acoustic Comparisons and Base Surface Quality
 4:  Intel LGA775 Heatsink Temperature Comparisons

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