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Vantec Spectrum UV LED Case Fans Review
Vantec Spectrum UV LED Case Fans Review
Abstract: Vantec's adaptation of that idea is certainly a lot cleaner and less expensive route to take - and no cold cathode is required.

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Vantec   Cooling / Heatsinks   Jun 23, 2003   Max Page  

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With five different variations on blue, green and orange to choose from there should be at least one Spectrum fan for every occasion. Personally, I like the green frame and orange impeller fan the most, but you can decide for yourself it Vantec's Spectrum UV LED fans are you kind of case modding accessory.

Fan without any power. Front of the fan under power. Rear of the fan under power.
So what do we think? Well for starters these are just fans, and aside from what we've already said about their noise output, airflow, and appearance you have the whole story. The Vantec Spectrum UV LED case fans retail for about $9-12 and would be a rather nifty addition to any tricked out case. Nuff said.
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 1:  Vantec Spectrum UV LED Case Fans Review
 2: — Turn on the Bright Lights

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