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Cooler Master XDream HSCV83 Copper Heatsink Review
Cooler Master XDream HSCV83 Copper Heatsink Review
Abstract: Most of us would really prefer to have the 24x7 computer generate about as much noise as a calculator, ie. nothing. Meet the Cooler Master XDream

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CoolerMaster   Cooling / Heatsinks   Apr 29, 2003   Max Page  

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Coolermaster HSCV83 Heatsink From All Angles
The Fan:
This plastic fan grill is virtually useless as a protective cover for the heatsink from anything other than the main ATX power cable bundle. The spacing between the slats is more than large enough for an errant molex power connector to fit through. Wire fan grills are really good at protecting fans from items which could jam them and have essentially no negative effect on air intake. The same cannot be said for laser cut fan grills incidently. The fan draws up to 0.8A, so power comes from a molex pass through connector. A single wire three-pin fan header connector brings the RPM signal to the motherboard. On the lowest speed setting the fan is virtually silent, and at full speed it is pretty loud.

Heatsink Top:
With the fan removed we find the fan shroud extends out from the smaller heatsink section to 80mm in size. The larger size should be good news for the cooling potential of this heatsink, and the ducting will ensure that exhaust air is driven down into the skived copper fins before exiting the system. The plenum between the base of the fan and the tips of those copper fins is 18mm high. Small sections of the skived copper fins are cut away on either side to accommodate the clip. The tips of the skived fins have been machined flat incidently.

Side A:
The large three-prong clip is tool free and really easy to engage thanks to the thumb grab. The fan shroud is made of aluminum and anodized to appear as if it is copper as well. The build quality of this heatsink is evident through the nice tight joints at the corner of the shroud which is screwed firmly into the copper base. The height of the HSCV83 is 86mm with the plastic fan guard, 75mm without it.

Side B:
The fan shroud jets out after a clearance of 33mm so even capacitors placed close to the socket shouldn't be a problem. The copper base is nearly 7mm thick, and the copper fins which have been cut from the same material (there is no solder joint, as the fins and base are one and the same) measure 0.5mm thick. Each of the 26mm tall fins are spaced 1.3mm apart.
Heatsink Base:
The base is undercut 1.5mm for socket cam arm clearance. The base measures 70mm x 68mm in size and has a sanded finish which is smooth, but not shiny. Base flatness is good, but not absolutely perfect. Again, notice the cuts in the base to give clearance for the clipping mechanism.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Cooler Master XDream HSCV83 Copper Heatsink Review
 2: — The heatsink from all sides
 3:  Heatsink Thermal/Acoustic Test Parameters
 4:  Acoustic Samples: Listen to this Heatsink!
 5:  Final Temperature results

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