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FrostyTech GF4TEC Videocard TEC/Active Heatsink
FrostyTech GF4TEC Videocard TEC/Active Heatsink
Abstract: This is a custom thermoelectric cooled heatsink for the GeForce 4 videocard!!

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FrostyTech   Cooling / Heatsinks   May 23, 2002   Max Page  

Home > Reviews > Page: Mounting the cooler to the Geforce 4

Mounted on the MSI GF4 Ti4600 the FrostyTech GF4TEC makes itself known, but we still don't have a fan grill on that Delta. And no, I'm really not concerned about the lost PCI slots, of which we counted five on the Epox 8K3A+. There are a few more shots of the completed cooler and videocard in the forums if you want a closer look.

We did a few tests of the GF4TEC with the card in the AGP slot, and just resting on the table. After running the cooler for about 10 minutes with the card just sitting on the table we were able to get the temperature down to about -6 degrees Celsius. Frost formed on the copper block, and I'm sure if we had left the MSI GF4 Ti4600 to sit there for a bit longer it would have begun to frost over on the rear as well. The interesting thing is that when the card is in the AGP slot the lowest the temperature would go was about 0 degrees Celsius. Keep in mind both test were done with the computer off so there was no thermal load.

It seems that since the air exhausts downward, as opposed to upward or off to a side there is a small problem with back pressure. The air moving through the fan, and consequently the hacked up Alpha heat just can escape as quickly as if the unit is sitting flat on a table. Unfortunately there isn't much we can do to correct this without swapping to a smaller sized fan.

In the final installment of the FrostyTech GF4TEC Active Heatsink Project we test the card and see what kind of core overclocking numbers and temperatures we were able to get with it on an MSI GeForce 4 Ti4600.
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Table of Contents:

 1:  FrostyTech GF4TEC Videocard TEC/Active Heatsink
 2:  Testing the TEC at full blast
 3: — Mounting the cooler to the Geforce 4
 4:  The overclocking results are cool....

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