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The Noctua NH-D9DXi4-3U is a mid-sized heatsink designed specifically for lower noise cooling of Intel Xeon processors in 3U height computer/server chassis. It's compact stature makes it ideal for rack mounted computers in a recording studio, video editing suite, operations control center... The 920gram Scythe Fuma heatsink is constructed around six 6mm diameter copper heatpipes and a pair of aluminum fin stacks that measure 104x130x37mm (HxWxD) in size. The heatpipes are liberally soldered to a chunky nickel plated copper base plate, this plate helps to more evenly conduct heat away from hot-spot ridden multi-core CPUs. While Scythe doesn't overtly market its heatsinks as DeepCool's Maelstrom 240 is a self contained CPU liquid 
cooling system consists of a dual fan, 240mm wide aluminum heat 
exchanger and combination pump head / skived copper waterblock. With Frostytech's synthetic thermal test platforms applying up to a 200W heat load, only we can accurately rank how the Maelstrom 240 liquid cooler stacks up DeepCool's Gamer Storm Lucifer K2 heatsink is a revised version of the original Gamer Storm Lucifer heatsink, which Frostytech tested about a year back. The Lucifer K2 heatsink only differs in that it's not nickel plated and ships with a slim profile (20mm thick)120mm fan which makes the heatsink a little more accommodating on confined motherboards.
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Fri: 04/08/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
In a world now filled with All-In-One CPU coolers, Thermaltake takes it old school with a water cooling kit that has everything you need from A to Z. If cutting your hose to length and perfecting the layout and presentation of your cooling loop appeals to you, Thermaltake makes it easy with a one stop shop.
Full Story: 
° hardocp

Wed: 04/06/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
AMD currently doesn't show CPU innovations ? You're wrong ! According to rumors the new AMD A11 8800 processor is build with four integrated nano fans. We show first pictures today on, but you should watch necessarily today.
Full Story: 
° ocinside

Mon: 04/04/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Up for grabs today we have three combos consisting of the brand new Fuma CPU Cooler, SlipStream 120 DB fan and the Thermal Elixer 2 Thermal Grease by Scythe.
Full Story: 
° nikktech

Mon: 04/04/2016Topic: Notebooks    PermaLink
Over the past eight years of reviewing, even with all of the different heatsinks and water cooling options we have covered there has been one constant. In nearly every build or test bench if we weren’t going with water cooling Noctua coolers have been at the top of our list. Recently as far as full sized builds go everything that wasn’t a test bench has been water cooled, but the small form factor builds have nearly all been sporting Noctua NH-L9i’s. This has partially been because I like Noctua’s low noise but more than anything the NH-L9i just kept them all cool and took up less space than even a stock cooler. Recently though I have been working on building a new Lunchbox project build, we have been collecting parts and covering them in various reviews. Well when I got everything together the NH-L9i just couldn’t handle the higher heat output that the i7-6700K was putting out. This wasn’t a big shock given the coolers 65 watt cooling rating and the heat issues that same CPU gave us even with a full sized cooler on our test bench. So this gave me the chance to test out the slightly larger NH-L9x65 from Noctua. Today I’m going to talk about how it performed and run through its features. You can also get a sneak peek at our upcoming build!
Full Story: 
° lanoc

Mon: 04/04/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

The Fuma heatsink stands 148mm tall and features twin 120mm PWM fans arranged in push-pull configuration. Even with dual fans, it manages to maintain a relatively compact footprint of 130x130mm. Both fans operate at 1400-600RPM, moving upwards of 79CFM at 1.56mmH20 static pressure according to manufacturer specs. As with most Scythe heatsinks, the Fuma is designed primarily as a lower noise thermal solution; in our real word sound tests noise output topped out at a moderate 49.1dBA.

Full Story: 
° frostytech

Sun: 04/03/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Gelid are one of the most legendary cooling companies in the world and while you may not think of them first when you’re looking at a new CPU cooler, they’re the top choice for many system builders, enthusiast overclockers, and all of us here at eTeknix for our test benches, when it comes to Thermalpaste. Gelid GC-Extreme has been a popular choice for many years, and it’s with that in mind that we know that Gelid has a fair bit of knowledge when it comes to thermal performance in the PC market.
Full Story: 
° eteknix

Thu: 03/31/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

With the NH-D15S Noctua shows its latest high-end CPU cooler. This monster comes boxed with one 140 x 150 x 25 millimeter fan and weighing a massive 1150g. Overall this leaves us rather curious how this twin-tower cooler is going to perform.

Full Story: 
° ocaholic

Thu: 03/31/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

The Noctua NH-C14S Low Profile CPU cooler offers good cooling performance and hey, you can use it being low profile configurable with a single fan. That makes the NH-C14S relatively low, deadly silent yet more than powerful enough product that can take on the even a Core i7 4790K as you can even overclock a bit as well.

Full Story: 
° guru3d

Thu: 03/31/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink has just posted another review. Last week we have taken a look at the Anfi-Tec „drei“ cpu water block. From overclocker, for overclocker, this is the philosophy of Anfitec, the German water cooler manufacturer.

Mon: 03/28/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
The name is quite a mouthful, but has Cooler Master found an optimum balance between performance and silence with their Silencio FP 120 PWM Performance Edition?
Full Story: 
° aphnetworks

Mon: 03/28/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Today, we have published a new unboxing video of the Cooler Master Sentinel III Gaming Mouse on in German with English subtitles. The full review of the Cooler Master Sentinel III Mouse is coming soon as well.
Full Story: 
° ocinside

Sun: 03/27/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Japanese cooling expert Scythe extends the GlideStream series by announcing a brand new model with PWM-support and built-in fan controller. Scythe’s GlideStream 120 fan series is based on further development of the very popular Scythe Slip Stream fan series. The new GlideStream 120 PWM SC fan combines the outstanding advantages of the GlideStream series such as the “small hub & large blades” concept for increased airflow at low fan speeds and new features, including PWM support and the innovative 3-step switch.

Scythe took a very different approach when developing the GlideStream 120 PWM SC fan. The new fan offers not only the support of PWM-signal based fan control, but provides users with the unchallenged opportunity to switch between one of the three possible options for maximum fan speed. Scythe attached a 3-step switch to the fan, which limits the fan speed to either 800, 1.150 or 1.500 RPM. The PWM curve is adjusted according to the set position on the fan without the necessity to adjust the applied voltage. Thanks to this feature, GlideStream 120 PWM SC can be used for very silent operation in the fan speed range between 300 and 800 RPM and switched to more powerful mode anytime, when it is required. This way Scythe was able to combine the fan speed ranges of three different case fans in only one model without compromising the PWM support!

GlideStream 120 PWM SC utilizes the unique features of the GlideStream series, including the grooved blade design, which reduces air resistance and therefore achieving lower operating noise and the “small hub & large blades” design. Transfer of vibrations from the fan to the PC Case can be reduced thanks to the supplied insulating rubber mounters. To further ease the installation process and increase the compatibility, Scythe Glide Stream 120 PWM SC is utilizing installation holes without tunnels and comes with a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter.

Full Story: 
° scythe

Thu: 03/24/2016Topic: Cases    PermaLink
The Deepcool Genome is an ATX case supplied with a 360mm liquid cooling system that is already installed. The integrated nature of Genome speeds up the process of your PC build however that is only part of the story as the helix liquid reservoir is clearly visible at the front of the case and helps Genome stand out from the crowd of ATX cases on the market.
Full Story: 
° kitguru

Wed: 03/23/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Stumbled across an interesting post by Ben Krasnow on tonight, that covers how to build a DIY Liquid Nitrogen generator! This is not for the faint of heart, but I'll bet there are a few Frostytech readers with a spare Stirling Cooler kicking around who could give this a try. Enjoy!
"Nearly all large-scale liquid nitrogen is made by compressing, cooling, and expanding air. This process removes heat from the air and can be repeated until the air liquefies. The condensing gasses are then separated using fractional distillation. This process cannot be easily scaled down because it relies on maintaining a complex, large distillation column to separate nitrogen from the other gasses in air. To avoid using a distillation column, one could use a nitrogen separation device to strip out the nitrogen from air at room temperature. Then, the room temperature nitrogen can be liquefied via the standard compression and expansion method.

I purchased the Superfilter on eBay and extracted the cryocooler. In order to test the device, I attached a small heatsink to the cooler’s cold tip, placed the tip into a household vacuum flask, and powered up the unit. After 30 minutes, I took the cryocooler out of the flask, and noticed a small amount of liquid air had collected at the bottom. Inspired by this success, I continued construction of a more complete liquid nitrogen generator. I already owned a 30-liter dewar (large vacuum flask) and fabricated an acrylic plate that would seal the top of the dewar while the cryocooler was also mounted to the plate with its heatsink hanging down into the neck of the flask. I also removed the cryocooler’s finned heatsink on its heat rejection area and replaced it with a liquid- cooling manifold. Liquid cooling lowered the heat rejection area temperature more effectively than forced air cooling, and this ultimately lead to higher system efficiency...."

Tue: 03/22/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

CRYORIG is new to us here at APH Networks. How will their mega sized heatsink fare in our tests?

Full Story: 
° aphnetworks

Tue: 03/22/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
The new IndustrialPPC NF-F12 and NF-A14 fans are 24V DC operated though they can operate at 12v which PC systems typically provide. The tradeoff is that it will operate at reduced RPMs. How could you get a 24v power on a desktop system when typical power supplies don’t supply anything more than 12v? One of the better options is to use a 12/24v fan and pump controller, like a Koolance CTR-SPD1224M 12v/24v Pump/ Fan controller. After researching in multiple tech forums, one of the common suggestion is either to use +12v and -5v together thus providing 17v or +12v and -12v together for 24v.
Full Story: 
° hardwarebbq

Tue: 03/22/2016Topic: Power Supply    PermaLink
Today we are looking at one of the new power supplies from leading German brand be quiet! The new Pure Power 9 range is a dual 12V rail design which has achieved 80 Plus Silver certification. The new design adopts a 120mm noise optimised fan and is modular, with high grade flat cables set to aid the appearance of the final system build.
Full Story: 
° kitguru

Mon: 03/21/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Maybe you’ve been using your first basic loop for a while now and feeling like it’s time to expand or maybe the need to upgrade has struck right away. Either way you’ve reached the most inevitable situation for nearly all of us who use water cooling. Upgrade day! But what to upgrade and how to go about doing it? Follow along as we take you on the next step of evolution for our loop!"
Full Story: 
° thinkcomputers

Mon: 03/21/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
With the NH-C14S Noctua has a predecessor of it's former flagship down-draft cooler in its portfolio. The NH-C14S is equipped with one fan which measures 140 mm in diameter. Meanwhile standard with Noctua coolers is the extensive delivery, including mounting kits offering wide compatibility.
Full Story: 
° ocaholic

Mon: 03/21/2016Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
CRYORIG is new to us here at APH Networks. How will their mega sized heatsink fare in our tests?
Full Story: 
° aphnetworks

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