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The Shadow Rock LP is a 75mm tall low profile heatsink rated for heat loads 
up to 130W TDP.  It's built around four 6mm diameter copper heatpipes and 
relies on a single 120x120x25mm I've been playing with IBM's Watson Analytics, running Frostytech's test data through the wee cloud to see what it can predict. Here are some of the results. The Dark Rock TF has an upside-down pyramid sort of profile, measuring 
140x165mm at the top and 98x102mm at a height of 22mm above the CPU. It ships 
with two identical 135x25mm SilentWings fans that operate 1400RPM and move 
upwards of 68CFM at 1.85mm/H2O Scythe's Mugen Max heatsink weighs 870grams and stands 166mm tall. The 
heatsink is constructed around six 6mm diameter copper heatpipes which are soldered to a 2mm thick nickel plated copper base plate. The heatpipes are 
swaged into a 113x145x84mm aluminum fin stack which is roughly broken up into four nearly-separate cooling towers. In this review Frostytech is testing the Phanteks PH-TC12LS heatsink, a top-down low profile heatsink that stands 74mm tall and weighs in at 500grams. The PH-TC12LS has a footprint about the size of the 120mm PWM fan that rests atop its black-painted aluminum fins.
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Thu: 07/23/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Not all those who buy better CPU coolers overclock. This is in reference to Cooler Master Hyper 103 CPU air cooler. A CPU cooler with 3x copper heatpipes and a 92mm CPU cooler with a total height of 5.5 inches. As always, we’ll see how good it performs, and if it provides some cooling for minor overclocks.
Full Story: 
° hardwarebbq

Thu: 07/23/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
"We previously tested the DeepCool Captain 240 liquid CPU Cooler and weren’t very impressed with the results. As it turns out neither was DeepCool when they saw our results so they decided to send us a second test unit after all. Fortunately this one arrived from Hong Kong with the thermal paste intact so we got to work immediately retesting."
Full Story: 
° thinkcomputers

Thu: 07/23/2015Topic: Cases    PermaLink
Things may have been a bit quiet on the case front with Zalman, but they still offer a wide range of products, including the Z11 NEO, which surprises. The Z11 NEO looks bulky and comes with a great feature set on paper and a small price tag. Having reviewed Zalman cases quite some time ago, it is now time to figure out what the Z11 NEO brings to the table.
Full Story: 
° techpowerup

Wed: 07/22/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Noctua sent a very good looking CPU cooler- the NH-C14S. This is a C-type CPU cooler which has a top-down airflow design. The CPU cooler can accommodate up to 2x 140 x 140 x 25mm fans, but with a choice of a single fan, you can either mount it towards the top for having high clearance required for tall spreaders and even maybe some sinks on the motherboard (you’ll be surprised). I am keen on reviewing this since this does provide some level of low-profile height with a full-size heatsink design, making it look good even for few small form factor DIY desktop systems.
Full Story: 
° hardwarebbq

Wed: 07/22/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Aside from the inclusion of a variable speed pump, the NZXT Kraken X61 improves from it’s predecessor by including a massive 280 mm radiator with a desner fin array which accounts for 36% more surface area. NZXT has also given the Kraken X61 extended tubing to ensure compatibility with all installation environments. Included with the Kraken X61 are two FX140 V2 PWM fan which according to NZXT are more powerful, quite, and durable than the inclusions of it’s predecessor. Most importantly, the Kraken X61 has a 6 year warranty, which just goes to prove how confident NZXT is of the Kraken line.

Wed: 07/22/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
"Deepcool’s original Assassin CPU cooler came out in 2013 and one one of the largest and best performing coolers available. 2014 brought in the Lucifer, which we tested and it proved to be one of the best coolers available at the time. It is now 2015 and Deepcool has released the successor to the original Assassin, the Assassin II. This massive air cooler features a dual tower design, two cooling fans (140mm and 120mm), 8 nickel-plated copper heatpipes and its own 4-port fan hub. Can this cooler reign supreme like Deepcool’s previous two coolers? Read on as we find out…"
Full Story: 
° thinkcomputers

Tue: 07/21/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
The EK-Vardar family of fans is built specifically for computer liquid cooling systems, namely radiator cooling. The 7-fin fan blade design is optimized for high pressure operation while maintaining the low noise profile throughout the whole operating range of the fan. Vardar's design and construction is also very suitable for high-performance heat-pipe air coolers.

Tue: 07/21/2015Topic: Video Cards    PermaLink
The XFX R9 380 4GB arrived at the lab in a plain, for once, undamaged cardboard box with the part description on the side on a large piece of white paper. Happy dances ensued for about 2 minutes then in a flurry of ripping and tearing befitting a Great White Shark we opened the box. The bountiful box contained an XFX R9 380 4GB sporting a core clock of 990 with 4GB of GDDR5 running at 1425 MHz and effective clock on that is 5700 MHz. Boasting 1792 Stream processors channeling data to the GDDR5 across a 256-Bit Bus. It’s still based on the Tonga Pro core but the technology around it has had time to mature and AMD and their vendor partners have put that time to good use developing better technologies to surround that core with. As long as the GPU competes with other GPU’s at its price point we don’t care if it’s dressed in a grass skirt and serving drinks on a plane.
Full Story: 
° bjorn3d

Mon: 07/20/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

 ID-COOLING has released the world's first integrated AIO water cooler for CPU & GPU called the HUNTER DUET; the cooler features one radiator and a two pump design. Along with this heat sink, ID-COOLING is going to launch a full product line of water cooling under FROSTFLOW series.

HUNTER DUET CPU+GPU liquid cooler is equipped with a 240mm radiator mounted with a pair of SF-12025 high static pressure fans. Fan speed is PWM controlled from 800 to 2000RPM, pushing max. airflow of 84.5CFM each. On all four corners of the fan are rubber dampeners to absorb operating vibration.

The two pumps are designed with comet-tail LED lighting on the top. Bearing type is Ceramic, the pump speed is set at 2500RPM. Copper base contacts CPU/GPU to help the heat transfer. Micro fin submerged design increases the heat dissipation surface. The dimension of the whole water block is 65×36mm.

EPDM Rubber tubes connected water blocks and radiator together. From CPU water block to GPU block, tube length is 250mm; GPU to radiator length is 380mm; radiator to CPU length is 250mm. Inside the tubing is a self-contained highly efficient and eco-friendly liquid coolant.

Universal mounting brackets are included. HUNTER DUET is compatible with (CPU) Intel LGA2011/1366/1150/1155/1156/775 & AMD FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3(+)/AM2(+) processors. For the GPU, the mounting kit supports three sets of mounting holes: 58.4*58.4mm; 53.3*53.3mm; 51*61mm.

The MSRP for HUNTER DUET is $139.99.

For more product information, you can check You're also invited to like ID-COOLING on Facebook:

Full Story: 
° idcooling

Mon: 07/20/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
"At first the sheer size of the upper dissipation fin array and stacked design of the Dark Rock TF gave me some reservations over how it would fit into a compact case, but after mounting I found it ended up sitting lower in my test case that most of my previous tower coolers. With the removal of the top Silent Wings fan, you could even fit it into some mini sized cases."
Full Story: 
° neoseeker

Mon: 07/20/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
"So, you come out with the best air cooler on the market as a follow up to what was the reigning king of air cooling for many, many years, what could you possibly do next? Well, make it more compatible with the trend of SFF and ITX builds without sacrificing performance, of course."
Full Story: 
° hitechlegion

Mon: 07/20/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Pint-sized and full of pep, the Noctua NH-L9x65 takes an already solid design and scales it up. Made with compatibility in mind, it keeps clear of memory and first expansion slot while offering a quieter alternative to stock coolers. With the quality you expect and the low noise output you desire, can the NH-L9x65 deliver on performance?
Full Story: 
° techpowerup

Mon: 07/20/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Noctua recently released their latest revision of the comically large D-series cooler. Is the NH-D15S successful in not interfering with everything else on your motherboard?
Full Story: 
° aphnetworks

Sun: 07/19/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink has just posted another review. Last week we have taken a look at the Noctua NH-C14S cpu cooler.

Thu: 07/16/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Whenever i get a few free minutes between reviews i always like to visit forums and Reddit to read the hottest topics and although lately the usual AMD vs NVIDIA flame (all over again this time because of the new Radeon Fury and GeForce 980 Ti cards) leads the pack once again there are many people out there who wonder which is the best solution for their systems, AIO liquid CPU coolers or CPU Air Coolers. The answer has much to do with what kind of case/tower you own and the amount of airflow inside but generally AIO liquid CPU coolers are easier to "optimize" compared to regular CPU air coolers since they can be configured to suck air from the outside and thus provide even better cooling results. One such solution is in our test bench today and more specifically the first complete 240mm AIO liquid CPU cooler by Alphacool called the Eisberg.
Full Story: 
° nikktech

Thu: 07/16/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Aside from the inclusion of a variable speed pump, the NZXT Kraken X61 improves from it’s predecessor by including a massive 280 mm radiator with a desner fin array which accounts for 36% more surface area. NZXT has also given the Kraken X61 extended tubing to ensure compatibility with all installation environments. Included with the Kraken X61 are two FX140 V2 PWM fan which according to NZXT are more powerful, quite, and durable than the inclusions of it’s predecessor. Most importantly, the Kraken X61 has a 6 year warranty, which just goes to prove how confident NZXT is of the Kraken line.

Thu: 07/16/2015Topic: Computer / SFF PCs    PermaLink
Despite palm-sized proportions, Intel's NUC5i7RYH mini-PC is loaded with a 28W Broadwell processor, multiple storage bays, and connectivity galore. We've taken the small-form-factor system for a spin to see how well it handles—and whether it can play games. You might be surprised by what this little thing can do.
Full Story: 
° techreport

Wed: 07/15/2015Topic: Cases    PermaLink
KitGuru had a sneak preview of the be quiet! Silent Base 800 Window at Computex and now we have got our hands on the finished case (we’re still waiting to see the Silent Base 600, however). The quick take is that the Silent Base 800 is unchanged, the windowed panel is substantial and well engineered and the price has been increased to account for the new feature. We wondered whether be quiet! might have made the odd tweak to the hardware but in fact we have no surprises to unveil. You get an ATX tower with seven expansion slots, four optical drive bays, seven storage drive bays, two front 140mm fans and a rear 120mm fan.
Full Story: 
° kitguru

Tue: 07/14/2015Topic: Cases    PermaLink
One glance at the Mini ITX Deepcool GamerStorm Tristellar makes it clear this isn’t a run-of-the-mill PC case. In fact you might struggle to tell it is a PC case at all.
Full Story: 
° kitguru

Tue: 07/14/2015Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Mitte Mai 2015 erreichte uns eine Pressemitteilung über zwei neue CPU Kühler aus dem Hause Noctua, wobei der Begriff "Neu" weniger zutrifft als eher optimiert. Die neuen Modelle NH-C14S und NH-D15S wurden kompatibler und kompakter gemacht, so dass sie mit nur einem Lüfter auskommen und nicht so viel Platz in Anspruch nehmen. Einen der Beiden haben wir euch schon gezeigt, den Top-Flow-Kühler. Diesmal sehen wir uns den neuen Doppel-Turm-Kühler NH-D15S etwas genauer an. Dieser basiert auf dem bekannten und vielfach ausgezeichneten NH-D15 CPU Kühler, den man als Basis für weitere Verbesserungen genommen hat.

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