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Technically speaking, the Coolermaster Ergostand III supports laptops with footprints up to 15 Noctua's low profile NH-L9x65 heatsink stands just 64mm tall and has a very compact footprint of only 95x95mm. The NH-L9x65 is designed to cool some fairly intensive Intel sockets, along with the full spectrum of AMD processors and APUs. Compact CPU coolers can be a little tricky to install, but Noctua long ago laid down the framework of an excellent motherboard mounting system,, so the NH-L9x65 is a breeze to work with. 

The Noctua NH-D9DXi4-3U is a mid-sized heatsink designed specifically for lower noise cooling of Intel Xeon processors in 3U height computer/server chassis. It's compact stature makes it ideal for rack mounted computers in a recording studio, video editing suite, operations control center... The 920gram Scythe Fuma heatsink is constructed around six 6mm diameter copper heatpipes and a pair of aluminum fin stacks that measure 104x130x37mm (HxWxD) in size. The heatpipes are liberally soldered to a chunky nickel plated copper base plate, this plate helps to more evenly conduct heat away from hot-spot ridden multi-core CPUs. While Scythe doesn't overtly market its heatsinks as
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Fri: 05/19/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

"The FLIR ETS320 is an affordable IR camera kit for reducing test times and improving product design for electronic board and device evaluation. FLIR's first thermal imaging camera accurately measures temperatures across more than 76,000 points on your device with just the push of a button.

Whether the goal is R&D or product testing, heat can be an important indicator of system functioning and performance. The ETS320 helps engineers and test technicians collect accurate, reliable data in seconds and analyze it quickly."

If you want to know what's under the hood (hint, a re-manufactured Flir E4) check out this tear down video from the EEVblog.

And here is the EEVblog's review:

Full Story: 

Fri: 05/19/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Fractal Design launches the new Celsius series which builds upon proven technology with cutting edge advancements and premium sound dampening materials to deliver extreme cooling performance with minimum noise output.

Smart dual mode speed controls are both simple and robust with no need for additional software. Both fan and pump speeds can be managed by an intelligent auto mode or switched to PWM mode for precise user control.

For true enthusiasts, the satisfaction of a clean and efficient build can never be overstated, and the Celsius makes this easier than ever with an integrated fan hub and concealed cable routing. All modern CPU sockets are supported by the versatile, easy-to-use mounting kit.

The Celsius series uses a combination of cutting edge technology and premium sound dampening materials to deliver extreme cooling performance with minimum noise output.

An intelligent temperature-controlled auto mode adjusts fan and pump speeds in real-time for optimum balance of cooling performance and silence, while PWM mode enables precision manual tuning for any usage situation.

Included Fractal Design Dynamic X2 PWM fans offer a wide speed adjustment range from 500 to 2000 RPM allowing for near silent operation under lighter loads and maximum airflow during heavy usage.

An integrated fan hub with concealed cable routing simplifies cable management for a clean installation.

Radiator fittings use standard G 1/4" thread for maximum compatibility and expandability with standard do-it-yourself components. Easily add and integrate a GPU block of your choice to eliminate noisy graphics card fans so the only sound you hear is the sound of your game.*

5-year warranty (*Upon Expansion of the Celsius unit, only individual components of the Fractal Design Celisus S24 or S36 are covered)

Celsius S24 - USD109.99

Celsius S36 - USD119.99

Full Story: 
° fractal-design

Fri: 05/19/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
While you might not have heard of ID-Cooling, the company is targeting the mainstream all-in-one cooler market with its FrostFlow 240L. A big part of its appeal is undoubtedly the price – at £79.99, it is not ‘cheap’ but is definitely more affordable than a lot of other AIOs currently on the market. Can it justify the price with solid performance?

Full Story: 
° kitguru

Fri: 05/19/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
e NZXT Aer F may not take my breath away, but they are a capable and aesthetically customizable set of fans.
Full Story: 
° aphnetworks

Wed: 05/17/2017Topic: CPU / Processors    PermaLink
Reports TechRadar: "Word from the CPU grapevine is that Intel is turning up the dial another notch on its processors, with the introduction of Core i9 models as a new high-end option.

Previously, as you’re most likely aware, Intel has offered its Core family in increasingly powerful i3, i5 or i7 flavors. Core i9 would, of course, be the logical next step. According to the leak from an Anandtech forum member, the new offerings will comprise of four Skylake-X processors and a pair of Kaby Lake-X CPUs.

If this information is correct, the top-of-the-range model will be the Core i9-7920X which will have 12-cores (24-threads) and a TDP of 140W (the spilled details – some of which come from a marketing slide, interestingly enough labelled as ‘high-end gaming’ Core-X processors – didn’t mention the clock speed for this chip).

The next CPU down will be the i9-7900X which will sport 10-cores with a base clock speed of 3.3GHz and Turbo up to 4.3GHz (with Turbo 3.0 to 4.5GHz – meaning a single core can be boosted further to this speed, thermals willing). Some impressive clock speeds indeed for a chip with so many cores.

Then the 7820X will be an 8-core model (3.6GHz with Turbo to 4.3GHz), and the 7800X is the 6-core variant (3.5GHz/4GHz). All have a TDP of 140W and support quad-channel DDR4-2666 memory."

Full Story: 
° techradar

Wed: 05/17/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Jakob Dellinger from Noctua has let us know about the companies' latest A-Series fans. If you're a fan of Noctua, check it out:

"Noctua today expanded its award-winning A-series of premium-quality quiet cooling fans with new 200mm, 120mm and 40mm models. Thanks to the series’ signature features such as Flow Acceleration Channels and AAO (Advanced Acoustic Optimisation) frames, the new NF-A20, NF-A12x15 and NF-A4x20 provide outstanding performance and superb quietness of operation. All models come with Noctua’s trusted SSO2 bearings and a full 6-year manufacturer’s warranty. In addition to the new fans, Noctua introduced the new NA-FC1 fan controller, NA-SAV3 and NA-SAV4 anti-vibration mounts and NA-SAC5 S-ATA power adaptor cable.“Customers have been asking us for 20cm and slim 12cm fans for years, but meeting the quality standard users have come to expect from Noctua fans in these form factors has proven very challenging, so it took us quite some time to make sure that these fans live up to our name“, explains Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “The NF-A4x20 has been conceived following requests by our industrial clients who are looking for a 40mm fan that provides superior performance in pressure-demanding applications as compared to the existing NF-A4x10.”

With the 20cm NF-A20, Noctua’s biggest fan yet, the key challenge was that the mass of the impeller is about four times greater than that of 12 or 14cm fans and thus creates a significantly higher load on the bearing. In the end, the difficulties were overcome by increasing the diameter of the axis and the bearing from 3mm to 4mm in order to distribute the load over a larger bearing surface, as well as by using a new fibreglass reinforced polypropylene (PP) material, which reduces the mass of the impeller by 26% as compared to Noctua’s standard fibreglass reinforced PBT material.

For the 12cm NF-A12x15, a steel-reinforced motor hub and brass axle mount are being used in order to assure the required stability despite the fan’s 15mm thin profile. Both the NF-A20 and the NF-A12x15 will come in 4-pin PWM versions for automatic speed control and 3-pin FLX versions that include Low-Noise and Ultra-Low-Noise adaptors, which give full flexibility in configuring the fan for maximum cooling capacity or near-silent acoustics.

The NF-A4x20 complements Noctua’s popular NF-A4x10 models: With 20 rather than 10mm thickness, the NF-A4x20 is better suited for applications that require higher pressure performance such as in servers or tightly packed enclosures. The NF-A4x20 will come in 12V 4-pin PWM and 12V 3-pin FLX versions for PC use and other 12V applications as well as in dedicated 5V and 5V PWM versions, which are ideal replacement fans for 5V-based switches, routers, DVRs or other devices.

All of the new fans share the A-series’ renowned quiet cooling performance as well as signature features such as Flow Acceleration Channels, Advanced Acoustic Optimisation (AAO) frames or SSO2 bearings. Like all A-series fans, the new NF-A20, NF-A12x15 and NF-A4x20 have an MTTF rating of more than 150,000 hours and come with a full 6-year manufacturer’s warranty.

In addition to the new quiet cooling fans, Noctua expanded its range of fan accessories: The new NA-FC1 is a compact, highly flexible controller for 4-pin PWM fans that can both work on its own for manual speed reduction and also work in tandem with the automatic motherboard fan control. By adjusting the NA-FC1’s speed control dial, users can either manually set a PWM duty cycle from 0 to 100% or reduce the PWM duty cycle supplied by PC motherboards in order to have the fans running slower than the automatic motherboard fan control would allow. Thanks to the supplied 3-way split cable and power supply adaptor, up to 3 fans can be controlled simultaneously.

The new NA-SAV3 and NA-SAV4 silicone anti-vibration mounts have five defined, numbered pawls that allow them to work perfectly with both standard open corner fans and 10, 14, 15, 20 or 25mm thick fans with closed corners. This makes the new mounts ideal for slim fans such as the new NF-A12x15 where other anti-vibration mounts may not fit properly. While the NA-SAV feature a double-side design that makes them much easier to work with in space-restricted environments or placements where the fan’s mounting holes are difficult to reach, the NA-AV4 have a flat case-side end that is flush with the case panel and thus provides for a clean exterior look.

The new NA-SAC5 is a fully sleeved S-ATA to 4-pin power adaptor cable. It is compatible with both 3-pin and 4-pin fans and allows them to be powered directly from the power supply’s S-ATA connectors. Combined with the existing NA-SYC1 y-cables, the NA-SAC5 is ideal for powering multiple high-wattage fans without risking damage to the motherboard fan header.

All of the new products are currently shipping and will be available shortly. The suggested retail prices are as follows:
NF-A20 PWM: EUR 29.90 / USD 29.90
NF-A20 FLX: EUR 29.90 / USD 29.90
NF-A12x15 PWM: EUR 19.90 / USD 19.90
NF-A12x15 FLX: EUR 19.90 / USD 19.90
NF-A4x20 PWM: EUR 14.90 / USD 14.90
NF-A4x20 FLX: EUR 14.90 / USD 14.90
NF-A4x20 5V PWM: EUR 14.90 / USD 14.90
NF-A4x20 5V: EUR 14.90 / USD 14.90
NA-FC1: EUR 19.90 / USD 19.90
NA-SAV3: EUR 7.90 / USD 7.90
NA-SAV4: EUR 7.90 / USD 7.90
NA-SAC5: EUR 7.90 / USD 7.90

Full Story: 
° noctua

Mon: 05/15/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
The Scythe Fuma might be quite small for a dual tower design, but should not be looked down upon, offering exceptional performance and little noise. It has all the right attributes to sneak up on and dispatch the competition.
Full Story: 
° techpowerup

Mon: 05/15/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
In this review I’ll be taking a quick look at the NH-D15 SE AM4 Edition. This is the same great NH-D15 that we have seen before which has been configured exclusively for the AM4 platform.
Full Story: 
° hardwareasylum

Mon: 05/15/2017Topic: CPU / Processors    PermaLink
Ryzen 5 1400 SKU is the least expensive processor from the series you can get right now, which does come with half of the L3 cache, a base clock of 3.2GHz, an all-core clock of the same 3.2GHz, a 2-core boost of 3.4GHz while the single-core boost does add 50MHz over this frequency. The processor does still feature a 65W TDP, is overclocking unlocked and on retail we can see it shipped along with the Wraith Stealth CPU cooler."
Full Story: 
° madshrimps

Fri: 05/12/2017Topic: CPU / Processors    PermaLink
AMD already told us the details of the new product line including clock speeds, core counts and pricing, so there is little more to talk about other than the performance and capabilities we found from our testing of the new Ryzen 5 parts. Starting with the Ryzen 5 1600X, with 6 cores, 12 threads and a $249 price point, and going down to the Ryzen 5 1400 with 4 cores, 8 threads and a $169 price point, this is easily AMD's most aggressive move to date. The Ryzen 7 1800X at $499 was meant to choke off purchases of Intel's $1000+ parts; Ryzen 5 is attempting to offer significant value and advantage for users on a budget.
Full Story: 
° pcper

Thu: 05/11/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
When it comes to water cooling EVGA isn’t exactly new to the scene. While they haven’t been making CPU AIO’s they have been using them with their Hybrid coolers for GPUs and their Hydro water cooled GPUs as well. They have also had heatsinks in the past as well. So it wasn’t a big stretch when they introduced their CLC line of coolers at CES this year. They showed off a big variety of coolers but at launch, they only had a 120mm design and a 280mm design and today I have the CLC 280 with a 280mm radiator in to check out. I’ve been testing it out on our video card testbench and today I’m going to talk a little about the cooler as well as how it performed so check it out.
Full Story: 
° lanoc

Wed: 05/10/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Fractal Design today launched their Celsius series liquid cooling (AIC). We review their new 360mm radiator based model. These liquid cooling kits are pre-fitted with a single loop and ready to install straight out of the box. Armed with pretty nice looks, sleeved tubing and an attractive price, FD offers a competitive model in the massive LCS kit arena.

Full Story: 
° guru3d

Wed: 05/10/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

When you hear the name Fractal Design you instantly think PC Case, which you should. Fractal Design came on the scene with their PC cases, many of which we've reviewed over the years. Back in 2014 Fractal Design entered the all-in-one liquid cooling market with their Kelvin line of coolers. Well it is 2017 and Fractal Design is releasing a new line of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers. The Celsius series builds upon proven technology with cutting edge advancements and premium sound dampening materials to deliver extreme cooling performance with minimum noise output. Fractal Design in launching the Celsius Series with the S24 (240 mm) and S36 (360 mm). These coolers have some features that you just won't find on other AiO's out there. We are taking a look at the S24 today, let's jump in!"

Full Story: 
° thinkcomputers

Wed: 05/10/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Fractal Design's AMD Ryzen-ready Celsius S36 liquid CPU cooler gets fully examined as we determine if it's one to add to your shortlist or not."

Full Story: 
° tweaktown

Wed: 05/10/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
Fractal Design is changing direction with its new duo of Celsius liquid coolers that consists of the 240mm Celsius S24 and 360mm Celsius S36. We have previously reviewed

Fractal Design Kelvin which is based on a copper radiator and technology from Alphacool and now it’s the turn for Celsius which uses an aluminium radiator and is made by Asetek.

This liquid cooler uses the latest 5th Generation Asetek technology which is used by other companies such as NZXT and EVGA however Celsius S24 is unlike any other liquid cooler we have seen before.

Full Story: 
° kitguru

Wed: 05/10/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

The Fractal Design Celsius S24 is a solid performer, while also allowing one to experiment with added components in the loop if so desired.

Full Story: 
° aphnetworks

Wed: 05/10/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Out of the box Fractal Design's Celsius S24 is a well built, extremely quiet liquid CPU cooler that offers pretty good performance. While the Auto setting suffered under heavy loads, simply controlling the CPU fan profile manually (with the PWM pass-through setting) allows performance to be increased significantly, while tailoring the fan speeds to individual noise preferences.

If you are willing to play around with fan profiles a bit with your motherboard I highly recommend using the S24 cooler that way, as it was not a great performer for a 240 mm AiO cooler with the Auto setting."

Full Story: 
° pcper

Wed: 05/10/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink

Today, a new reader review has been published. Berserkus is testing the Cryorig R1 Universal CPU cooler in our PC Forum. In the following Cryorig R1 review we will see how the air cooler beats compared to a Cooler Master Saidon 120XL AIO Cooler on a powerful AMD CPU.

Full Story: 
° forum

Wed: 05/10/2017Topic: Cooling / Heatsinks    PermaLink
"The XP3 Light CPU block's performance with the kit was puzzling, especially given its decent performance under stock and overclocked conditions when paired with the XSPC Photon kit. There are several differences between the two kits including tube diameter (ID / OD), pump flow rate, and fan speed while both kits share similar thicker 60mm radiators. The Alphacool NexXxos Cool Answer 360 D5/UT kit uses a weaker D5 pump, in terms of flow rate (350 L/h vs 1200 L/h), slower fans (1200RPM vs 1650RPM), and thinner tubing (3/8" ID vs 7/16" ID). The differences between the two kits seemed to collude to create coolant flow and heat dissipation issues for the Alphacool kit. The lower flowrate produced by the D5 pump causes coolant to flow more slowly through the CPU block, decreasing the block's heat dissipation potential."
Full Story: 
° pcper

Tue: 05/09/2017Topic: Cases    PermaLink
Raijintek is one of the coolest chassis makers out there today. Not only do they offer a great range of stylish and well-made products, but they continue to do so at incredible price points, making them very appealing to many system builders who want great products, but don’t want to pay a fortune for them. The new Thetis takes what we know and love from their existing product ranges, and gives it some new life with the help of a pair of tempered glass side panel windows, and one of their new O-Type LED fans. What’s most impressive is you get stunning aluminium construction, and all that tempered glass for just £86.99; a lot less than you’ll pay for Phanteks, Lian-Li and more!
Full Story: 
° eteknix

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