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Cooling Overview 2004 - High Tech Heatsinks a Plenty
Cooling Overview 2004 - High Tech Heatsinks a Plenty
Abstract: In the following pages you'll see every imaginable shape, material, and size of cooling system and heatsink.

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FrostyTech   Cooling / Heatsinks   Oct 18, 2004   Max Page  
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The really interesting heatsink from Thermaltake is the SilentTower Intel socket 478/775 and AMD Athlon64 Socket 754/940/A heatsink.

The Thermaltake SilentTower was one of the first P4/SocketT/K7/K8 heatsinks. Though as with any all in one unit, the cooler tends to be biased towards one particular processor over that of the others. Hopefully in the case, the Thermaltake SilentTower will turn out to be optimized for the heatspreader packing P4, FMB2-Presscott, and Athlon64 processors over that of the aging K7 package.

The Thermaltake Aquarious III self contained SFF watercooling system was modeled on the Corsair Hydrocool (produced by Delphi).

The Thermaltake Aquarious III has a visible reservoir so users can easily glance at fluid levels. The case is made from heavy extruded aluminum sections.

Watercooling has come into its own, and consumers see it as viable way of keeping their systems cool quietly. It's not surprising to find more mainstream heatsink manufacturers producing liquid cooling systems of their own. Thermaltake call this system the Aquarius III.

The unit has multiple temperature sensors, a fan speed control and monitor, alarms, and lots of blinking lights.

The Aquarious III is a good concept, but suffers from poor implementation and choice of materials for the watercooling circuit.

Looking at the Thermaltake Aquarious III, it's clear that aside from the case being very nicely constructed of thick extruded aluminum sections, Thermaltake don't build particularly good good watercooling units. The tubing material is sub-standard, kinks, and is of too small an inner diameter. The fittings are rough and subject to galvanic corrosion with the materials in the waterblock, and the heat exchanger is undersized and hidden within the body of the unit where airflow is not always ideal.

Rear view of the Thermaltake Aquarious III water cooling unit.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Cooling Overview 2004 - High Tech Heatsinks a Plenty
 2:  Adda Heatsinks
 3:  AVC Heatsinks
 4:  High Power AVC Heatsinks
 5:  Heatpipe and Heat column AVC Heatsinks
 6:  AVC Watercooling Prototype
 7:  CoolerMaster Heatsinks
 8:  Coolermaster Server Heatsinks
 9:  CoolLink Water Cooling Heatsinks
 10:  Cooler Star Amazon Heatsinks
 11:  Cooler Star Amazon Heat Column Heatsinks
 12:  Cooler Star Amazon Cold Forged Heatsinks
 13:  Thermal Integration Heatsinks
 14:  Thermaltake Heatsink
 15: — Thermaltake Low Noise and Watercooling Heatsinks
 16:  Thermaltake High Power and Server Heatsinks
 17:  Zalman Watercooling Heatsinks
 18:  Zalman Reserator 1
 19:  Zalman Reserator 1 Revised
 20:  Zalman TNN-series No Noise Cases
 21:  Zalman TNN Case Power Supply and Details
 22:  Zalman TNN 500A-HS2 Case Revision
 23:  Zalman Gaming - TNN Silent PC Chassis
 24:  Zalman Fast Access Server System
 25:  Miscellaneous Heatsinks and Cooling Systems

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