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Arkua 628 Copper Core Heatsink Review
Arkua 628 Copper Core Heatsink Review
Abstract: This heatsink has tested extremely well, which is a bit surprising for its small size.

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Arkua   Cooling / Heatsinks   Apr 19, 2002   Max Page  
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Acoustic Samples: Listen to this Heatsink!

Finally we have some nice sound images to share with you! I tell you, as much as everyone likes these little sound clips of the heatsinks I sometimes think it would make things so much easier to just pass over them sometimes.... not that I would though. Okay, the Arkua 628 is about a 50dB heatsink and shouldn't really be too bad all things considered. Of course, to listen to this heatsink for yourself, simply click on the little pair of headphones and download the MP3 recording..

FrostyTech Acoustic Sampling Chamber to this Heatsink now.
Standard Waveform view of a 10 second recording. Click on the headphones to listen to an MP3 recording of this heatsink in operation.

Sound Level Measurements:

Listening to the actual noise a heatsink makes allows you to hear what pure numbers alone cannot get across. To further emphasize FrostyTech's reliance on cold hard facts when evaluating a heatsink, we also take Decibel readings with a sound level meter. These results may be higher than the manufacturer's listed specs, but then again these are real world measurements.

FrostyTech Sound Level Results
- Manufacturer Model Noise Level Scale
JMC Prducts 400023 46.6 dB quiet
Zalman All Flower HSF 47.4/28.9 dB
Taisol CGK760092 48.4 dB
GlacialTech Igloo 2310 49.4 dB
Arkua 628 50.7 dB
Noisecontrol Silverado 50.8 dB
NengTyi XPC5000 52.4 dB
Thermal Integration TI-V77L 53.0 dB
Tocools Crown 54.5 dB
Cybercooler P5750 55.4 dB
Sibak AT01515B 55.8 dB
Sibak AC02625B 59.7 dB
Dynatron DY1206BH-625 63.3 dB
Dynatron DC1206BMP 65.1 dB louder

Anything under 55 dB is pretty decent, and at 50 dB the Arkua 628 does pretty well in this regard. The fan doesn't draw that much current so I would have to peg RPM's at about 5000. This is pretty standard of most 20mm thick fans.

Synthetic Temperature Test Results: *Ranked according to 100W small interface die test results.

FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform Results
Mfg. Model Ambient Temp. 27mm large copper block 15mm small copper block 27mm large copper block 15mm small copper block Thermal pad No. Fans Fan Noise Clip force
50W 50W 100W 100W
1 Arkua 628 23.9 42.7 42.1 58.9 62.3 none 1 med med
2 Thermal Integration TI-V77L 26.5 39.1 44.4 57.5 63.6 grey 1 med med
3 Sibak AC02625B 23.2 41.3 59.0 43.2 64.7 none 1 loud med
4 Swiftech MCXC370 21.4 38.3 43.4 53.5 65.7 none 1 med med
5 Tocools Crown 23.2 38.8 53.2 47.9 70.2 none 1 loud stiff
6 Dynatron DY1206BH-625 23.2 40.0 55.1 47.6 70.4 none 1 loud stiff
7 Vantec CCK-6027D 27.4 45.4 49.6 64.9 73.4 none 1 med med
8 Cybercooler P5750 23.3 43.4 63.5 49.2 74.9
9 Swiftech MCX370 22.3 42.0 46.1 60.3 75.6 none 1 med hard
10 NengTyi XPC5000 23.9 46.5 49.1 69.1 76.1 none 1 med med
11 Taisol CGK760092 23.4 42.7 61.2 51.3 77.5 pink 1 low med
12 Zalman CNPS6000-Cu 24.8 46.4 53.8 65.6 78.2 none 1 very low easy
13 AVC 112AM1 24.8 46.6 52.9 70.1 79.6 none 1 low stiff
14 GlacialTech Igloo 2310 23.5 44.9 66.7 53.7 80.8 silver 1 med very stiff
15 Thermaltake Volcano 6cu+ 26.5 40.3 55.3 58.6 84.4 carbon 1 loud med
16 JMC Products 400023 23.1 44.5 65.2 55.3 85.2 Chomerics T725 1 low easy
17 Sibak AT01515B 23.0 45.1 64.6 60.1 95.2 none 2 med stiff
50W 50W 100W 100W

Well it's not often that we see a heatsink jump right to the top of our list of reference heatsinks, but it appears as though the Arkua 628 may just be taking out the TI-V77L for once and all. With these heatsinks a lot of the cooling power comes from where the exhaust air is directed - directly at the heat source. Other heatsinks which exhaust all their warm air off to one side really aren't making good use of that air which is still substantially cooler then the processor.

Lets load up the final rise above ambient temperature results and see where everything plays out in the end.

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Arkua 628 Copper Core Heatsink Review
 2:  Close Inspection of the heatsink
 3:  Acoustic / Thermal Heatsink Test Parameters
 4: — Thermal and Acoustic Test Results
 5:  Final results and conclusions

List all Arkua heat sinks that Frostytech tested?

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