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IWILL Corporation showcases DVD266u-RN - IWILL Corporation showcases DVD266u-RN
Mon Sep 17, 2001 | 2:38P| PermaLink

IWILL Corporation showcases DVD266u-RN, the World's First Desktop DDR Dual Processor motherboard supporting Intel® PentiumTM III with 512K L2 Cache

Monday September 17th, 2001,Irvine, CA - IWILL Corporation today announced the world's first Desktop DDR Dual processor motherboard DVD266u-RN featuring the much-anticipated VIA Apollo Pro266T Performance Chipset. Combining support for high bandwidth PC2100 DDR SDRAM with VIA's VT8233 V-Link Hub Architecture, VIA's Apollo Pro266T delivers unrivaled power and scalability for the high performance desktop, workstations and server systems. Iwill DVD266u-RN provides support for Dual Intel® PentiumTM III 1.26GHz processors with 512K L2 cache and higher, 4GB Registered ECC PC2100 DDR memory, and Quad Channel ATA-100 support for up to 8 devices - Expect more from Iwill with DVD266u-RN, the Ultimate Desktop Dual Processor Motherboard.

Dual Processor Support for Intel® socket 370 Pentium IIITM processors from 500MHz to 1GHz (FCPGA), and Intel® socket 370 Pentium IIITM processors from 1.13GHz to 1.26GHz with 512K L2 cache (FCPGA2). Dual processing or Symmetric Multiprocessing doubles the processing power of any system by sharing the workload over 2 processors. The ability to perform more than one task at a time is called Multitasking and simply put, Dual processing naturally allows better Multitasking. In addition, processor intensive applications such as 3D Studio Max from Discreet® and many other content creation applications can take significant advantage of the Dual Processors ability to process more than one transaction at a time within a single program, termed here as Multithreading. The more intensive the applications, the faster and better DVD266u-RN will perform.

Universal Socket 370 Support - the "u" in DVD266u-RN represents UNIVERSAL SOCKET. That means that DVD266u-RN supports all current socket 370 processors including all the Intel® Celeron (Single mode only), PentiumTM III (FCPGA) (Single or Dual Mode), PentiumTM III with 256K Cache (FCPGA - Single mode only), PentiumTM III with 512K L2 Cache (FCPGA2 - Single or Dual mode), and VIA Cyrix III (Single mode only).

Double Data Rate works by using both the rising and the falling edge of the clock to receive and send data, thereby delivering twice the amount of information in the same amount of time. The current peak bandwidth of PC2100 DDR reaches 2.1 GB per second, which doubles the data transfer rate of today's SDR SDRAM.

Super-Fast 133MHz FSB is now needed more than ever as the latest development in operating systems and software applications continue to tax the system hardware. With processor speeds now exceeding 1.26 GHz and variable L2 cache sizes of 256KB and 512KB, increasing the Front Side Bus is a good way of improving overall system performance. Iwill's DVD266u-RN series motherboard integrates VIA's new "Apollo Pro266" that comprises of VT8653 North bridge for 133MHz FSB and 266MHz DDR support and VT8233 South bridge for Ultra ATA-100 support on native dual IDE channels.

Included Features and Expansion opportunities in the new DVD266u-RN include: 5 x 32 bit PCI, 1 AGP 4X/ AGP Pro port, on board 6 channel hardware sound with optional SPDIF connector, integrated 10/100 LAN and 4 DIMM slots to support upwards of 4GB of Registered ECC DDR memory for those memory intensive applications or up to 2GB unbuffered DDR memory for regular desktop applications.

SuperAudioTM and Onboard 6-Channel Hardware Sound is one way Iwill rewards its customers. Built around the C-media's powerful CMI8378 6-Channel and SPDIF Hardware Sound controller, Iwill's SuperAudioTM option enables users to take full advantage of digital audio connections through RCA connectors or TOSLINK sockets (digital in/ digital out ports) and thereby appreciate their favorite CDs, DVDs, LPs, and Movies in digital quality sound. Iwill's sound solution supports 32 voice HRTF 3D extension positional audio, Environmental Audio eXtention (EAX), and is completely compatible with Microsoft's DirectSound 3D.

ATA 100 IDE RAID provides increased drive performance and data redundancy. IDE RAID technology provides increased drive performance by allowing multiple drives to perform the work of a single drive (RAID 0) that increases data throughput and significantly boost overall system performance - perfect for graphics workstations, CAD stations and other image intensive applications. Fault redundancy is also available by utilizing RAID 1 and RAID 1+0 features. Whether you're video editing or rendering Three-Dimensional graphics, you know your running smoother and faster with Iwill's ATA 100 IDE RAID in your system.

With a feature rich design engineered for the enthusiasts and specifications demanded by the professionals, Iwill's DVD266u-RN is your Ultimate Dual Processor Desktop Motherboard.


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