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Iwill Corporation debuts XP333-R - Iwill Corporation debuts XP333-R
Tue Oct 09, 2001 | 5:18A| PermaLink

Iwill Corporation debuts XP333-R, the World's First AMD AthlonTM XP motherboard supporting Ultra ATA-133 Interface and DDR 333 SDRAM

October 9th, 2001 Irvine, CA - Following the successful launch of KA266R, the world's First Socket A Athlon DDR motherboard, Iwill Corporation today unveiled its latest Socket A motherboard XP333-R that integrates Acer Laboratories newest MAGiK 1 (C version) north bridge and 1535D+ south bridge. Developed for both the professional industry as well as the enthusiast marketplace, Iwill introduces two new technologies on XP333-R including ULTRA ATA-133 support in both native IDE Channels as well as optional IDE RAID Channels and DDR 333 SDRAM support. In conjunction with the implementation of Iwill's SuperAudioTM technology, which utilizes Sony®/Philips® Digital InterFace (SPDIF) and integrating C-Media's 6-Channel Hardware Sound, Iwill is able to offer the most unique audio experience currently available on any AMD platform product. XP333-R delivers the most complete set of features for any AMD platform product by delivering the best feature set around: support for 266MHz/ 333MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) for DDR 266 and DDR 333, 3 Phase Power to support up to AthlonTM XP 1800+ processor speeds, native dual channel Ultra ATA-133 support for 4 IDE devices with option to upgrade to quad Ultra ATA-133 channels supporting up to 8 IDE devices (RAID version) and the best built-in audio experience currently available with 6-Channel Hardware Sound and SPDIF interface for the true digital experience. Expect more from Iwill XP333-R, the Ultimate AMD based DDR platform available!

Ultra-Fast 333MHz FSB is now needed more than ever as the latest development in operating systems and software applications continue to tax the system hardware. With processor speeds now exceeding the 1.4 GHz barrier, increasing the Front Side Bus is a good way of improving overall system performance. Iwill's XP333-R series motherboard re-engineers Ali's award winning "MAGiK 1" North bridge to better support 333MHz FSB thereby enabling support for the newest in PC2700 DDR SDRAM or DDR 333 and providing optimal bandwidth improvement.

Ultra ATA-133 interface and Maximum Expansion grants the connectivity of up to 8 IDE devices (IDE RAID version) with native dual channel Ultra ATA-133 to ensure the reliability of data transferring. Iwill also enlarges the implementation of the Expansion slots to 5 x 32 bit PCI, and 1 AGP 4X / 2X slot. In system memory access capability, 3 DIMM slots can accommodate up to 3GB unbuffered DDR SDRAM.

World's First Embedded ATA/133 IDE RAID now provides up to 133MB/s of data transfer rate. Built around the Highpoint HPT372 IDE RAID controller, consumers can now achieve 33% faster data transfer rates of up to 133MB/s while remaining completely backwards compatible with current ATA-100, ATA-66 and ATA-133 standards. Developed by Maxtor, the ATA/133 interface serves to match the ATA interface speed of 133MB/s with the PCI bus data rate of 133MB/s thereby ensuring faster overall performance. IDE RAID technology provides increased drive performance by allowing multiple drives to perform the work of a single drive (RAID 0) that increases data throughput and significantly boost overall system performance - perfect for graphics workstations, CAD stations and other image-intensive applications. RAID 0, 1 and 0+1 are all supported.

SuperAudioTM and Onboard 6-Channel Hardware Sound is one way Iwill rewards its customers. Built around C-media's powerful CMI8378 6-Channel and SPDIF Hardware Sound controller, Iwill's SuperAudioTM option enables users to take full advantage of digital audio connections through RCA connectors or TOSLINK sockets (digital in/ digital out ports) and thereby appreciate their favorite CDs, DVDs, LPs, and Movies in digital quality sound. Iwill's sound solution supports 32 voice HRTF 3D extension positional audio, Environmental Audio eXtention (EAX), and is completely compatible with Microsoft's DirectSound 3D.

Microstepping Technology was developed by Iwill to offer ease in adjustment of Front Side Bus via continuous 1Mhz increments up to 233MHz. Developed for DIY users that love to experiment with over-clocking, when over-clocking goes beyond its limit, Microstepping's intelligent default function will take you back to its original setting.

With the most feature rich design engineered for the enthusiasts and professionals alike, Iwill's XP333-R motherboard truly is the "Ultimate DDR'' motherboard for all consumers.


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