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Cho Liang CB00941A Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
Cho Liang CB00941A Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
Abstract: Among the various heatsinks Cho-Liang manufacture is the CB00941A which classifies as an OEM level cooler.

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Cho Liang   Cooling / Heatsinks   Apr 29, 2002   Max Page  
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Acoustic Samples: Listen to this Heatsink!

The waveform image shown below is a wee bit out of scale, and while the heatsink is moderately noisy, this is just too noisy a graph. For this heatsink it is better to simply listen to the MP3 recording and hear for yourself. To do that, simply click on the headphones next to the sound level image and play the MP3 recording.

FrostyTech Acoustic Sampling Chamber

Listen to this Heatsink now.
Standard Waveform view of a 10 second recording. Click on the headphones to listen to an MP3 recording of this heatsink in operation.

Sound Level Measurements:

Listening to the actual noise a heatsink makes allows you to hear what pure numbers alone cannot get across. To further emphasize FrostyTech's reliance on cold hard facts when evaluating a heatsink, we also take Decibel readings with a sound level meter. These results may be higher than the manufacturer's listed specs, but then again these are real world measurements.

FrostyTech Sound Level Results
- Manufacturer Model Noise Level Scale
Zalman CNPS6500-AlCu 47.4/28.9 dB quiet
Intel Socket 478 42.5 dB
Cho-Liang CL-CB0094-1A 49.8 dB
Cho-Liang CL-CB00881 50.2 dB
AVC 117140 56.1 dB
NengTyi NW6700 58.0 dB louder

Loudness often translates into a higher power fan, and that usually means better performance. In the case of this Cho-Liang heatsink we are not really going to see such a nice correlation. The fan is kind of noisy, but the performance of the heatsink is not particularly spectacular. For such a simple design this really isn't all that surprising.

Synthetic Temperature Test Results: *Ranked according to 100W interface die test results.

FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform Results
Mfg. Model Ambient Temp. 27mm large copper block 27mm large copper block Thermal pad No. Fans Fan Noise Clip force
50W 100W
1 AVC 117140 22.6 37.8 50.4 none 1 med med
2 Arkua 8568 22.4 37.8 51.7 none 1 med med
3 NengTyi XPC5000 23.8 38.4 53.9 none 1 med loud
4 Zalman CNPS6500-AlCu 23.1 40.3 57.4 none 1 low easy
5 Vantec GSN-7025 22.5 41.7 58.5 none 1 med med
6 Chauh Choung DTA-478 22.4 42.1 59.0 carbon 1 low med
7 Intel Socket 478 22.4 41.8 59.8 carbon 1 low med
8 Titan TTC-MT3AB 22.8 41.5 61.2 none 2 loud stiff
9 Dynatron DC1206BM-S 22.4 43.2 62.0 none 1 med med
10 AVC 117160 22.4 42.7 62.2 white pad 1 med med
11 Cho-Liang CL-CB00881 23.6 41.2 65.0 none 1 med easy
12 Cho-Liang CL-CB0094-1A 23.2 39.5 67.9 none 1 med easy
13 Vantec GSN-7015 22.4 47.5 69.0 none 1 loud stiff
50W 100W

The performance of the Cho-Liang CB0094-1A is lower than that of the stock Intel socket 478 heatsink so things do not look too good for this heatsink. After all, if a heatsink can't match the performance of the stock Intel reference heatsink then the chances of it being worthwhile to get are rather low.

None the less, we give every heatsink a fair chance so let's look at the over all temperature results and see how well the Cho-Liang heatsink performs next to that pretty poor Vantec cooler.

Rise Above Ambient Temp. (c)
Mfg. Model 27mm large copper block 27mm large copper block



1 AVC 117140 15.2 27.8
2 Arkua 8568 15.4 29.3
3 NengTyi XPC5000 14.6 30.1
4 Zalman CNPS6500-AlCu 17.2 34.3
5 Vantec GSN-7025 19.2 36.0
6 chauh Choung DTA-478 19.7 36.6
7 Intel Socket 478 19.4 37.4
8 Titan TTC-MT3AB 18.7 38.4
9 Dynatron DC1206BM-S 20.8 39.6
10 AVC 117160 20.3 39.8
11 Cho-Liang CL-CB00881 18.2 41.4
12 Cho-Liang CL-CB0094-1A 16.3 44.7
13 Vantec GSN-7105 25.1 46.6



Well things don't improve for the CL-CB0094-1A in any way. On the 50W test the temperatures are not too shabby, but on the higher power 100W test we see the heatsink just falls behind the curve too far. Given the other options out there it really doesn't make much sense to get this heatsink for any type of performance computing situations. I suppose it may be useful with a 1.5GHz P4 for a system with good ventilation (if you can find this heatsink at a low price) but given the other options are likely to be more available I don't think that is a very likely event either.

Bottom line, the Cho-Liang CL-CB0094-1A just doesn't have the stuff to be anything more than a Mid-level OEM cooler. Hey it is just 6 degrees, but why settle for less than what Intel is dishing out?

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Table of Contents:

 1:  Cho Liang CB00941A Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
 2:  Heatsink Test Parameters
 3: — Results - Acoustic Measurements / Thermal Results

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