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Neng Tyi K612 Cu/Al Heatsink Review
Neng Tyi K612 Cu/Al Heatsink Review
Overall Rating:   82%
Abstract: In this review we take a look at a hybrid copper / aluminum cooler designed to handle AMD T-bird's and Coppermine processors.

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Neng Tyi   $$ Price It! ££ Cooling / Heatsinks   Feb 18, 2001   Max Page  

Neng Tyi K612 Cu/Al Heatsink Review

So far we've seen just a glimpse of the heatsinks from a company called Neng Tyi. In this review we take a look at a hybrid copper / aluminum cooler designed to handle AMD T-bird's and Coppermine processors. With the benefit of a copper base is the ultra-low profile will the K612 be the one to watch?

Designed for:

Intel PIII coppermines up to 933MHz, and
AMD Duron / T-Bird Socket A processors up to 1.0 GHz.
Also works with Celeron PGA and AMD k6-2 chips.

The Neng Tyi K612

  • Model: K612
  • Aluminum bonded fin cooler
  • Copper base
  • Sunon 50x50x15mm fan
  • 12V, 29dB, 4700RPM, 13CFM
  • Thermal Pad: Bergquist 200U
  • HS Dimensions: 49x32x52mm
  • Weight: 119g
  • Made by: Neng Tyi

Any heatsink which manages to include a bit of copper usually gets better performance then its' all-aluminum counterparts. This heatsink, uses only a base of copper, with the rest of the fins and frame made from aluminum. Given the small height of this heatsink will it be able to perform?

First Impressions:

We first heard about Neng Tyi during Comdex 2000. After wandering past many resellers promoting the same cheap ORB knockoffs we noticed a bunch of copper heatsinks based around a special bonded fin assembly. The fins on all of Neng Tyi's heatsinks have little interlocking tabs which hold them together independently of the framework and form a unique way of creating a bonded-fin heatsink. Rather then using one continuous strip of thin metal, folded over many times, the open top allows more air to flow across the fins. The machine-made assembly has a nicer, flatter bottom to make contact with the base as well. Our thanks goes out to Mr. Richard Lin for giving us the opportunity to take a detailed look at this cool little hybrid copper-aluminum heatsink. So lets begin our look at the K612...

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Article Contents:
 Page 1: — Neng Tyi K612 Cu/Al Heatsink Review
 Page 2:  Taking a closer look:
 Page 3:  FrostyTech Synthetic Temperature Test Platform:
 Page 4:  Synthetic Test Results:

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