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Coolsonic CS1672A Copper Skive Heatsink Review
Coolsonic CS1672A Copper Skive Heatsink Review
Abstract: It's hard not to be a little impressed each time a TMD fan spins up creating its distinctive whirling sound.

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Coolsonic   Cooling / Heatsinks   Feb 05, 2003   Max Page  

Coolsonic CS1672A Copper Skive Heatsink Review
YS-Tech are the creators of the Tip Magnetic Drive Fan, and the Coolsonic CS1672A makes use of an all-black version.

It's hard not to be a little impressed each time a TMD fan spins up creating its distinctive 'whirling' sound. The Coolsonic CS1672A comes to us from Kai-Way Technology, and packs a 75mm all-black TMD fan which gives it a nice appearance, and plenty of cooling potential.

Based on the copper skive process, the CS1672A comes bearing many little razor sharp copper fins which should make it an excellent heatsink. We have yet to see a skive heatsink which didn't perform towards the upper end of the spectrum (mind you, they aren't quite at performance cooling levels, yet). The Coolsonic CS1672A looks to be no different.

The company which makes this heatsink is called Kai-Way Technology. Kai-Way have been in business since 2001, and are currently based in Taipei Taiwan. While we haven't seen much North American distribution of Kai-Way's "Coolsonic" branded heatsinks, they should be readily available in Asia.

Heatsink Specsheet:
  • Model Name: CS1672A
  • Fan Specs: YS Tech, 6500RPM, 35CFM, 12V, 2.76W
  • Fan Dim: 25x60x60mm
  • Heatsink Dim: 72x73x51mm
  • HS Material: Skived Copper
  • Weight: 450g
  • Mfg by: Coolsonic

Sold By:

    Heatsink Audio Sample Included.

    If you are wondering about these Skived Copper fins we speak of, the explanation is pretty simple. The manufacturing process is analogous to a chisel cutting into a piece of wood at a very shallow angle. The difference is that the cuts are much more controlled and result in straight bits of metal (the fins) standing upright.

    If you were to look very closely at one of the resulting fins you would see one bumpy side which has been created by the shearing forces as the copper was drawn up. From a standpoint of crystalline structures this is kind of cool, but insofar as heatsink performance is concerned it is merely academic. Next, we look at the heatsink from all sides.

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    Table of Contents:

     1: — Coolsonic CS1672A Copper Skive Heatsink Review
     2:  Close up look at the heatsink
     3:  Heatsink Test Parameters
     4:  Acoustic Test Measurements & Recordings
     5:  Synthetic Temperature Test Results

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