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"While Scythe doesn't overtly market its heatsinks as "silent" coolers, the company has typically produced coolers which meet the quiet esthetic."
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Overclocking with Frostytech CuPins Heatsink
Jun 28, 2000 - Frosty No.278
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

For those without the guts to make their own heatsinks, here are all the overclocking results with the Frosty CuPins Heatsink.. impressive..

Frostytech CopperPins Heatsink
Jun 28, 2000 - Frosty No.277
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

There is nothing like the sight of a solid copper heatsink atop ones' heavily overclocked CPU.... in fact is there anything comparable? We made one, then tested it.

Frostytech Computer Test Platform
Jun 27, 2000 - Frosty No.275
Category: Overclocking

Basically this is an old XT case which as been converted to become a super-usefull test case. Get to the guts in under 1 second!

RJ-45 Crimpers Review
Jun 23, 2000 - Frosty No.270
Category: Networking

Plastic Ethernet crimpers may be cheap but they don't always work. These metal ones crimp cables fast and perfectly everytime. Which is much better than cheap :)

Alpha FC-PAL35 Review
Jun 18, 2000 - Frosty No.259
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Alpha's with copper and aluminum are like... damn good companions. The FC-PAL35 is one worth having a good long look at.

Lasagna BGA cooler
Jun 16, 2000 - Frosty No.258
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Lasagna coolers have been popping up on the finer BGA chipsets out there, too bad OEM's aren't taking notice. Any way, read our review and see if it right for you.

Thermaltake Golden Orb Cooler Review
Jun 14, 2000 - Frosty No.256
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Golden ORB. Truly an amazing piece of cooling hardware. A sphere of coolness that works on both PPGA and FC-PGA... Ahh the Golden ORB!

Alpha PFH6035 Cooler Review
Jun 13, 2000 - Frosty No.255
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Alpha PFH6035 is still one of the staples for overclocking in these days of FC-PGA's. If you have a celeron, you should be overclocking it with an Alpha.

Cooling Fundamentals: Thermal Conductivity
Jun 02, 2000 - Frosty No.233
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Why is Copper better then Aluminum for heatsinks? Thermal Conductivity, that's why! Don't worry, it's all explained here....

Inside Cell Phones
May 29, 2000 - Frosty No.225
Category: Mobile Devices

Ever wonder what's inside your cellphone? We did, and so we cracked one open, took some pics and tried to explain a little bit of the mystery...

Leufken GFD Review
May 27, 2000 - Frosty No.222
Category: Overclocking

If you have an Athlon you need a GFD. They just make overclocking so much easier. We take a look at this $25 one....

SuperMicro 750 Server Case Review
May 21, 2000 - Frosty No.218
Category: Cases

This case is gigantic. It comes with several fans, has a unique CPU fan, fold out doors, and locking bezel. It also costs a pretty penny... How does it fair considering the price?

Frostytech Investigates: Surface Mapped Athlon
May 18, 2000 - Frosty No.217
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

We take an Athlon, crack it open, measure everything to 0.0001", then make a colourful diagram showing just how unflat the most important bit is. Interested? Read on.

Overclocking with the CopperSink
May 17, 2000 - Frosty No.214
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Testing is done on the Overclocking with our Frosty CopperSink. We made it, it's solid copper. So what! Does it do the job? H'mmm, I think I'll let you be the judge.

Progressive Electronics 568A / 568B Ethernet CAT5 Cable Tester
May 14, 2000 - Frosty No.210
Category: Networking

Crimp your own Cat 5? To find out if they actually work you might want to test out those cables. This little unit does that and much more...

Frostytech Makes the CopperSink
May 09, 2000 - Frosty No.207
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Ever wanted a fully copper heatsink for your overclocking rig? We've got the Frosty CopperSink... This is a beast to be sure, so read more to find out how to get one for yourself.

Cooling Fundamentals: Ball Vs. Sleeve Bearings
Apr 26, 2000 - Frosty No.193
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

What's the fuss over ball and sleeve bearings in todays cooling fans? Heck, what's even the difference? Read on and know more then anyone around you about these little, but important things.

Cracking the Athlon Open
Apr 23, 2000 - Frosty No.190
Category: CPU / Processors

To put the GFD's on you need to remove the plastic cover. This method involes a freezer, and takes a few moment to do, leaving no mess or small bits of plastic.

Swiftech MCW2000 Preview - Liquid Cooling
Apr 22, 2000 - Frosty No.188
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The makers of the MC1000 have just announced the MCW2000 - liquid cooling rig! Check out the preview of what will surely be another great piece of overclocking gear.

How To Cut CAT5 Ethernet Cables
Apr 04, 2000 - Frosty No.176
Category: Networking

Making Ethernet cable falls under things everyone should know - right there with the shoelace thing. Get your crimpers ready and start cutting your own cat 5!

Asus S370-133 Slocket Overview
Apr 04, 2000 - Frosty No.175
Category: CPU / Processors

This nifty little slocket by Asus not only allows the Intel FC-PGA chipset to be converted to fit with Slot-1 motherboards but it also lets the chips run FSB at anything up to 133MHz.

Slocket Tweaks For Better Heatsink Mounting
Apr 03, 2000 - Frosty No.173
Category: CPU / Processors

Get ready for the quick and dirty on tweaking a CuMine compatible slocket so it will work perfectly with just about any old-style heatsink. Can you say Fun!

Installing a Home Ethernet
Mar 10, 2000 - Frosty No.153
Category: Networking

So you have an ethernet and the wires are all over the place - what can be done to fix that mess?
Get a drill and get ready to make some holes in the walls!

Swiftech MC370-2 Active Socket Cooler
Mar 02, 2000 - Frosty No.579
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Swiftech has been around since 1994 and it's best known for their MC-1000 and MC-2000 active coolers. You may remember a few months ago the buzz they created with those two products.

CuMine Heatsinks - Important Info!
Feb 18, 2000 - Frosty No.134
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Coppermine's may fit into a socket 370, and may fit older PPGA heatsinks, but there are compatibility issues. Those issues exist with the heatsink, and the clips they use. Get informed, read this.

Guide To Making Thermistors: Updated
Feb 03, 2000 - Frosty No.121
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

We've had some great responses to the "How to make a thermistor out of a laptop battery". It seems there is great interest, so lets' look at a couple of points in a little more detail.

Reading Processor Markings
Jan 15, 2000 - Frosty No.101
Category: CPU / Processors

So you have your chip, is it week 15 from Malaysia, oh and what's the S-code? Don't know, then read on ;-)

Guide To Making Thermistors
Jan 12, 2000 - Frosty No.98
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Everyone wants to know exactly how hot their processor is running. Thermistors tell us this - but where do you get them? Is there an alternative to expensive retail prices... You bet!

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