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"The Cryorig H7 is a mid-tower cooler which stands 145mm tall and comes equipped with a single 120mm PWM fan. The H7 is built around three 6mm diameter nickel plated heatpipes that are swaged into a 100mm tall array of raw aluminum cooling fins."
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What's New in Cooling No. 1
Aug 14, 2002 - Frosty No.1193
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

This first edition of "What's New in Cooling" started off as just a news post about the new Vantec heatsink and then one thing lead to another!

Frostytech: Zalman ST300BLP Black Box PSU Mod
Aug 13, 2002 - Frosty No.1192
Category: Power Supply

As part of the Black Box PSU Mod we wanted to increase airflow from the inside of the computer case and out through the powersupply.

Globalwin VA476 Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
Aug 06, 2002 - Frosty No.1188
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Designed around a thick copper base, and lightweight set of nickel-plated aluminum fins, the VA476 certainly looks as though it has good breading.

Vantec Tornado Case Fans
Jul 25, 2002 - Frosty No.1169
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

For the longest time it was really difficult to track down insanely powerful, high CFM, chop-off-your-fingers-they-spin-so-fast case fans.

Cho Liang CB0307Z17 P4 Heatsink Review
Jul 24, 2002 - Frosty No.1156
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

This heatsink performed pretty well on the socket 370/socket A test platform so chances are good that we could see equally good performance on the P4 test die.

Ajigo SF017011 Copper Heatsink Review
Jul 23, 2002 - Frosty No.1157
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

After some work with AMD on non-production thermal solution they were apparently asked to come up with a few designs for mass production.

Frostytech: Cooling Fundamentals and Contact Resistance
Jul 22, 2002 - Frosty No.1175
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

is described as the temperature drop across the interface between a composite system.

Cyber Cooler P10K Heatsink Review
Jul 16, 2002 - Frosty No.1170
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

It sort of looks like a stock PIII heatsink, but the performance just isn't here.

Arkua 8568 Socket 478 Heatsink Review
Jul 15, 2002 - Frosty No.1161
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

With that simple realization in mind it seems like an obvious reason to exhaust the air from the heatsink directly at the processor - further cooling it down over that of the heatsink.

Ajigo MF014021 Copper Heatsink Review
Jul 15, 2002 - Frosty No.1160
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

In order to attach the aluminum fins to the copper base both metals are plated in nickel. Nickel plating also protects the copper base from oxidation,

Titan TTC-CU5TB Copper Heatsink Review
Jul 15, 2002 - Frosty No.1159
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

This is also the second heatsink we have seen this summer to use a fully aluminum fan.

Cho Liang CB0315U17 Copper Heatsink Review
Jul 15, 2002 - Frosty No.1158
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

On the plus side, this finish leaves the heatsink looking like a shiny aerodynamic block of copper.

Cho Liang CB0309Z17 P4 m478 Heatsink Review
Jul 14, 2002 - Frosty No.1155
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

In any case, the bright-red anodized CB0309Z17 is for the socket 478 pentium 4 processor and it will be interesting to see how the results fare.

Taisol CEP426151A Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
Jul 14, 2002 - Frosty No.1154
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Taisol have taken the simplicity of the extruded aluminum manufacturing process and blended it with a 4mm thick copper base plate.

Swiftech MCX4000 Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
Jul 14, 2002 - Frosty No.1153
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

YS-Tech developed the TMD fan so that this dead spot would be minimized by about 75%.

Spire 5F263 Quiet Heatsink Review
Jul 09, 2002 - Frosty No.1150
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Not since Zalman entered onto the marketplace have we seen a heatsink with such a well finished base come from overseas.

Sibak AC06725TH Copper Core Heatsink Review
Jul 08, 2002 - Frosty No.1148
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The copper insert does not come all the way up to the surface of the heatsink however so it is hard to say just how large it really is.

Dynatron DC1207BMW Pentium 4 Heatsink Review
Jul 03, 2002 - Frosty No.1146
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Dynatron have shown us in the past that they can innovate, and make rather cool heatsinks.

Cho Liang CB0307U17 Heatsink Review
Jul 01, 2002 - Frosty No.1145
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Nickel plating aluminum heatsinks seems to be making the international rounds, and I'm honestly not sure what the big draw is.

Coolink U2L Heatsink Review
Jun 27, 2002 - Frosty No.1283
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

This isn't a quiet heatsink in the class of Zalman or Verax, but it is what I think we are going to start calling "lower noise."

NengTyi K613 Copper Heatsink Review
Jun 22, 2002 - Frosty No.1411
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Built around a full copper body, the NengTyi K613 was once intended to cool down toasty Socket 370 Celeron processors.

Frostytech Glowy Videocard LED Panel Mod
Jun 21, 2002 - Frosty No.1137
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Sometimes we get the oddest ideas for mods, and while this isn't something we devote too much time too around here, the Glowy GeForce mod turned out kind of cool.

Cooler Master IHC-H71 Copper Pentium 4 Heatsink
Jun 17, 2002 - Frosty No.1133
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Cooler Master IHC-H71 fulfills this role by bringing highly conductive copper, heatpipes, and a good sized fan together.

Spire 5T235 Heatsink Review
Jun 13, 2002 - Frosty No.1131
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

With the new 5T235 a lot seems to have changed; newer fancier packaging, an improved heatsink design, and most importantly improved manufacturing.

Cooler Master HHC-001 Copper Heatpipe Heatsink
Jun 12, 2002 - Frosty No.1128
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Using cooper is an obvious first step, and Cooler master have even gone one step further by including twin heatpipes in the HHC-001.

Cooler Master HHC-L61 Copper Heatpipe Heatsink
Jun 11, 2002 - Frosty No.1126
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The HHC-L61 is Cooler master's answer to the cry for a good performing heatsink that don't create a lot of noise.

Cooler Master HSC-V62 Copper Heatsink Review
Jun 04, 2002 - Frosty No.1119
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Beneath the shiny exterior of the Cooler Master copper skive heatsink there lies a small thermistor which sends back temperature readings to the fan.

NoiseControl Silverado Heatsink Review
May 30, 2002 - Frosty No.1116
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Tomshardware brought a lot of attention to the Noisecontrol Silverado when they originally reviewed it.

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