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"The NH-U9S heatsink stands 125mm tall and has a square footprint of 95x95mm. Weighing 618grams, the heatsink is built around five 6mm diameter heatpipes which are soldered to the aluminum cooling fins and copper base plate in typical Noctua fashion. "
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Thermaltake FrioOCK Heatsink Review
Oct 16, 2011 - Frosty No.2611
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The cooler weighs over a kilogram (1093grams) and comes with two 130mm fans arranged in a push-pull configuation that scale from 2100-to-1200RPM. Behind all the unncessary fan shroud is an aluminum fin tower split down the middle.

Ultra Products U12-40659 Carbon X4 Fan Power Cable Mod / Fix
Sep 17, 2011 - Frosty No.2608
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

This is a super quick how-to guide from Frostytech on modding the Ultra Products U12-40659 Carbon X4 multisocket VGA cooler fan power cable so it can be connected to a normal sized 3-pin fan header common to most videocards and motherboards.

Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 Pro Heatsink Review
Sep 15, 2011 - Frosty No.2607
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Freezer 13 Pro looks like a big step up from the previous model, but according to Frostytech's heatsink reference charts it works out to a ~3°C drop in temperature at full fan speed. Noise output is maintained at a reasonably quiet level, in part because the 120mm PWM fan utilizes fluid dynamic bearings, but mostly because the fan rotates at a slow speed.

Spire Gemini SP986B1-V2-2P Heatsink Review
Sep 08, 2011 - Frosty No.2606
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Spire's Gemini SP986B1-V2-2P heatsink is a minor variation on the popular Eclipse II tower heatsink design, the most notable difference being a novel bifurcated fin stack. To 'bifurcate' means to split into two... so in other words, the fin stack is split down the middle and the fin edges are closed off so air can only pass through the heatsink from front-to-back.

Thermaltake Jing Heatsink Review
Aug 02, 2011 - Frosty No.2597
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Weighing a hefty 920 grams, the Thermaltake Jing stands 161mm tall and installs onto Intel socket 775/1155/1156/1366 and AMD socket AM2/AM3+ processors.

Xigmatek Gaia SD1283 Heatsink Review
Jul 04, 2011 - Frosty No.2595
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Forged in the mountains by a one-eye'd master heatsink maker who learned the trade before the dawn of the first X86 integrated circuit, the Xigmatek SD1283 Gaia heatsink is... is... ...yet another tower heatsink built around the direct touch heatpipe technique.

Thermolab Trinity Heatsink Review
Jul 03, 2011 - Frosty No.2600
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Four 6mm diameter sintered metal wick exposed base heatpipes form the backbone of this CPU cooler while a simple bracket system allows it to install onto Intel socket 775/1155/1156/1366 and AMD socket AM2/AM3/FM1 processors.

Auras Shagon ARC-118 Heatsink Review
Jun 08, 2011 - Frosty No.2598
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

While the small size of the Shagon ARC-118 heatsink might make it better suited to processors with a TDP of less than 95W, no thermal limits are noted. As you'll see in Frostytech's test results, this little cooler can handle heat loads of 150W without difficulty, but is much better suited to 95W TDP environments.

Evercool Transformer 3 Heatsink Review
May 31, 2011 - Frosty No.2596
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Weighing in at 630 grams, Evercool's Transformer 3 heatsink is compatible with socket 775/1155/1156/1366 Intel CPUs and socket 754/939/940/AM2/AM3 AMD processors. As with so many other heatsinks, the Evercool Transformer 3 features three exposed 6mm diameter heatpipes at the base.

Xigmatek Loki SD963 Mid-Compact Heatsink Review
Apr 30, 2011 - Frosty No.2592
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

If you take a heatsink like the Xigmatek Loki SD963 heatsink in hand and flip it over, what you'll see is an aluminum base with three deep channels cut into it.

Zalman CNPS5X-SZ Heatsink Review
Feb 12, 2011 - Frosty No.2585
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Like its forefather, the CNPS5X-SZ fills the role of a lower profile, light weight cooler that's ideally suited to sub-95W TDP processors. It's stacked aluminum fins are connected by three 6mm diameter copper heatpipes to a small aluminum base block with a thin bit of copper covering the otherwise exposed heatpipes. A single 90mm PWM fan spins at 2800-1400RPM to cool this modified tower heatsink.

Xigmatek Aegir SD128264 Stacked Heatpipe Heatsink Review
Feb 08, 2011 - Frosty No.2572
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Xigmatek continues the new trend of heatpipe stacking with its latest heatsink, the S128264 Aegir. The Aegir is an exposed heatpipe base tower heatsink made to accommodate one or two 120mm fans.

Noctua NH-C14 Lower Noise Heatsink Review
Feb 07, 2011 - Frosty No.2562
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

UPDATED with new support bracket details. The Noctua NH-C14 is a big heatsink for sure, but remarkably by orienting the fans and aluminum fin stack in a top-down direction, Noctua keep the heatsinks' height to just 130mm. That's a far cry more compact than your typical 160mm tall tower heatsink, but that hasn't made the NH-C14 into a slouch.

Evercool Transformer 4 HPJ-12025 (2010 Ed.) Heatsink Review
Jan 31, 2011 - Frosty No.2588
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Though identical in appearance the Evercool Transformer 4 HPJ-12025 (2010 ed.) heatsink is actually a revised and updated version of the Transformer 4 HPJ-12025 cooler Frostytech tested in 2009. Chief among the differences is an up to date mounting bracket that accommodates the full range of Intel processors (socket 775/1155/1156/1366) in addition to the full gamut of AMD chips.

Evercool HPL-815 Low Profile Heatsink Review
Jan 28, 2011 - Frosty No.2587
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

HPL-815 is a low profile heatsink suited for use in 2U thick computer cases. It's equipped with a top mounted 80x80x15mm PWM fan that rotates at speeds of 4000-1000RPM, exhausting air downwards into a 23mm tall array of quilted aluminum fins.

EKL Alpenfohn Groß Clock'ner 2010 Edition Heatsink Review
Jan 15, 2011 - Frosty No.2578
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

EKL AG is German thermal solutions company that mostly specializes in manufacturing OEM heatsinks for the European market. The company has been making in-roads into the enthusiast market with a collection of consumer CPU coolers released under its Alpenfohn sub-brand.

Sunbeamtech Twister 120 Heatsink Review
Jan 12, 2011 - Frosty No.2569
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

the Sunbeamtech Twister 120 heatsink is built around three 8mm diameter copper heatpipes which are exposed at the base. The heatpipes pass through the raw aluminum fins in a chevron shape.

Zalman ZM-MFC1 Combo 5-Channel Fan Controller Review
Jan 06, 2011 - Frosty No.2577
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

It accommodates one PWM fan and four 3-pin fans, enabling users to independently control the speed of each five channels with a dial rheostat.

TTIC nPowertek Hurricane NPH-105 Heatsink Review
Jan 04, 2011 - Frosty No.2570
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The nPowertek TTIC NPH-105 heatsink is an interesting CPU cooler because it is constructed with 6mm diameter copper heatpipes (two) and a not so common 25mm diameter copper heat column that is capable of moving a lot of heat on its own.

Akasa Revo AK-925 Loop Thermosyphon Heatsink Review
Jan 01, 2011 - Frosty No.2576
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Unlike heatpipes which typically use water under a slight vacuum for working fluid, the Revo heatsink is slightly pressurized with a fluorocarbon called R134a. R134a has a boiling point of -26.3°C at room pressure, but in the hermetically sealed system at a slight pressure that boiling point is raised to a level more appropriate for this application.

Deepcool Ice Matrix 600 Heatsink Review
Dec 31, 2010 - Frosty No.2574
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

As with other DeepCool heatsinks, the Ice Matrix 600 cooler ships with a special fan that has a resilient layer of rubber surrounding the entire fan frame.

Deepcool Ice Matrix 400 Heatsink Review
Dec 30, 2010 - Frosty No.2573
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Deepcool's Ice Matrix 400 heatsink is a relatively thin profile tower cooler that stands 160mm tall, but is only 71mm deep.

Coolage X120TF Heatsink Review
Dec 28, 2010 - Frosty No.2571
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

In wind tunnels metal honeycomb panels are often used to smooth out the turbulent airflow and create laminar airflow. Coolage's X120TF heatsink borrows from this idea with a loosely shaped honeycomb fin stack. It will be interesting to see what impact this kind of fin geometry has on the relatively deep fins of the X120TF heatsink - will it help or hinder the cooling performance?

Thermalright Silver Arrow Heatsink Review
Dec 27, 2010 - Frosty No.2568
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The Thermalright Silver Arrow is a dual tower, dual 140mm fan heatsink for performance and lower noise Intel / AMD processor cooling. It's constructed around four 8mm diameter sintered metal wick copper heatpipes and thin, multi-winglet nickel plated aluminum fins.

Zalman CNPS9900 Max Heatsink Review
Dec 24, 2010 - Frosty No.2567
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

The CNPS9900 Max heatsink has a total heat dissipation surface area on the order of 5402cm2, stands 150mm tall and weighs 755 grams. The manufacturer claims max heat capacity is a whopping 300W! CPU compatibility extends to Intel socket 775/1155/1156/1366 and AMD socket AM2/AM3 processors.

Dynatron Evo-11 Heatsink Review
Dec 19, 2010 - Frosty No.2565
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Dynatron's Evo-11 heatsink hopes to make its mark with a unique implementation of 6mm heatpipes. Two rows of heatpipes, four below and three above form the base of the Evo-11 heatsink. All the heatpipes are set into a pretty hefty nickel plated aluminum base block, formed from three separate slabs of metal soldered together.

Nexus VCT-9000 Heatsink Review
Dec 13, 2010 - Frosty No.2561
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

Frostytech is not going to waste your time by leaving the most important information till the very end of this review - the Nexus VCT-9000 heatsink is an interesting looking thermal solution, but it fails completely in its execution. Nexus have manufactured the VCT-9000 heatsink poorly, resulting in uneven exposed heatpipes that may not contact the processor properly.

Titan Hati TTC-NC15TZ Heatsink Review
Dec 12, 2010 - Frosty No.2560
Category: Cooling / Heatsinks

In this review Frostytech is testing Titan's new Hati TTC-NC15TZ exposed heatpipe base CPU cooler. The TTC-NC15TZ is capable of very good performance results with the supplied 120mm PWM fan operating at full speed, however that trend quickly changes direction once fan speed is brought down for quieter operation...

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